What is AV as a Service (AVaaS)?

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We’re listening and adapting in line with your needs and we think you’re going to love the changes we’ve made to our AV offering.

We’ve valued your loyalty as audio visual clients for many years, so now we’d like to offer AV as a Service (AVaaS).

What’s changed when purchasing new technology for your business?

Of course you can continue in exactly the same way if you wish, or you can now choose AVaaS as a monthly subscription-based plan, available on Audio Visual equipment. From meeting room equipment, digital signage, video walls, audio equipment, and more.

When you are looking to implement new technology throughout your organisation, AVaaS will allow you to purchase your new equipment as a monthly cost, rather than an outright purchase.

Enabling you to optimise your yearly budgets.

How does this work?

Working collaboratively with you, we will find the right AV solution for your business needs.

Whether that is a video conferencing system for your meeting rooms, digital signage displays throughout your offices or professional audio in your spaces.

After discussing your business needs and deciding on a solution that will optimise the spaces within your office, our technical team will create a bespoke solution for your space, complete the installation of your new technology and provide on-going support for your new equipment.

Our on-going support programme will ensure you are always optimising your new technology to its full capacity and your equipment is upgraded to the latest software.

What happens when the contract is up?

The average AVaaS contract last between 3 – 5 years depending on your preferred payment plan.

Once this period has ended, you have three options:

  • Make a final one-off payment, and ownership of the equipment is yours.
  • Return the equipment to D&A Media and the lease will end. *
  • Trade-in to realise a value for your existing equipment.

We will work with you at the end of your lease period, to support you with any equipment upgrades or on-going maintenance on your existing equipment.


*For more information, visit our Leasing & Finance page.


How you can save money with our Trade-in programme.

Most companies have stores of legacy equipment, that are in fact items that can still hold value for them.

Without realising, your business may be tying up capital in outdated equipment that could be released back into your budget to re-invest into new equipment.

With our Trade-in programme, you can send us your old equipment for money back against your new technology investment.

Don’t worry about data security – our programme meets the highest standards with guaranteed, certified data deletion.

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More about our AVaaS offering.


Our team of experts are always here to help with all of your technology needs. For more information about our AVaaS subscription plans & our Trade-in programme, get in touch today.