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Every school needs a dependable phone system. Teachers, staff, parents, and students must communicate constantly. VoIP phone systems offer a cost-effective, efficient, and safe way for schools to communicate.

Revolutionise School Communication with Our VoIP Solutions

Technology constantly evolves, and expectations from parents, school boards, and accreditation agencies have never been higher. To keep up, ensure you’re always reachable with a reliable VoIP service for education.

VoIP transforms phone calls with a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for hard-wired phones and copper wires. With VoIP, your school’s phone system uses your existing internet connection, making it easy to add or remove lines as your team changes size.

VoIP gives teachers and staff the freedom to be mobile. They can use their personal phones for work calls without revealing their private number, ensuring they can connect with parents and students as needed while maintaining their privacy.

VoIP Transcends Traditional Phone Systems

Our VoIP phone service offers more than traditional systems, with unmatched features and control over calls. Our technology reduces costs for schools and academies by using the Internet instead of expensive phone lines. Switching to VoIP prepares your school’s phone system for the future.

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Benefits of VoIP Phone System for Schools

VoIP phone systems offer significant advantages for schools. They improve communication among teachers, staff, students, and parents and reduce technology expenses. Here are some key benefits of VoIP for schools.

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VoIP is the most affordable phone system for schools and offers significant cost savings. Prices for VoIP services begin at just £20 per month, increasing based on add-on features and the number of extensions needed. 

Remote Working

Do you work with a remote team? You can still take calls with your hosted phone system, whether travelling for business or working from home. You don’t have to be at the school to use your desk phone.

Hosted phone system providers give users software. Your remote team can install this software on their devices. The PBX provider connects and routes calls to your device. Your callers won’t notice the difference, especially if your provider uses masked caller IDs.


VoIP is the only phone system that lets you choose your hardware. School administrators might choose desk phones, while mobile staff prefer mobile devices. VoIP uses the Internet, so any Internet-connected device like desk phones, softphones, and smartphones works. Teachers can also receive calls on their devices when they’re not in their classrooms.

Reliable and Trustworthy Connections

VoIP offers strong safety communication features for schools, allowing them to take safety measures in emergencies quickly. This technology helps make parents, students, and teachers feel safer. For example, with VoIP, school officials can quickly send emergency texts or calls to keep families informed.

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Parent Communication

Parents need to know what happens in their child’s school. VoIP lets teachers and staff easily talk to parents from anywhere. With tools like call forwarding to teachers’ phones, live chat, and more, parents can keep up with school events in real-time. This makes families feel more connected to the school district.

Administrative Collaboration

VoIP phone systems offer many communication tools for school administrators. These tools make it easy for school staff to stay in touch during busy days. With VoIP, schools can use voice and video conferencing, live messaging with staff or parents, and voicemail to email forwarding, among other features.

Remote Management of Upgrades

Managing VoIP system updates is seamless and does not disrupt school operations. Unlike ISDN lines, which are fixed and hardwired, VoIP just needs an internet connection to work. Schools can apply updates and maintenance remotely, ensuring the phone system always uses the latest technology without needing onsite IT staff. This feature saves time and reduces the need for technical support, keeping communication lines open and efficient.

Features of our Hosted Phone Systems in Schools

Our hosted phone systems provide features tailored to different sectors aimed at saving time and improving communication.

  • Auto-Attendant Facility

The Auto-Attendant Facility is a virtual receptionist, directing calls to the appropriate department or person without human intervention. This ensures efficient call management and supports staff in focusing on their primary tasks.

  • Queuing, Logging & Reporting

Queuing, Logging, and Reporting features allow schools to efficiently manage VoIP call flow, track call data, and generate detailed reports for insightful decision-making. This supports administrators in maintaining high levels of communication efficiency and accountability.

  • Automatic Open & Close Times

Automatic Open & Close Times allow schools to set their phone systems to operate automatically according to school hours, ensuring calls are properly managed outside of these times. This feature simplifies call handling and improves accessibility for parents and staff.

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  • Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email is a feature that automatically sends audio voicemail messages to your chosen email address. This makes it convenient for teachers and staff to listen to missed calls at any time. It also ensures prompt responses to parents and students, improving communication efficiency.

  • Mobile Extension

The Mobile Extension feature allows teachers and staff to use their personal smartphones as part of the school’s phone system, ensuring they can take school-related calls from anywhere. This flexibility supports seamless communication with parents and students, maintaining privacy with professional boundaries.

  • Remote Message Change

Remote Message Change allows school staff to update answering machine messages from any location, ensuring communication is always current. This feature is essential for maintaining up-to-date information for callers.

  • Conference Calling and Remote Working

Conference Calling and Remote Working features allow school staff to participate in meetings and collaborate from anywhere using their VoIP system. This ensures continuity in administrative functions and teaching methods, regardless of physical presence.

  • Integration with Student Information Systems

Integration with Student Information Systems allows schools to sync communications with student records, streamlining contact processes automatically. This feature simplifies outreach, ensuring timely and relevant communication between schools and families.

  • Call Recording

Call recording allows schools to archive voice communication for compliance, training, and quality control. This feature ensures critical conversations with parents, students, and staff are captured and retrievable when needed.


VoIP Integration Solutions for Enhanced Communication in Schools

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  • Lockdown Solution for Schools

The Lockdown Solution for Schools provides immediate, campus-wide notification in emergencies, ensuring swift communication to staff and students for their safety. This VoIP integration allows for the quick dissemination of critical information, helping to secure the school environment during urgent situations.

  • Mobile Extension Capability

The Mobile Extension Capability allows teachers and administrative staff to seamlessly connect their mobile devices to the school’s VoIP system, facilitating remote communication with parents and colleagues. This feature ensures that staff remain accessible and can maintain effective communication, even when away from school premises.

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams allows schools to streamline communication by connecting their VoIP systems directly with this widely used collaboration platform. This simplifies the process for teachers and staff to manage calls and messages within a single, familiar interface.

  • SIMS Integration

SIMS Integration seamlessly connects schools’ Student Information Management Systems with their VoIP communication platforms. This enables efficient, real-time data sharing and communication with parents and students, improving overall engagement and administrative processes.

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VoIP Phone System for Safeguarding in Schools

The VoIP phone system plays a crucial role in school safety measures. It offers immediate communication options in emergencies, ensuring quick response times. The system supports lockdown protocols by facilitating rapid, clear announcements across the campus. 

Its call recording feature aids in monitoring conversations for security purposes, allowing schools to maintain a safe environment for students and staff. The flexibility to integrate with existing safety protocols makes the VoIP system an essential tool in safeguarding school premises.

Why Choose D&A Media as Your VoIP Provider in Schools

Choosing D&A Media as your school VoIP provider means selecting reliability, efficiency, and tailored solutions for your communication needs. Our systems are designed specifically for the education sector, ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes and technology. 

We offer comprehensive support, from installation to ongoing maintenance, and our features are crafted to improve safety, facilitate remote learning, and support efficient administration. D&A Media is committed to delivering high-quality communication solutions that meet the unique demands of educational environments.

Contact us to learn more about why you should choose D&A Media as your VoIP provider. 

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What is an example of a VoIP for Schools?

An example of a VoIP system for schools is a unified communications platform that integrates voice, video conferencing, and messaging services into one solution. This platform enables teachers, staff, and students to communicate effectively, whether on campus or working remotely. 

Features like mobile extensions, voicemail to email, and integration with student information systems make it ideal for educational environments seeking to streamline communication and improve administrative efficiency.

Why is VoIP required in schools?

VoIP is essential in schools for several reasons. It consolidates communication channels into a single platform, making it easier for teachers, students, and parents to stay connected. This technology supports remote learning by facilitating clear and reliable communication. 

VoIP systems reduce costs associated with traditional phone services and improve the efficiency of administrative tasks. They also play a role in emergency response, offering features like lockdown alerts and quick messaging to ensure the safety and security of the school community.

How does VoIP emergency help in schools?

VoIP technology in schools assists in managing emergencies by providing swift and efficient communication tools. It allows instant mass notifications across the campus to alert staff and students during critical situations. The system can make rapid, clear announcements for lockdowns or other security measures, ensuring everyone receives important safety instructions simultaneously. 

VoIP systems also facilitate direct communication lines for first responders, streamlining the coordination of emergency responses to secure student and staff safety effectively.