Bring your phone system, video meetings and online chats into one unified app with Zoom Phone – a recognised magic quadrant leader!

With a sleek persistent awareness panel, employees handling high call volumes can easily and efficiently manage calls with their teams and provide a superior customer experience.

Seamlessly transferring calls to colleagues, with the ability to see their online presence at the click of a button.

With real-time and historical call-queue analytics, your IT teams will be empowered with powerful insights to optimize customer and employee interactions.

Zoom Phone brings your teams:

  • Intelligent call routing & auto attendants
  • Out-of-the-box integrations (Office 365, G-Suite, Slack etc.)
  • Voicemail & call recording
  • Secure HD voice
  • Desk phone support

By implementing a VoIP solution like Zoom Phone within your business, you will create a professional and smooth experience for all of your callers and paired with our remote & on-site support, we will be your teams ‘safe pair of hands’ and ensure you are always optimising your new telephone system.

What Browser-Based Collaboration With Zoom Phone Looks Like...

Call Conferencing

3-way adhoc conference calling allows users to quickly add a third caller to an in-progress phone call.

Call Delegation

Assign administrative assistants the privilege to make and receive calls on behalf of executives.

Elevate to Meeting

Seamlessly elevate a phone call to a full feature Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to manually join.

Listen (Monitor)

Allows a user to silently monitor a call, such as an assistant taking notes for an executive or a colleague completing phone training.

Shared Line

A delegate can place a call on hold for a manager/colleague to visually recognize and retrieve.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Power the Zoom Phone cloud PBX service by redirecting existing voice circuits/trunks to the Zoom Phone cloud.

What is Zoom Phone?

We often get asked “What is Zoom Phone”, watch the video now to understand the basics of Zoom Phone, how this will work with your existing Zoom subscription and how it will enable your teams to have a more seamless and unified communication experience.


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