Wildix is the first cloud browser-based unified communications solution able to boost efficiency, guarantee an increase in sales and provide a complete business collaboration platform that is entirely secure by design (with no VPNs or external SBCs required).

Utilise the software you already have directly from your communications system. Thanks to Wildix’s integrations, you’ll be able to manage all your communications from your current CRM or other business software. Save time and be more reactive with Wildix’s integrations. It means more business!

Wildix brings your teams:

  • Real-time communication
  • Web-based and intuitive collaboration
  • Call traffic monitoring & reporting capabilities
  • Webinar & video conference capabilities
  • Evolved web chat using WebRTC technology
  • Global calling from the cloud

By implementing a VoIP solution like Wildix within your business, you will create a professional and smooth experience for all of your callers and paired with our remote & on-site support, we will be your teams ‘safe pair of hands’ and ensure you are always optimising your new telephone system.

What Browser-Based Collaboration With Wildix Looks Like...


Browser-Based WebRTC

It only takes a click to start working via your browser. No need for training: the Wildix solution is intuitive and easy to use. Enjoy the everyday total simplicity with enterprise-grade security.


WebRTC Smartphone Apps

Bring your own device. Wildix extends the most powerful features in UC&C to personal mobile device (iOS and Android) to let you stay truly connected and productive.

No Client Installations

You will never have to install software for your clients to use Wildix. The Wildix solution is fully compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Stop worrying about compatibility issues.


Fully Integrated WebRTC

Turn your website into the core of your business. Wildix lets you interact directly with customers through your website, thanks to the Wildix WebRTC Kite.


Global Calling From The Cloud

The engine of the Wildix Cloud is AWS, Amazon Web Services Cloud Storage. The winning combination of Wildix UC&C and the power of the AWS assures you’ll get the perfect experience.


Worry-Free HWaaS

Wildix provide a 5-year warranty on all products, and with their recurring licenses, you’ll have access to 24/7 technical support, dedicated to you.

What is the Wildix Phone System Solution?

The Wildix Phone System Solution is a powerful, web-based unified communications tool designed to streamline and enhance your business’s telecommunications. It leverages cutting-edge VoIP technology to offer a range of sophisticated features such as real-time communication, intuitive collaboration, comprehensive call traffic monitoring, webinar and video conferencing capabilities, and advanced web chat. Moreover, Wildix’s cloud-based nature allows it to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM and other business software to facilitate efficient and responsive communication management. With its emphasis on security, ease of use, and broad feature set, the Wildix Phone System Solution provides a robust, flexible platform that can meet the evolving communication needs of your business.


Benefits of using a Wildix Phone System


Utilising a Wildix Phone System presents numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your business operations:

  1. Improved Collaboration: The Wildix system empowers your team to work together more effectively, offering robust video calling and collaboration features. This enables team members to conduct meetings, share ideas, and work on projects together, regardless of their location.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Wildix’s ability to integrate with existing CRM and other business software means you can manage all your communications from one place, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  3. Flexibility & Scalability: Being a cloud-based solution, Wildix provides the flexibility to work from anywhere. It’s easily scalable, allowing you to add or remove users as your business needs change.
  4. Enhanced Customer Service: With features like real-time communication and advanced web chat using WebRTC technology, Wildix enhances your customer service by allowing for immediate, responsive, and high-quality interactions with clients.
  5. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional phone systems, Wildix is significantly more cost-effective. It reduces the need for expensive hardware and offers global calling from the cloud, reducing the costs associated with long-distance or international calls.
  6. Secure Communications: Wildix is designed with security in mind. It ensures secure, encrypted communications, keeping your business data safe from cyber threats.
  7. PBX System Integration: Wildix integrates seamlessly with traditional PBX systems, allowing you to modernise your communication infrastructure without the need for a complete overhaul.

These are just a few of the benefits that the Wildix Phone System can bring to your organisation, underlining its role as a comprehensive solution for your communication needs.

Key Features of The Wildix Telephony System

Voicemail System

One of the standout features of the Wildix system is its advanced voicemail capabilities. It offers a unified messaging platform where all voicemails are sent directly to your email, enabling you to access them anytime, anywhere. You can also customise your voicemail greetings, manage your voicemail settings remotely, and even transcribe voicemails to text.

Desk Phone Integration

Wildix seamlessly integrates with a variety of desk phones to bring the advantages of VoIP to your traditional device. With features such as click-to-call, call transfer, and call recording, the integration enhances the functionality of your desk phone, offering a more efficient and effective communication experience.

Intelligent Call Routing

Wildix’s smart call routing feature ensures that your calls are always directed to the right person at the right time. This feature makes use of interactive voice response (IVR) technology and advanced call routing algorithms to streamline your call-handling process. It helps cut down on hold time, improve caller satisfaction, and enhance your business’s overall efficiency.


Instant Messaging and Presence

Wildix’s instant messaging feature allows for quick, real-time communication between team members. This function supports not only text messages but also file sharing, providing a platform for sharing documents, images, and more. The Presence feature, on the other hand, lets you see which colleagues are available, busy, or out of the office, making it easier to plan calls or meetings.

Collaboration Tools

The Wildix system comes equipped with effective collaboration tools, like screen sharing, whiteboarding, and document collaboration. These features enhance the team’s ability to collaborate on projects, fostering productivity and efficiency.

Mobile App

Wildix’s mobile app ensures you can stay connected, even on the go. It offers full functionality, including access to instant messaging, voicemails, and call routing, in addition to video conferencing capabilities, right from your smartphone or tablet.

These features, combined with the benefits previously discussed, make Wildix a comprehensive and powerful communication solution, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Installation & Setup of the VoIP Wildix Phone System Solution

Setting up the Wildix Phone System is relatively straightforward, and designed with usability in mind. Here are the steps to get your new phone system up and running:

  1. Hardware Setup: Start by setting up the necessary hardware, including desk phones, headsets, and any other peripherals. With Wildix, you have the flexibility to use a variety of devices including IP phones, traditional desk phones, and even your mobile device via the Wildix app.
  2. Create Accounts: Once the hardware setup is complete, create user accounts for your team members. You can assign unique extensions, set up voicemail, and customize the call routing rules for each account.
  3. Installation of Wildix Software: Install the Wildix software on your computer systems and mobile devices. This software will enable you to access the wide range of features provided by the Wildix system, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and advanced call routing.
  4. Integration With Existing Systems: Integrate the Wildix system with your existing CRM and other business software. This will streamline your workflows and improve efficiency by allowing you to manage all your communications from one place.
  5. Testing: After the setup is complete, conduct a thorough test of the system to ensure everything is working correctly. Test all the features including call quality, messaging, video conferencing, and voicemail to make sure your new phone system is ready for use.

Working with a VoIP provider to implement your Wildix phone system is a strategic move that can simplify the setup procedure and ensure optimal performance. A qualified VoIP provider brings technical expertise and extensive experience in the field, handling the installation and configuration process professionally, and answering any questions you may have along the way.

They start by conducting a thorough assessment of your business communication needs, ensuring the Wildix system is tailored accordingly. They then assist you in the selection and setup of the necessary hardware, like headsets and desk phones, and guide you through the software installation process.

In addition to the initial setup, a VoIP provider also offers ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring your Wildix phone system remains robust and reliable, delivering top-notch communication experiences for your team and customers.

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Why D&A Media Perfectly Complements Your Wildix Phone System Solutions?


D&A Media brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that perfectly complements your Wildix Phone System solutions. As a trusted VoIP provider, we offer expertise not only in Wildix phone systems but also in understanding how to effectively weave this technology into your unique business environment.

Our commitment to customer care sets us apart. We ensure that you’re not just set up with a Wildix system, but also confident in using its features to their full potential. Our experienced team provides comprehensive training, ensuring your team is well-versed in utilizing the Wildix system to enhance productivity and improve communication.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on our responsive and reliable aftercare. Our ongoing support services include technical troubleshooting, system upgrades, and regular performance checks. We’re there for you, ensuring your Wildix system continually delivers the high-quality communication that your business needs to thrive.

In a nutshell, D&A Media offers a full suite of services that extend beyond the standard package, ensuring that your Wildix Phone System is more than just a communication tool – it’s a powerful asset that contributes to your business’s success.


What devices are supported by Wildix?

Wildix supports a vast range of devices to cater to different communication needs. This includes Wildix handsets such as WP410, WP480g, WP490g, WelcomeConsole, and Vision, which are equipped with advanced features for optimal communication. In addition to these handsets, Wildix also supports traditional desk phones and IP phones for those who prefer familiar hardware.

Moreover, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be integrated with the Wildix mobile app, allowing users to stay connected on the go. Lastly, Wildix software can also be installed on computers, providing access to all its features right from your desktop or laptop.

Is the Wildix Phone System cloud-based or on-premises?

The Wildix Phone System is flexible, offering both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. The choice between these options depends on your business’s specific requirements. If you prefer a system without the need for substantial hardware or maintenance, a cloud-based solution would be beneficial. Conversely, if you desire more control over your data and system, an on-premise solution would be more suitable. Both options deliver the full range of Wildix’s advanced features and functionalities, ensuring high-quality communication regardless of your choice.

Does the Wildix Phone System support international calls and numbers?

Yes, the Wildix Phone System supports international calls, ensuring seamless communication no matter where you or your clients are located in the world. As for international numbers, Wildix provides direct inward dialling (DID) numbers, which allows for the assignment of local numbers from multiple countries, even if your business is physically located in just one. This gives your business a local presence in multiple countries while enhancing your international reach. Please note that availability of international numbers may vary depending on the country and the VoIP service provider.


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