VoIP for Government


VoIP services help government agencies communicate more affordably and efficiently. This technology sends voice and multimedia over the internet, offering a better option than old phone systems. Government groups using VoIP can cut communication costs, work better together, and reach remote places more easily.

Revolutionising The Way Governments Communicate with VoIP Services

D&A Media offers government agencies VoIP services, helping manage and reduce costs. Our VoIP solutions provide flexibility and support for growth, ensuring your data stays safe in UK AWS data centres. 

With D&A Media’s services, government organisations can improve community services more efficiently and securely, protecting communication channels and data privacy.

VoIP Phone System Features for Governments

Our VoIP phone system for governments includes advanced features designed to meet the unique needs of public sector communications.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

A cloud-based VoIP or PRI phone system can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs, offering scalability, security, and flexibility. The system is designed for any situation. 

Our government VoIP phone systems deliver a reliable and clear voice connection for effective communication wherever and whenever required.

Collaboration Tools

Our cloud-based communication and collaboration tools allow you to work from anywhere with features like voice, video conferencing, and messaging on one platform. 

The tools help employees do their jobs better by giving them the information they need and a reliable way to connect with co-workers, leading to higher satisfaction and productivity.

Internet Connection

HD audio for every phone call. Our VoIP phone systems provide excellent sound quality for calls.

VOIP Phone System
Using VOIP Telephone

High-Quality Handsets

Our VoIP phone system works with many handsets, allowing you to select the best one for your organisation.

Conference Calling

Our VoIP system offers advanced call conference features, allowing you to connect with team members anywhere for free. This is ideal for organisations with multiple offices.

Professional Voicemail

Set up professional voicemail boxes for individuals or teams in your organisation and access messages through email. Enjoy voicemail flexibility wherever you are.

Advanced Call Handling

Direct calls to different employees and teams using our call routing features. Set up automated call menus and customise forwarding options to match your schedule.

Call Recording

Activate call recording on our VoIP system for training, quality assurance, and auditing. Your recordings are securely stored for easy download whenever needed.

Soft Phone Compatible

Our system works with top softphone VoIP solutions, allowing click-to-dial from PCs or laptops. You can skip purchasing handsets and use a software-only solution, making calls to your clients with a headset.

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Advantages of Using VoIP Phone Service for Governments

Implementing VoIP phone services in government agencies significantly reduces operational costs and streamlines communication. These services offer robust security features, ensuring sensitive information remains protected. With VoIP, government bodies can improve their responsiveness to public needs and foster better collaboration within and between departments.

VOIP Phone

Answer Your Calls Anywhere

You can make and receive calls at the office or home using your organisation’s landline number or from any location with a broadband internet connection.

Increase Call Capacity

Never miss a call with unlimited incoming lines and no busy tones. Missing a call can mean missing a chance to provide excellent service.

Cost savings

Cut call costs and save on line rental and equipment upkeep. This frees up money and resources for other parts of your organisation.

Better voice quality

Our VoIP services ensure crystal-clear communication, significantly improving voice quality for more effective conversations. This technology guarantees that every call is heard with unmatched clarity, transforming how government agencies connect.

Secure Network

Our VoIP services utilise top tier encryption to ensure that every conversation and data transmission is secure. This protects against unauthorised access and cyber threats, maintaining the integrity of sensitive government communications.


VoIP services offer unmatched adaptability to meet the changing needs of government communications. This technology supports remote work, allowing a seamless connection from any location with internet access.

Custom Integration with CRM Software

Our VoIP systems seamlessly integrate with CRM software to streamline your agency’s workflow. This integration ensures that all customer interactions are logged, making it easier to provide personalised services.


Secure VoIP Solutions for Government

Our VoIP solutions for government agencies prioritise security to protect sensitive information. Integrating our technology into your operations simplifies communication processes, making them more efficient.

  • Privacy Law Compliance. We keep your voice data compliant with all privacy laws.
  • Encrypted Traffic. Our system encrypts voice and conference calls end-to-end for security.
  • Redundancy & Failover. Our service includes backup environments with automatic backups and failover to keep your data safe.
  • Regular Security Assessments. We perform regular security checks on voice networks, report vulnerabilities, and recommend updates.
  • Active Monitoring. We monitor network traffic at all levels to detect and prevent security risks.
  • Secure Hardware. We supply government agencies with advanced, secure hardware.

Why Choose D&A Media as Your Government's Exclusive VoIP Service Provider?

Government bodies need to work more efficiently and respond quickly. Use D&A Media’s secure and reliable communication tech to meet these demands. D&A Media provides cost-effective telecommunication solutions for the government, ensuring secure and reliable communication to support constituent needs and achieve important objectives.



How Can VoIP Help Deliver a More Efficient Mobile Workforce for Government Agencies?

VoIP technology lets government employees work from anywhere with an internet connection, improving productivity and flexibility. It supports remote work, keeping agencies running smoothly without needing a physical office. 

VoIP also makes admin tasks easier by working with current government databases and CRM systems, improving information and communication flow. Real-time data sharing speeds up and improves decision-making, leading to better public service. Secure communication channels keep sensitive information safe, meet privacy laws, and prevent cyber threats.

How Can VoIP Help Government Agencies Better Serve the Public?​​

VoIP technology helps government agencies work more effectively. It enables quick responses to public inquiries and emergencies through real-time communication. Integrating VoIP with CRM software improves customer service by keeping track of all interactions. 

Governments can save money on call costs and equipment, using those funds for other important services. VoIP uses secure channels to keep information safe and comply with laws. It also allows government employees to work remotely, staying connected and productive from anywhere with internet access.

How Can VoIP Reduce Costs in Systems of Government?

VoIP lowers government operational costs with cheaper calls and less equipment. It reduces maintenance and line rental expenses. Governments spend less on international and long-distance calls. 

VoIP reduces the need for physical infrastructure, saving on office space and resources. It leads to more efficient use of taxpayer money, allowing for reallocation to critical services. VoIP’s scalable nature means governments only pay for what they need, cutting unnecessary costs.