Visitor Management Systems
Replace traditional paper-based visitor books with advanced, GDPR compliant EntrySign visitor management systems

GDPR Compliant

Easy sign-in / sign-out

Improve safeguarding

Reinforce your brand

User friendly

Environmentally friendly

Pupil Safety First Are you accountable for your students?

How are you monitoring who is coming in and out of your school?

Ensure your School stays GDPR compliant, safeguard your students and allow your visitors to easily sign-in and out with an online visitor management system.

How do you account for every person in times of crisis? The easy-to-use Back Office Suite will allow you to monitor who is in the building, when completing fire drills and other forms of crisis management. Generate instant evacuation roll call in seconds from any internet connected device, so you know 100% that everyone is out of the building and safe.

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• Simple to use

• Data compliant

• Easy sign-in & sign-out

• Improve safeguarding

• Reduce admin pressure


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