Visitor Management System for Schools

Visitor Management System

One of the top priorities for schools is creating a safe and secure environment for pupils. Visitors’ books might fail to provide accurate visitor history and put a burden on your admin team. 

That’s why you need a contemporary visitor management system designed to improve school security and streamline operations. 

Secure Your School with a Visitor Sign-In Management System

Upgrade your sign-in process with D&A Media’s intelligent and user-friendly visitor sign-in system, perfect for schools, colleges, MATs, and universities.

Visitors can quickly sign in and out in seconds, ensuring essential information is captured for safety and reporting. Plus, you can access current and past data whenever needed, giving you real-time insights effortlessly.

Electronic Visitor Management Sign-In System for Schools

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Special Schools and PRUs
Visitor Management

School Visitor Management System Features

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Ensure robust security measures with real-time data monitoring, time-sensitive QR codes, and custom questions for thorough visitor and contractor screening.


Maintain transparency by displaying policies and staying GDPR compliant through automatic data housekeeping. Gather valuable insights with visitor feedback mechanisms.

Health & Safety

Prioritise safety with well-defined health and safety policies, instant fire evacuation procedures, and comprehensive documentation tracking, including DBS, MS, and RA. Track effective dates to keep protocols up to date.

Cloud Features

Leverage cloud-based tools for seamless staff list synchronisation, emergency roll call services, and remote door opening. Integrate with car park barriers for enhanced access control and ensure safety with trip emergency contacts and medical information access.


Integration enhances door access control and enables smooth communication with third-party systems through REST API and HTTP webhooks.

Visitor Management for Government
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Benefits of Visitor Management System for Schools

  • Management
  • Staff and Visitor Satisfaction
  • Visitor Badges
  • Security
  • Access Control
  • Compliance
  • Compliance Integrations
  • Cost Reduction
  • Emergency Evacuation Alerts
  • Keeps a record of visitors

Enable Students with Automated Attendance

One of the most important things to ensure the security of your pupils and staff is to know who is present in your school at any given time. D&A Media offers a real-time view of current on-site individuals and can generate visitor reports instantly.

In late pupil arrivals, D&A Media can automatically transmit their details and late marks to your MIS system, contributing to the thorough tracking of everyone’s presence.

Visitor Management System Solutions
Visitor Management

Modernise Visitor Management and Save Staff Time

D&A Media gathers needed info openly and helps you meet compliance rules. If data collection is consent-based, D&A Media can trim data automatically, keeping only what’s necessary.

When registering, display various policies, such as school conduct and data processing, for visitors to read. You can customise policies to include crucial information and photos of key staff members.

Easy and Automated Evacuation Reports in Schools

Running real-time reports is quick and straightforward with our intuitive sign-in system. You can automatically link important information to staff and visitors, and the system will automatically track expiration dates and notify you accordingly.

Visitor Management System
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Why Work With Us?

Our visitor management system prioritises safety, enhancing workplace security measures to safeguard your team and assets. We streamline operations, boosting efficiency and productivity. 

Our intuitive design makes our tools easy to use, minimising training time and maximising usability.


How Much Does a Visitor Sign-In System Cost?

Visitor check-in systems costs vary depending on features, scalability, and integration capabilities. Entry-level systems can range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, while more advanced solutions with additional features may cost upwards of several thousand pounds.

What is the best practice for visitor management?

The best practice for visitor management involves implementing a comprehensive system that prioritises security, efficiency, and compliance. This includes pre-registration of visitors, capturing relevant information, issuing visitor badges, and tracking visitor movements throughout the facility. Integrating access control systems and maintaining data privacy are critical aspects of effective visitor management practices.

What is the best visitor management software for schools?

Schools’ best visitor management software should offer features tailored to the educational institution’s unique needs, such as student check-in/check-out, visitor screening, and emergency management capabilities. Evaluate software solutions based on ease of use, customisation options, and integration capabilities to find the best fit for your school’s requirements.