Yealink are providing affordable high-quality meeting room systems for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and even a bring your own device (BYOD) option.

As one of the leading solutions on the market, Yealink are proud to offer hardware that:

  • Is easy to deploy 
  • Simple to manage
  • Provides a premium audio & video meeting experience
  • Has an option for instant content sharing
  • Has a device management platform

The Yealink device management platform will give you the capability to manage your new meeting room system, allowing admins to remotely control all devices.

Video enable your small, medium and large meeting rooms with Yealink hardware from as little as £695.

Their collaboration hardware has never been more user-friendly. Coupled with our on-site and remote support, with end-user training, you and your team will be guided through the systems to ensure the implementation is a smooth and simple process.

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What is Yealink Meeting Room Equipment?

Yealink meeting room equipment refers to all-in-one video conferencing solutions designed to streamline and enhance virtual communication. Their equipment is part of a comprehensive room system that integrates audio, visual, and software elements to provide high-quality, seamless video conferencing experiences. Whether it’s for a small huddle room or a large boardroom, Yealink’s solutions are adaptable and scalable, ensuring crystal clear audio and video for all participants, regardless of their location.

Types of Yealink Meeting Room Equipment

Yealink offers a variety of meeting room equipment to cater to different video conferencing needs. For small rooms, the Yealink VC200 and UVC40 are all-in-one video conferencing endpoint that integrates an HD camera, codec, microphone, and bracket, providing a compact yet powerful solution.

For small and medium rooms, the Yealink MVC Series and Yealink A30 are ideal. They includes an ultra-HD camera, mini-PC, touch panel, and audio devices, offering a premium video and audio experience. It also supports content sharing wirelessly, making collaboration effortless.

For larger rooms, the Yealink VC800 Room System and Yealink UVC86 Room System stand out. They are an all-in-one video conference system with an intuitive interface, superior audio and video quality, flexible camera deployment, and a robust meeting control system. With the VC800, you can leverage a powerful video conference room system for effective team collaboration, no matter the scale of the meeting.

Video Conferencing AV Solutions

Benefits of using Yealink for Video Conferencing


Using Yealink for video conferencing delivers a multitude of benefits that elevate the virtual collaboration experience.

  • HD Video Quality: Yealink’s systems deliver high-definition video conferencing, ensuring every detail is captured and visible, contributing to a more engaging and effective communication experience.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface of Yealink’s equipment makes it user-friendly. Even individuals with limited technological proficiency can navigate the functions with relative ease.
  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions: Yealink’s range of solutions, from the VC200 for small rooms to the VC800 for larger spaces, ensures that every need is met. These adaptable and scalable solutions can cater to a variety of meeting sizes and requirements.
  • Superior Audio Quality: Along with HD video, Yealink also delivers exceptional audio clarity. This ensures that all participants can hear and understand the discussion, further enhancing the effectiveness of the meeting.
  • Seamless Integration: Yealink’s systems integrate perfectly with various software platforms. This compatibility enables seamless collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas.

Yealink’s video conferencing systems deliver a comprehensive solution that enhances communication, fosters collaboration, and improves productivity.

Key Features of Yealink Video Conferencing Solutions

High-Definition Video Quality

Yealink video conferencing solutions feature top-tier high-definition (HD) video quality that brings a lifelike and engaging visual experience to users. These solutions support up to 1080p full HD video conferencing, ensuring that every participant, data, and movement is captured in sharp, crisp detail.

Whether it’s for a small team meeting or a large-scale webinar, Yealink’s HD video conferencing capability makes long-distance communication as clear and reliable as face-to-face conversations.

The high-resolution imagery not only enhances visual communication but also makes collaboration more efficient, as participants can easily read and understand presented visual data. Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large corporation, Yealink’s superior HD video conferencing capabilities can substantially improve your team’s communication and productivity.

Crystal-Clear Audio

One of the hallmarks of Yealink’s meeting room equipment is the provision of crystal-clear audio, which is integral for effective communication. High-quality sound is especially crucial in a conference setting, where clarity of voice can significantly impact the understanding and productivity of the meeting. Yealink’s conference phones are equipped with best-in-class audio technology that ensures high-quality voice pickup in radiuses up to 6 meters.

This technology lets the conference phone pick up voices from various distances and directions, effectively capturing and transmitting the audio across all corners of the room. The result is a meeting where every participant’s voice is heard clearly, irrespective of where they are seated. These conference phones are ideal for dealing with both soft and loud voices, providing a balanced and clear output for all.

Yealink’s advanced noise-cancellation feature helps minimise background disruptions, allowing for a smoother and more focused conference call. This feature is particularly beneficial in open or noisy environments, ensuring that the meeting proceeds unhampered by external disturbances.

Whether you’re conducting a small team meeting or leading a large-scale conference, Yealink’s superior audio clarity, coupled with high-quality voice pickup, ensures a smooth, efficient, and productive communication experience.

Multi-Device Integration

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions also stand out due to their comprehensive multi-device integration. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Yealink’s systems seamlessly integrate with numerous devices, providing a fluid, uninterrupted video conferencing experience. The ability to connect multiple devices not only increases accessibility but also facilitates collaboration across teams, regardless of their preferred hardware.

Yealink’s solutions are compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This broad compatibility ensures that all team members, irrespective of the device or OS they use, can participate in the video conference without any hurdles.

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions support integration with popular conferencing platforms such as Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, among others. This functionality allows users to initiate and join meetings directly from these platforms, offering a consistent and convenient user experience.

Yealink’s multi-device integration feature greatly enhances the flexibility and convenience of their video conferencing solutions, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking to foster effective team collaboration and communication.

Secure and Encrypted Calls

Security is a paramount concern in today’s digital age, and Yealink fully acknowledges this fact. With Yealink’s video conferencing solutions, all calls are fully secure and encrypted. The systems employ advanced encryption technologies, including SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL), to safeguard communication and ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.

This robust security protocol prevents unauthorised access and protects data from potential cyber threats during transmission. This means you can confidently engage in real-time discussions, share files, and collaborate without worrying about the security of your information. So, not only does Yealink offer easy deployment and excellent quality, but it also provides peace of mind through its commitment to secure, encrypted communication.

Interactive Features: Screen Sharing, Whiteboarding, and Annotations

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions come equipped with interactive features such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, and annotations, transforming remote meetings into collaborative workspaces. Screen sharing enables participants to present their screens or specific applications to others, facilitating a clear and straightforward presentation of ideas, information, or data. This feature is particularly useful during discussions, demonstrations, or training sessions.

The whiteboarding feature allows users to visualise their ideas and concepts in real-time. Participants can use this virtual whiteboard to draw, write, or annotate, making brainstorming sessions and collaborative planning more engaging and productive. It helps in explaining complex ideas in a simplified, visual manner.

Annotations take collaboration further by allowing participants to highlight key points, add comments, or mark up content directly on the shared screen or whiteboard. This interactive tool is especially beneficial during team reviews, as it enables participants to provide instant feedback or suggestions.

These interactive features of Yealink’s video conferencing solutions not only make meetings more engaging and productive but also foster a collaborative working environment that transcends geographical boundaries. These features, combined with high-definition video, crystal-clear audio, multi-device integration, and secure, encrypted calls, make Yealink’s solutions an ideal choice for businesses seeking to improve their communication and collaboration efficiency.


Cloud and On-Premise Solutions

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions offer both cloud and on-premise deployment options, catering to various business needs. The cloud-based solution capitalises on the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to fluctuating demand by scaling up or down as needed. It also eliminates the need for substantial upfront investment in infrastructure, making it a cost-effective choice for many.

On the other hand, Yealink’s on-premise solution provides businesses with full control over their data and systems. This option is particularly beneficial for organisations with stringent data privacy regulations or unique security requirements, as it allows them to manage their video conferencing tools in-house.

Both the cloud and on-premise solutions from Yealink ensure seamless collaboration, promoting adaptability across various rooms and environments. Regardless of the deployment method chosen, Yealink’s solutions are designed to offer a reliable, high-quality, and secure video conferencing experience.

Yealink Meeting Room Devices Equipment

Conference Room Cameras

Yealink’s conference room cameras bring a comprehensive multi-camera solution to the table, designed to cater to all your conference needs. They offer all-in-one cameras that deliver high-resolution video quality alongside wide field views that ensure all participants are included in the frame.

The cameras are equipped with advanced features such as automatic participant detection, pan-tilt-zoom control, and intelligent framing, making sure every detail is captured with precision.

Yealink’s cameras are designed with user-friendly installation and setup processes, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking to facilitate effective team collaboration without compromise.

The high-definition video, superior audio, and advanced features of these cameras make Yealink’s solutions an excellent choice for businesses seeking to enhance their communication and collaboration efficacy.



Yealink’s microphones are meticulously engineered to provide crystal-clear, high-definition audio, ensuring every participant is heard during conferences. The microphones utilise advanced noise-cancelling technology to eliminate background disturbances, delivering pure, uninterrupted sound.

They also feature Bluetooth and built-in capabilities, offering flexibility and freedom in terms of connectivity and placement. This allows for seamless, wireless communication within the conference room. The easy setup and superior audio delivery of Yealink’s microphones, coupled with Bluetooth and built-in functionality, significantly enhance the overall conferencing experience.

Content Sharing Devices

Yealink’s content-sharing devices (WPP20 & WPP30) are designed to facilitate seamless, real-time collaboration during video conferences. These devices enable users to easily share content across multiple screens, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

The user-friendly interface and plug-and-play simplicity make it easy for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to share presentations, documents, or multimedia files.

Yealink’s content-sharing devices support wireless connectivity and are compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it even more convenient for participants to share their content. These features of Yealink’s content-sharing devices, when combined with the advanced technology of Yealink’s cameras and microphones, offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to improve their collaboration efficiency.


What are the system requirements for Yealink video conferencing?

For optimal use of Yealink’s video conferencing solutions, your system should meet the following requirements:

  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth
  • A webcam or HD webcam – built-in, USB cable plug-in, or an HD camera or HD camcorder with a video capture card
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10; MacOS X with MacOS 10.9 or later; Linux; Ubuntu; iOS 7.0 or later; Android 4.0x or later
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Edge 12+, Apple Safari 7+, Google Chrome 30+, Mozilla Firefox 27+
  • Processor requirement: Single Core 1Ghz or higher (for PCs); Intel Core i5 or higher (for Macs)
  • Memory requirement: 4Gb or more

Please remember that these are recommended specifications. It’s possible to use the Yealink video conferencing system with lower specifications, but you may experience reduced performance. Always refer to the specific product manual for exact system requirements.

Does Yealink offer solutions suitable for large conference rooms?

Absolutely, Yealink offers a range of conferencing solutions specifically designed for large conference rooms. These include high-performance video conferencing systems like the Yealink VC800 and VC500, which can accommodate large groups and deliver superior video and audio quality. They are equipped with powerful cameras and microphones that can capture the entire room, ensuring every participant is seen and heard clearly.

Yealink’s CTP20 collaboration touch panel enhances the meeting experience by offering interactive whiteboarding capabilities and collaborative annotation. This means participants can actively engage in discussions, no matter their location.

All these solutions integrate seamlessly with Yealink’s content-sharing devices, allowing easy sharing of presentations and multimedia files, further facilitating effective collaboration in large conference rooms.

What kind of support and resources are available for Yealink users?

Yealink provides robust support and resources to its users, enhancing their experience and ensuring they can make the most of their Yealink devices. This includes comprehensive technical support, available via phone, email, or live chat, to help resolve any issues or queries.

Yealink’s website hosts a wealth of resources, including product manuals, software updates, and troubleshooting guides. Users can also benefit from Yealink’s training programs that offer in-depth knowledge about product installation, operation, and maintenance.

There is an active community forum where users can share experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another. Thus, Yealink’s support and resources are multifaceted, aiming to empower users with the knowledge and assistance they need to optimally use their video conferencing solutions.


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