Video created the apprenticeship star

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Shannon Goodgame is Digital Marketing Assistant at Rayleigh-based D&A Media and five months into a digital marketing apprenticeship. Here she extols the virtues of video technology in the modern workplace and explains how it set her on the path to her apprenticeship.

VIDEO is leading the way in technology and is helping increase business productivity and efficiency. Being a Gen Z, video communication has had a huge influence on my learning style as I have grown up with it being the most accessible form of communication and way to learn new things. At the click of a button you can find the answer to your question and a solution to your problem.

When I was invited to have an interview over video, I was extremely excited as this is something I had never experienced before. Yes, I have used Facetime and other commercial forms of video communication but never had I used it in a formal setting. This was completely new to me and something I was eager to experience.

The interview process was great. I was able to speak to the company director who was miles away in a different office. The process was just like a normal interview and so seamless that it was easy to forget that it was even over video.

During the interview I was even able to share some of the work I had done in my work experience on screen with the director, At the click of a button, my work was on screen and we were discussing how the skills I used in my previous role would benefit their business and my new role.

I was offered an apprenticeship. After I had finished my in-house induction and met the rest of the team, it was time to re-meet my director who I would be working closely alongside. We continue to communicate regularly using video in a seamless and agile way. The video quality is amazingly high and makes it feel as though we are in the same room.

Support and teamwork are an integral part of my apprenticeship being successful and video conferencing makes my job a lot easier and a lot more efficient. Whenever I need immediate feedback on something I am working on, rather than sending an email and wondering if the receiver has seen it, I am able to give them a quick video call via Lifesize and share my work. This allows me to make live changes immediately and effectively. I very quickly benefited from leveraging my time effectively and saving time that would be spent waiting for email replies by jumping on a video call.

I whole heartedly recommend finding a company who will support you in your apprenticeship, learning and growth. Technology is a great way of bringing people together, engaging and collaborating with colleagues near and far.=

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