Lifesize provide a range of video conferencing solutions, from cloud-based connections, to huddle rooms and conference room equipment.

As an innovator in the video conferencing industry, Lifesize brought it’s customers the first ever 4K video conferencing systems, the Icon 300, Icon 500 & Icon 700.

Providing users with the highest possible quality on their video calls.

Their cloud-based video platform has allowed their customers to:

  • Connect with their team & clients from anywhere
  • Live share their screen during a video call
  • Create virtual meeting rooms
  • Invite an unlimited amount of guests to a video call
  • Integrate with other collaboration platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams)

Their new generation of collaboration equipment has never been more user-friendly. Coupled with our on-site and remote support, with end-user training, you and your team will be guided through the systems to ensure the implementation is a smooth and simple process.

Driven by customer obsession, the Lifesize cloud platform and room systems are built around your business needs, with a service dedicated to achieving your success.

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Lifesize Cloud offers users multiple integrations into different software providers. Such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Slack and HipChat. Providing all users with a superior experience using their video conferencing system.

Hardware and software together

By integrating Lifesize meeting room systems and cloud services, you will enable every user on your platform with a seamless video conferencing experience, both in the office and at their individual remote locations.

Meet with unlimited guests

You will have the ability to invite an unlimited number of guests to call you on Lifesize, either using your direct line or providing them with a link to join you in a virtual meeting room.

Secure encryption

Lifesize video conferencing services are conducted over a fully secure and end-to-end encrypted network. Providing you with an always reliable and secure video conferencing platform.

Global newtork

With data centres in every major geographic location, Lifesize’s industry-leading Global presence will enable you connect to your Global teams & clients through superior web conferencing.

Virtual meeting rooms

Dependent on your subscription plan, you will be able to create unlimited one-time virtual meeting rooms & a limited number of permanent virtual meeting rooms. Making re-occurring meetings simple and easy for everyone to join,

In Action: Lifesize Video Conferencing

No 5 Chambers Logo

Watch the video to see how D&A Media enabled No5 Chambers to reduce their Barristers travel time, by providing the with a reliable video conferencing solution. 

ICON 300

From £3,149.98

ICON 450

From £4,699.98

ICON 500

From £5,838.00

ICON 600

From £6,499.98

ICON 700

From £7,269.98


From £380.00


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