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Eight do’s & dont’s of video conferencing

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The D&A team have compiled a list of handy video conferencing tips to get any new user off on the right track!

  1. Do dress to impress – make sure if you are dialling in to a video conference that you are dressed how you would like the world to see you…well at least the top half of you!
  2. Do check your camera position – if you are making a video call from your desk, make sure your camera is in a central position above your screen. I find positioning the camera just above where the other person/people will be displayed on your screen always helps
  3. Do use good quality video conferencing equipment – if you are using a meeting room for your video calls make sure you have high quality, intuitive video and audio equipment (I would recommend a Lifesize solution). Tip: try and keep eye contact, its very distracting if you are looking around the room and not at the person you are speaking to
  4. Don’t forget to show up – the worst video conferencing etiquette is being late to join the meeting, show up on time and make sure you do introductions as you would with a face-to-face meeting
  5. Do look behind you – does the background of your meeting space or office represent you/your business. Does it represent how you wish to be portrayed by a colleague or customer? Tidy up before you make the call!
  6. Do test the sound before you start – can you hear the other people clearly? if you are calling from your desk do your head phones work? are they plugged in? are they on mute?
  7. Don’t forget to record your video conference – there is no better record of your meeting then being able to go back and watch it again, its much easier then taking notes!
  8. Don’t mumble – make sure you speak clearly and try not to cover your mouth. There is nothing more frustrating then not hearing the other person in a meeting


Tip: try and avoid side conversations with other people in the room, it can be very distracting!

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