Boardroom with video conferencing

According to a survey conducted by the UK’s Business Advisory Firm, the use of virtual meetings has skyrocketed by over 225% since 2020.

This exponential rise in demand for digital collaboration is showing no signs of slowing down in 2023.

Businesses in the UK are increasingly looking for meeting room technology and audio visual (AV) systems to help streamline their virtual meeting setup within their meeting spaces.

As modern offices continue to shift towards the hybrid working model, having a secure and reliable AV system in place is essential for successful collaboration and communication within your meeting rooms.

So whether you’re hosting a large webinar, a video conference between internal and external colleagues or an intimate video call, these ten AV systems are sure to provide the greatest experience for your hybrid meetings in 2023, regardless of the video conferencing platform you are using.

What Does an Audio Visual System do?

An audiovisual system is an advanced setup that uses both sound and visuals to enhance the meeting experience. AV systems usually comprise of a projector, a screen, speakers, a microphone or two and other control devices for automation.

Using this comprehensive combination of tools, you can easily create the desired atmosphere in your meeting rooms that best suits the requirements of your virtual meetings.

AV systems also come with innovative features for video streaming, audio recording and even interactive whiteboarding to make your distance meetings more stimulating.

In addition, they are designed in a way that creates a balance between aesthetics and functionality, while being mindful of the environment. This helps to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere in the meetings with minimal disruption.

These AV systems ensure that you have all the necessary components for a successful virtual meeting at your fingertips, without having to worry about unnecessary technical hassles getting in the way.

Benefits of Audio Visual Solutions for Your Company

Having an AV system integrated into your meeting room makes it easier for you to conduct virtual meetings with your colleagues and clients. It also offers several other benefits that make the entire process more streamlined and efficient.

Firstly, having an AV system installed in your workplace eliminates the need for additional cables or wiring at the time of installation. This allows you to set up the system in a shorter period of time, with minimal disruption.

Secondly, having an integrated AV system makes it easier for employees to switch between tasks during their meetings. This helps to improve collaboration across teams and departments, as everyone has access to the same information at any given point in time.

Thirdly, an AV system helps to create a more immersive meeting experience for both internal and external stakeholders. The use of visuals and sound amplifies the engagement within meetings and makes it easier for participants to stay focused during the entirety of the session.

Finally, an AV system helps to save time and money in the long run. With all components integrated into one single setup, companies can easily maintain and repair any damaged parts without having to replace the entire system.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that AV systems are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Investing in an integrated AV system today could be your company’s key to a successful future tomorrow!

Why is an AV Control System Important?

An AV control system is an entirely automated system that helps to manage the various components of an AV setup. From controlling the projector and speakers to adjusting sound levels, having a control system in place makes it easier to get the most out of your AV technology.

Controlling each component individually allows for greater customisation options while ensuring every aspect of your AV system is optimised for a superior meeting experience.

Having a control system also helps to simplify the integration and operation of different devices, such as video conferencing systems, at the same time. The automated functions make it easier to access multiple devices during meetings without having to manually adjust each one individually.

Overall, investing in an AV control system is essential for creating a seamless meeting experience within your hybrid office. This will help you to get the most out of your AV setup and ensure that nothing stands between you and successful collaboration!

Ten AV Systems to Look Out For in 2023:

1. Neat Bar

Neat Bar is a simple and elegant, compactly designed yet highly capable meeting room device for Zoom meeting rooms or Microsoft Teams meeting rooms. Perfect for bringing superior quality audio and video to your meeting, huddle or focus rooms for up to ten people.

You can mount a Neat Bar above or below one or two displays within your meeting room. It comes with Neat Pad, a dynamic touch screen, which you can use to control your meetings and you can add an additional Neat Pad to your set-up to display room availability outside the room.

With Neat Symmetry on the Bar, it enables people in a Neat room to be shown in their own dynamic video frame. This improves the conference experience for other participants in the meeting room by allowing people in the Neat room to be seen more easily.

Neat Bar

2. Yealink UVC40

Yealink UVC40 is an all-in-one intelligent USB meeting device for small and huddle rooms.

The UVC40 delivers outstanding video quality. Together with the electric lens cap, its AI technologies including face detection and speaker tracking, your users will experience a smarter and safer video conference.

Bringing excellent call quality even in full-duplex mode, the Yealink UVC40 supports remote management on the Yealink Device Management Platform via its built-in Wi-Fi.

The Yealink UVC40 will transform your meeting rooms into either a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) meeting room, Zoom room or Microsoft Teams room.

3. Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar sets a new standard for meeting room equipment in midsize rooms, with expansion options for larger groups and settings.

It’s remarkably simple to use, manage, and deploy at scale, delivering cinema quality video and audio in a sleek, all-in-one form factor.

Plug and play Rally Bar with any PC or Mac, or leverage the built-in compute to run video conferencing applications directly on the device.

Rally Bar features a multi element lens assembly, powerful low distortion speakers, and an advanced mic system to create meeting experiences that sound as good as they look. Upgrade your video collaboration, with a dedicated AI camera amplifies RightSight auto-framing and delivers insights about room usage directly to the Logitech Sync dashboard.

Logitech meeting room equipment

4. Bose Videobar VB1

Bose Videobar VB1 is an all-in-one USB conferencing device that brings premium audio and video to huddle spaces to medium sized meeting rooms. With six automatic beam-steering microphones, a 4K ultra-HD camera and signature Bose sound, the Bose Videobar VB1 helps you huddle up and get more done. 

Built for collaboration on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and more. The Bose Videobar VB1 is bringing enhanced video and audio performance to the popular unified communications platforms. The Bose Videobar is the perfect Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Zoom or Teams meeting room device.

5. DTEN ON 55″

DTEN ON 55″ offers a superior Zoom meeting experience with advanced audio, video and collaboration. ONboard is the first purpose built device for Zoom Whiteboards.

Instantly outfit any meeting space for collaboration. Easily set-up and start your meetings in minutes right out of the box, with no technician required.

With a streamlined operating system, one-tap start, and elegant styling, DTEN ON is always ready for hybrid collaboration with participants from anywhere.

6. Poly Studio X30

Make your huddle rooms sound like boardrooms

Experience a boardroom quality performance with the Poly Studio X30, your delightfully simple all-in-one video bar for huddle and small rooms. Support for leading cloud video services are built right in — no PC or Mac required. Voices are crisp and clear, and wireless sharing lets users collaborate from their devices without cables or pucks. 

Feel more connected to others on the call, thanks to cinema quality camera framing. Block out audio distractions with NoiseBlockAI technology, powered by machine learning. And easily share content over wired or wireless connections.

Poly Studio X30 video bar features native support for Video as a Service (VaaS) platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, without the need for a PC. Plus, it has H.323 and SIP support for easy connection to any standards-based video solutions for VaaS gateway.

7. Neat Board

Neat Board is the complete meeting room package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device.

With its immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and versatile wide-angle camera. Neat Board gives you a collaboration experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding.

Neat Board responds to your presence and automatically wakes up the moment you walk into the room. With just one tap, you can wirelessly share your screen, start a meeting or mark something up. The large multi-touch screen is perfect for taking notes, organizing thoughts and providing quick visual feedback, whether people are right there in the room or on video.

Neat Board

8. Yealink MeetingBoard

The Yealink MeetingBoard65 smart board effectively facilitates powerful digital collaboration by combining everything in the room, from the computing unit to a wide 65-inch touchscreen collaboration display, 4K camera, microphones arrays, speakers, and built-in Microsoft Teams.

By simply connecting the power cable, users can quickly and easily enjoy video conferencing and whiteboard collaborating, with remote integrated management capabilities for those working from home or off-site.

MeetingBoard’s responsive display and inventive features such as premium inking, collaborative diagrams, fluid components, and other rich content, help boost team creativity and productivity. Powered by the Microsoft Whiteboarding, it ensures a seamless real-time collaboration during brainstorming, project planning or problem solving by simple clicks on the smart board.

9. Jabra PanaCast 50

Meetings flow better when everyone can communicate clearly. The Jabra PanaCast 50 beamforming technology maximizes the signal to noise ratio for crystal-clear voices, anywhere in the room.

And with full duplex technology, everyone can contribute to the conversation in real time. So those verbal cues that are so integral to face to face conversations will never go unheard.

With three 13-megapixel cameras, mounted in a high-precision, multi camera array, cover every part of the room.

The Jabra patented real-time video stitching technology decides exactly the right point to live-stitch the three feeds together, creating a smooth, 180° view in high definition Panoramic-4K.

That means nobody is squeezed together, distorted or missing from the picture. Jabra PanaCast 50 puts inclusive meetings back on the table, safely.

10. Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Rally Bar Mini is Logitech’s premier all-in-one video bar for small rooms and huddle spaces.

It’s remarkably simple to use, manage and deploy at scale. Logitech Rally Bar mini is delivering the capabilities of larger video bars like Logitech Rally Bar in a compact form factor for smaller spaces. With studio quality audio and video, motorized pan and tilt, and AI-powered performance, Rally Bar Mini sets new standards for video collaboration.

Scalable across hundreds or thousands of rooms, Rally Bar Mini offers clutter-free cable management, multiple mounting options, and flexible deployment modes. Plug and play with virtually any PC or Mac, or run supported video conferencing applications on the device without a computer.

Logitech Rally Bar

There is a variety of audio visual (AV) and video conferencing equipment available in today’s market. Our team of experts are here to help you identify the best video conferencing and meeting room system for your businesses communications needs.

For more information on our meeting room audio visual equipment, book a meeting with the D&A Media team today.


Why Choose D&A Media?

With 30 years of experience working with technology, we can adapt to our customers individual needs, including room sizes, shape, and the acoustics within the space to ensure that remote guests feel as though they are in the room with you.

Technology is continually changing, and we are always looking ahead; our in-house engineers have worked on complex projects for many years, and our job is to simplify for all users. We know the right questions to ask, giving you confidence in choosing the right solution that will grow with you.

With access to remote support and a dedicated support email, phone number or video, our technical team will get to know you and be on hand ready to assist you and your users. 



What is an AV control processor?

An AV control processor is a device that connects to your audio-visual system and allows you to control the different components of your meeting room. It can be used to control video, audio, presentation, lighting and other aspects of the room.

Many businesses use AV control processors to ensure that their meeting rooms are set up for the most effective and efficient experience. They allow users to quickly and easily adjust settings, switch between inputs, or create preset scenes for different types of meetings.

What are the examples of audio visual systems?

Examples of audio visual systems include projectors, digital signage display screens or panels, interactive whiteboards, soundbars/speakers, microphones, cameras and video conferencing solutions. The type of equipment used will depend on the size and purpose of the meeting room.

The most common AV setup includes a projection screen or interactive whiteboard for presentations and visuals, speakers for audio, a camera for video conferencing and microphones for participants. Enabling you to achieve a simple, yet effective interface to add value to every meeting.

No matter the size of your conference room, D&A Media has the right solution for you. Our team of expert integrators can help you identify the perfect system for your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information.

How do I control an AV system?

To control an AV system, you need a device that can send commands to the different components of your meeting room. This could be a universal remote control, an app on a smartphone or tablet, or even a specialized controller in the meeting room itself.

The most sophisticated AV systems are integrated with automated controllers and sensors that intelligently adjust settings based on the activity in the room. This ensures optimal performance and a seamless user experience while minimizing the time and effort required to manage the system.

What are the installation requirements for an AV system?

The installation process for an AV system depends on the complexity of the equipment and features required. Generally, it is best to seek professional advice from a certified installer who can provide engineering services and project management to ensure a successful deployment.

This will help ensure that all components are correctly installed and configured, resulting in a superior user experience. We recommend that you use a certified installer to ensure the highest quality of service and the best value for money.

Contact us today to find out more about our installation services. Our team of experts are here to help you create the perfect meeting room system for your business.

Are there different contact channels for residential and commercial AV system inquiries?

Yes, there are different contact channels for residential and commercial AV system inquiries. For residential inquiries, we recommend contacting a local provider who specializes in residential audio visual solutions.

For commercial enquiries, please contact us directly via our website or email to discuss your requirements. We can provide detailed advice on the best options for your business, from the type of equipment to installation and support services.

Our team of experts are here to help you create the perfect meeting room system for your business, so contact us today to find out more.