Lifesize have revolutionised video communication and have created the World’s first and currently only 4K video conferencing system the Icon 700. This system will reset your expectations of what video communication should be and show you why you should never accept mediocre video communication ever again.

With the best possible quality and remarkable, consistent ease of use the Icon 700 allows for collaboration without the complication. It integrates seamlessly with the current Lifesize service and allows you to represent your organisation in the best possible way and also helps make the best possible impression with every conversation you have.

The Icon 700 offers many benefits to it’s users that will help enhance and improve communication within their organisation.The video quality that it provides makes video communication very engaging and paired with the brilliant 4K content sharing, the quality provided is extremely lifelike. It also provides a very powerful 20x zoom whilst maintaining 4K resolutions making it the best fit solution for even the biggest of spaces. It is built for the cloud and is designed to provide customers with the most reliable services and the best possible security. The user experience has been simplified with the Icon 700 and has been designed for a quick setup.

The camera optics that the Icon 700 provides represent how Lifesize are ahead of the competition and how they are committed to bringing their customers the best product and service. The Icon 700 has a large format, 8 megapixel sensor which is nearly double the pixel count of most common sensors meaning that there is more light per pixel and that there is minimal image noise, giving the consumer the best possible quality. The super-fast focus when changing subjects makes the transitions seamless and doesn’t allow for any distractions during your meetings. And, the exceptional low-light performance means that even in the worst lit places you are always receiving great, unmatchable quality.

The Lifesize Phone HD has had some enhancements to ensure that it matches the quality of the Icon 700. It now no longer requires a remote and is the central control device for meeting spaces. The phones supports the pairing process and all user interactions, it also includes easily accessible administrative settings that were previously only accessible via the remote. These changes to the phone make for an easier setup, experience and simplified meeting management whilst maintaining a consistent core experience.

This new generation of collaboration equipment has never been more user-friendly. The Icon 700 is perfect to revolutionise your business, providing you with a stunning audio and visual experience, this complete 4K system will allow you top see every detail with amazing rich picture quality and an unmatched 4K full frame rate.

If you would like to demo this product and talk to one of our experts about all the benefits this revolutionary product can bring to your organisation then we will be delighted to hear from you!

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