Preparing Your Meeting Rooms For The Hybrid Workplace

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Gartner predicts that by 2024, in-person face to face meetings will account for just 25% of enterprise meetings, a drop from 60% prior to the pandemic. This change is being driven by the increase in employees choosing to work remotely and adapting to the ‘new normal’. (see link below).

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to provide their employees with the technology to be able to work from home efficiently.

This meant deploying a video conferencing solution company wide. (Zoom, Teams, Cisco Webex, GoTo Meeting, Lifesize and Skype).

And now that plans are being made and implemented for a safe return to the workplace, many businesses are evaluating how they can create a hybrid working structure within their organisation.

A hybrid workforce enables employees that are working from home to still seamlessly connect and collaborate with their team back in the office, using a mixture of cloud-based video conferencing, meeting room technology and VoIP phone systems.

The new hybrid working structure will mean that many businesses will have to re-evaluate their meeting habits, and embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to meeting rooms to create the ultimate flexibility for their spaces.

The change in the way employees will be working in the future, has meant that many businesses are beginning to make changes to their meeting room AV equipment, to accommodate the need for a video first meeting approach.

In order for meeting rooms to continue to be a productive, professional, seamless and secure place to host meetings, businesses will need to ensure their spaces are video enabled. Meaning attendees can join the meeting, from anywhere on any smart device.

Meeting rooms are at the heart of your in-office video meetings, the technology you choose for your space will influence the way in which your employees continue to host their video meetings once they are back in the office.

In the same way that everyone has their favourite device, we know every business has their favourite online video conferencing solution (Teams, Zoom, Webex, Lifesize, Skype, Bluejeans etc.)

So, when you are deciding what technology to install in your meeting space, it is important that you choose the right solution for you room. Whether that is a Zoom room, Teams room or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system.

Your meeting rooms need to work for you and your teams.

To fully maximise your hybrid working structure, a BYOD room would give your employees ultimate freedom when choosing to connect, collaborate and host video meetings on their preferred platform.

A BYOD model means your meeting rooms are open to all users and all types of meetings. Creating the same seamless meeting experience, no matter which platform you choose.


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