To help you provide your teams with the greatest work from home experience, we have compiled a list of our top 5 work from home products that your teams need in 2022…

1. Neat Frame

The Neat Frame is an all-in-one touch enabled device built for your home office, as a video enabled device that sits on your desk.

It is the perfect companion for your laptop, providing you with an optimal layout balance for content sharing and encouraging more direct conversations in larger meetings.

With a built-in mic array, the Neat audio processing algorithms will emphasise your voice on a video call, whilst working to remove any background noise.

Bringing you the experience of being in a meeting room, whilst still sitting at the desk of your home office.

When placed on your desk, you will be able to attend video calls on Zoom and Teams using the Neat Frame as it displays the participants on screen alongside any content that is being shared within the video meeting.

Bringing you the premium experience of meeting room technology, at home, on your desk.

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2. DTEN 27″ ME

The DTEN 27” ME is an all-in-one personal collaboration device, designed specifically for your home office and for promoting a greater work from home experience.

It packs real collaboration into a perfectly sized device, for your desk or a table top and offers a brand-new Zoom from home experience, enabling you to deploy an all-in-one powerful solution for:

  • Video meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Interactive whiteboarding
  • Annotations of work

Replacing the need for a desk phone, webcam, microphone, speakers, an extra monitor, a whiteboard and all additional cables – making your home workspace truly clutter free.

Using real immersive collaboration, the DTEN 27” ME will increase participation and engagement amongst your remote employees, all they need to do is simply plug it in and it just works.  

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3. Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Desk space when you work from home can be limited, introducing a wireless keyboard & mouse is a great way to optimise the use of your desk space and can really help your teams make their working area as flexible as possible.­

Built for comfort and ergonomically designed, the MK850 has an oversized, cushioned palm rest and curved keyframe to give your users support for all-day typing and it comes with adjustable tilt legs that offer the perfect typing angle, enabling your teams to conquer work in comfort.

For seamless multi-tasking and enhanced productivity, the keyboard and mouse can pair with up to 3 devices at one time and can switch between the 3 with a click of a button.

When introduced as part of their work from home technology package, the MK850 will give your users the most comfortable and premium experience whilst working remotely.

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4. Logitech USB H540 Headset

Working from home there can be many noise distractions around, from neighbours, pets, children, and other family members working from home themselves.

Introducing a headset into your work from home set-up is a great way to help you stay focused and productive on video calls with clients and colleagues.

Noise cancelling headsets will transform the experience of your video calls, making them more engaging and ensuring participants can hear you loud and clearly, as if you are in the same room.

Not only are they a great product for working from home, but noise cancelling headsets would also work perfectly for those communal spaces in your offices or in public spaces, enabling you to take private video calls and stay focused on your work in an open plan area.

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5. Neat One

This is one to watch!

Neat One is the world’s first personal USB device that packs a high-quality camera, an advanced mic array and speakers into one sleek package.

It connects via USB-C to your Laptop using an external screen of your choice to deliver a superior video and audio experience to your Zoom and Teams clients (or any other video app of your choice).

It also includes Neat Acoustic Bubble, naturally excluding any unwanted background noise, perfect for the days you are working from home and need your video calls to be distraction free.

With Neat One, you can run meetings from your laptop with that meeting room style quality, ensuring you always look and sound your best and making your personal video experience an elevated one.

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