Why we choose to work with B1G1

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We wanted to find a charity our business could support. When we read about the amazing work of B1G1 we knew we had found the right one for us!

Why B1G1? 

  1. Giving back with every purchase – working with the charity means that with every purchase our customers make, we can give back to amazing projects around the world
  2. Projects with meaning – we can choose which projects we would like to support, that have real meaning to our business
  3. Flexibility and choice – we like the flexibility we are able to give our customers. They can choose which project they would like us to donate to on their behalf
  4. Diversity of projects – the charity works with over 800 projects across over 70 countries so there is always a project we feel passionate about supporting
  5. Sharing is caring – we can share our giving stories with our customers, demonstrating how their purchase truly helps a project
  6. Don’t just take our word for it – this video summarises the charity perfectly:

How are we supporting the charity?

We have chosen three amazing projects to support:

  1. Educate a Hearing-Impaired Child in India – give a less privileged hearing impaired child the opportunity to get access to a quality education for a day
  2. Provide Internet Access to Orphans in Nepal – improve the quality of education and expose orphaned children of Kathmandu to the world and wonders of the internet & online learning by paying one day’s worth of internet fee
  3. Provide Implant Lens for Cataract Operation in Indonesia – assist a cataract blind, visually impaired person in re-gaining independence by sponsoring one implant lens for a cataract operation that helps restore sight

How will we donate?

Every time we sell a Lifesize video conferencing solution or renewal our customer will choose which of these three amazing projects they would like to support and we will donate to that project.

 If you would like to talk to us about video conferencing or any of our audio visual solutions, get in touch!

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