Museum audio visual (AV) services are an essential component for creating engaging exhibitions and displays within Museums. Whether you are setting up a permanent collection or a temporary exhibition, the right AV can help make your museum experience come alive. From interactive displays to projection mapping and audio visual equipment, our team of experts will design and implement custom solutions that enhance any museum project. We’ll take the time to understand your goals and create an audio visual solution that works for you.

Our Museum AV offerings at a glance:

  • AV hire (rental of audio visual equipment)
  • Audio solutions for exhibitions and displays
  • Digital signage and video wall displays
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Interactive displays (ceiling mounted, wall mounted and trolley mounted)
  • Guest / visitor management systems
  • Wayfinding systems

With a variety of museum AV services available, we offer a turnkey solution that meets your specific needs. Our service includes installation, setup, configuration and maintenance of all AV equipment. We also provide training for staff members on how to use the equipment as well as ongoing technical support and troubleshooting. Our installation engineers and service team will work collaboratively with you to ensure you complete your audio visual project within budget and on time.

Audio Visual Solutions For Museums

Many museums are now embracing audio visual equipment to enhance the visitor experience. By incorporating interactive displays, digital signage and LED screens into exhibition spaces, museums can create immersive environments that allow visitors to interact with museum artefacts in a way that was not possible before.

AV solutions provide museums with the opportunity to bring their collections to life in new and exciting ways. Audio visual equipment can be used to display video content, such as interviews with curators or footage of artefacts being brought to light. It can also be used in combination with projection mapping technology to create interactive displays that engage visitors and provide them with a more immersive experience.

Audio visual equipment can also be used to enhance the overall atmosphere by incorporating soundscapes and music into an exhibition space. This can be especially effective in heritage museums, where visitors want to feel that they are truly immersed in the past.

By partnering with D&A Media, you can be sure that your audio visual project will be completed to the highest standards. With our expertise and experience in the heritage sector, we are able to provide custom solutions that meet the needs of your museum. From initial concept through to completion and beyond, our team provides a complete AV service for museums across the UK. Our approach is always tailored to your individual requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an audio visual solution for your museum.

self-service kiosks

AV Technology for Museums

Interactive Touch Screen

Museum AV is not just about projecting images onto walls – it’s about creating interactive experiences that bring your collections to life. With the right equipment, museums can create immersive exhibits that engage visitors and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

This is done through the use of a variety of AV technologies, including sound systems, video walls and displays, interactive projections and interactive touch screens. By combining these technologies in creative and imaginative ways, museums can create immersive exhibitions that captivate visitors and draw them in.

At D&A Media, we understand the importance of having the right audio visual technology in place for a successful museum exhibit. We are experienced in delivering audio visual solutions for museums, helping you to create an engaging and immersive space that visitors will remember. Our range of museum AV technology includes:

  • High definition LED video walls
  • Touchscreen kiosks and interactive displays
  • Video projection systems
  • Interactive projection mapping displays
  • Digital signage systems
  • Audio systems and soundscapes
  • Wireless presentation solutions
  • Gallery management systems
  • Archive and storage systems

We also provide comprehensive audio visual support services, from installation and setup to maintenance and technical support. Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your system is fully operational before opening.

Whether you’re looking for a small interactive display or a larger audio visual installation, we have the expertise to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help bring your museum exhibition to life.

Audio Visual and Interactive Displays for Museums

Interactive displays are essential for creating engaging museum experiences. By using touch screens and interactive kiosks, museums can provide visitors with an immersive experience that allows them to engage with exhibits in a whole new way.

Thoughtfully designed interactive displays can bring a museum’s collections to life, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore artefacts in an engaging and informative manner. A well-designed interactive display will engage visitors, provide them with additional information about an exhibit and offer a unique perspective on the museum’s collections.

They are an essential part of any museum’s AV setup and can be used in conjunction with other AV solutions such as projection mapping, video walls and audio systems, to provide a truly immersive experience that will captivate visitors.

Why Choose D&A Media for Museum AV Projects

Da Media Services

With 30 years of experience in the AV industry, D&A Media are highly experienced in delivering audio visual solutions for museums. We understand the importance of providing visitors with an engaging and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Our team has extensive knowledge of museum audio visual technology, from interactive displays to projection mapping systems and beyond. We provide a complete AV service for museums, from initial concept through to installation and beyond. Offering expert advice on the best equipment for your needs and providing ongoing technical support and troubleshooting. Our team will work closely alongside you every step of the way to ensure that your project is a success. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create an audio visual solution for your museum. With D&A Media, you can be sure that your audio visual project will be completed to the highest standards.

"I really can't fault D&A Media. They are always extremely helpful and bend over backwards to provide support when we need it. The whole team are amazing but I would like to give a special mention to Jack, Alan, Chris and Ellis who are always on hand to answer any questions we may have. The whole process of idea to installation is stress-free, seamless and collaborative with our IT company. Thank you D&A Media!"
Sophie Hicks
"D&A provided us with a stress free, seamless service from the initial sales meeting to the installation. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained in plain English rather than tech talk. Chambers are delighted with the products and service. A special mention needs to be given to Jack Clark who made the whole process so easy."
Sarah Hardwicke
"D&A Recently undertook a consultation for us, with a view to provide an enhanced meeting room "Zoom suite", to help deliver the growing demand for virtual meetings. D&A: Thank you, great product, good advise and a speedy turn around!"
Danny Fuller
"D&A helped me resolve a problem that has been bugging Chambers for months now! Thank you for your help!"
Robert Andrews
"The D&A team are always so helpful and provide great customer service. I recently needed a job turned around with less than 24 hours and Ellis was super helpful in arranging despite the tight deadline. Highly recommend for AV/video conferencing requirements."
"Clear & honest advice, transparent pricing, good product & good/responsive support if required."
Jacky Chase
"D&A Media responded with super efficiency when a projector and conference equipment were required at very short notice. We've worked with this company before and they are always professional and offer a great service. - Seckford Hall Hotel, Suffolk."
Emma Unsworth
"D&A Media have looked after my companies needs for a number of years and are always a pleasure to work with. They give good honest advice, great service and great value. They are a great bunch of people who do what they say and are experts in their field. If you are looking for media systems, D&A are your guys."
Gary Clatworthy


Are there maintenance requirements for audio visual equipment in museums?​

Yes. Audio visual equipment needs to be maintained regularly in order to ensure that it is functioning properly and delivering the best possible experience for visitors. This will ensure that downtime is minimised and that your museum can continue to provide visitors with an immersive experience. D&A Media offers a range of maintenance packages, from regular servicing to emergency repairs, to keep your audio visual equipment running smoothly, contact us today to find out more. 

What types of audio visual equipment are commonly used in museums?​

Audio visual technology plays an important role in creating engaging museum experiences. Common AV equipment used in museums includes high-definition LED video walls, touchscreen kiosks and interactive displays, video projection systems, interactive projection mapping displays, digital signage systems, audio systems and soundscapes, wireless presentation solutions, gallery management systems and archive storage systems. Our team have extensive knowledge of the latest AV technology and can help you to choose the right equipment for your needs. Get in touch today to discuss your audio visual requirements. 

Can audio visual solutions be customised to suit specific museum themes or exhibits?​​​

Yes. Audio visual solutions can be customised to fit in with specific museum themes or individual exhibits. We offer a range of customisation services, from software programming to hardware modifications, that can help you create an immersive experience that is tailored to your needs. Get in touch today to find out more about our customisation services and how we can help bring your museum’s vision to life. 


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