IT support services within the legal industry demand a thorough understanding of compliance and confidentiality intricacies, as they are pivotal to the operation and reputation of any Law Firm or Chambers. These services ensure that all technological solutions, from data storage to communication systems, conform to the rigorous standards required by legal industry regulations. 

IT support in this field must be proactive in cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive client information from unauthorised access and potential breaches.

Our Legal IT services at a glance:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support: Round-the-clock surveillance of your systems to identify and resolve issues before they impact your operations.
  • Data Management and Backup Solutions: Secure storage and backup regimes to ensure your critical legal documents and client information are protected and recoverable.
  • Compliance and Governance Consulting: Expert advice on adhering to legal industry standards and regulations, minimising risk to your firm and clients.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Comprehensive defenses including firewalls, anti-malware, and intrusion prevention systems to safeguard sensitive data.
  • Cloud Computing Services: Flexible and secure cloud platforms for document sharing and collaboration, enhancing productivity while maintaining client confidentiality.
  • Communication Systems: Integrated communication solutions that facilitate secure and effective internal and client communications.
  • Helpdesk Support: Immediate assistance for IT-related queries and issues, ensuring minimal downtime for your legal practitioners.

We will work collaboratively with you to ensure we keep your law firm secure, efficient and fully supported, with the best technology and services to ensure you deliver to your clients.

Our IT support packages:



  • Health check
  • Remote support
  • Online ticketing system
  • Schedule online support sessions
  • System Monitoring and Reporting
  • Email connectivity assistance
  • Print, copy & scan help
  • Free 100GB online back-up 

from £9.99 (Per User)



  • Includes all Silver support services plus…
  • Dedicated support technician
  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Microsoft 365 services management
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • End-point cyber security and anti-virus
  • Free 500GB online back-up
  • Security event monitoring
  • System update management
  • Virus protection management
  • Firewall and gateway management

from £19.99 (Per User)



  • Includes all enhanced support services plus…
  • On-site support engineer
  • Unlimited online back-up
  • Remote management
  • Remote user assistance
  • System load balancing
  • Bandwidth usage tracking & optimisation*
  • Application log monitoring and management
  • Desktop policy management
  • Managed system update service

from £39.99 (Per User)

*All IT support plans are fully customisable based on your needs. Call our team today to discuss your customised IT package.

Importance of Legal IT Services

Managed legal services are an essential aspect of any modern Law Firm or Chambers, enabling all legal professionals to elevate their service delivery to clients. Having a seamless IT infrastructure allows Barristers, Clerks and Support Staff to access critical information swiftly, ensuring that response times are swift and advice is delivered when it matters most. 

By tailoring IT support to the unique needs of the legal sector, firms can focus on their core legal duties, confident that their technological backbone is robust and secure. Specialised IT support is pivotal for modern law firms aiming to provide exceptional service in a highly competitive field.

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IT Managed Services for Lawyers and Law Firms


Lawyers and law firms face unique challenges that require specialised IT Managed Services tailored to suit your needs. In an era where compliance with regulations like GDPR is non-negotiable, our services deliver the assurance that your Law Firm/Chambers operations align with legal requirements. We understand the intricate workflows of law departments and in-house legal teams, enabling us to optimise your legal operations with precision. 

From implementing advanced data protection strategies to ensuring your in-house software integrates smoothly with day-to-day legal tasks, we ensure that your technological environment reinforces your Law Firm/Chambers pledge to excellence and client confidentiality. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and cost-effective IT support that allows your Barristers, Clerks and Support Staff to focus on what they do best.

Important IT Components for Successful Law Firms and Chambers

Cybersecurity Protection

At the core of our approach to cybersecurity, we advocate for a holistic strategy that encompasses all facets of digital protection. It is imperative for Law Firms and Chambers to adopt a comprehensive security posture that safeguards against a wide range of cyber threats. We provide services that are meticulously tailored to the needs of Law Firms and Chambers, ensuring that every layer of your IT infrastructure is protected against potential breaches. 

With our expertise, your sensitive legal documents and privileged client communications, are protected by cutting-edge security measures, offering peace of mind and unwavering trust in your business’s technological defences.

Cloud-based Solutions

In alignment with the specific needs of the legal sector, our cloud-based solutions provide a scalable and compliant infrastructure critical for Law Firms and Chambers. The ability to scale resources according to caseloads and growth allows for cost-effective management of your IT needs, without compromising on performance or security. 

Our solutions ensure compliance with industry-wide legal standards, offering a secure environment where data is both protected and readily accessible to authorised personnel. Cloud-based services facilitate a collaborative workspace, empowering legal teams to work efficiently and responsively, ultimately enhancing their capability to serve their clients with excellence.

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Strategic IT Planning for Competitive Differentiation

Strategic IT planning is foundational in creating a competitive edge for Law Firms and Chambers. By leveraging technology, Law Firms and Chambers can facilitate improved business outcomes, catalysing growth and solidifying their market position. Effective use of IT resources ensures that firms can safeguard their intellectual property and manage their caseloads with greater efficiency. 

In a landscape where clients require swift, accurate and secure legal services, a well-architected IT strategy can maximise the value delivered to clients. Our focus on strategic planning aligns technology initiatives with your business’s long-term goals, ensuring that you stay ahead of technological trends and maintain a sharp competitive advantage.

Client-Focused Technology That Improves Efficiency

Client-focused technology is not just about delivering services, but about enhancing the quality of those services throughout the client lifecycle. From client onboarding to the final resolution of their legal matters, our technology-driven solutions streamline processes and improve efficiency. By automating routine tasks, we free up valuable time for your legal team to concentrate on complex legal strategies, accelerating service delivery and improving client satisfaction. 

The procurement of innovative legal technologies, which we help facilitate, sets our clients apart from their competitors. We strive for our solutions to be industry-accredited, ensuring that each implementation not only meets but often exceeds market standards, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and reliability in every facet of our client engagements.

Efficiency and Key Benefits of IT Legal Services 

Improved Client Experience

Bringing together cutting-edge technology with client-centred design, our legal IT services enhance the overall client experience significantly. They enable fluid communication channels and streamlined processes, ensuring that clients receive swift and accurate updates regarding their legal matters. This integration of technology not only optimises internal workflows but also provides a smooth and accessible interface for clients to engage with their legal representatives.

It results in reduced wait times, heightened transparency and an overall sense of being well-informed and valued, which are crucial components of client satisfaction. By prioritising such experiences, Law Firms and Chambers can build stronger relationships with their clients.

Maintain Client Trust

Maintaining client trust is paramount to the long-term success of Law Firms and Chambers. It is reputational currency that must be carefully nurtured through consistent delivery of secured, confidential, and reliable legal services. Our systems are designed to protect client data vigilantly, preserving the integrity of sensitive information that is the cornerstone of legal practice. 

The fortification of your IT infrastructure against cyber threats and the integration of stringent data protection protocols underscore your commitment to client confidentiality and serve to bolster your reputational strength in a highly competitive field. By entrusting us with your IT needs, you’re not just investing in robust technology, you’re safeguarding your most valuable asset – the trust of your clients.


Boost Productivity

Boosting productivity is at the heart of what we help Law Firms and Chambers achieve. When faced with high volumes of legal work, the difference between a thriving practice and an overwhelmed one can hinge on the efficient use of automation technologies. By introducing seamlessly integrated systems, we allow for smooth workflow optimisation where complex tasks are managed with greater ease and fewer manual efforts. 

This enables legal professionals to allocate their time and resources to the aspects of their work that require their utmost attention, rather than being encumbered by repetitive tasks that can be streamlined by technological solutions. With our strategic application of IT, legal teams are empowered to handle their workloads more effectively, leading to increased productivity and the ability to deliver higher-quality legal services to their clients.

Staff Efficiency

Efficiency among staff is critically enhanced through our legal IT solutions, enabling team members to focus on higher-value activities by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Integrating advanced case management software and cloud computing allows legal professionals to access necessary documentation and collaborate on cases in real time, no matter their location. 

These improvements not only expedite the decision-making process but also foster a more flexible and responsive work environment. By streamlining operations and automating routine tasks, staff can rapidly respond to client needs and legal challenges, driving overall firm efficiency and productivity to new heights.

IT Data Insights Analysis

In the sphere of legal managed services, the analysis of IT-generated data offers substantial cost savings and strategic advantages. As your dedicated services provider, we delve into the data to uncover patterns and insights that can transform your Law Firm/Chambers operational efficiency. By harnessing the power of analytics, we can identify areas where resources are being underutilised or overspent, allowing for a more precise allocation of your IT budget. This data-driven approach not only streamlines the cost structure but further enhances the decision-making process. 

With granular insights at our fingertips, we can forecast future trends, mitigate risks, and tailor our solutions to align closely with the nuanced needs of your legal practice. The outcome is a leaner, more agile firm with a sharpened competitive edge, fueled by the power of informed IT data insight analysis.

Disaster Recovery

An essential component of our IT legal services is our comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) planning. Recognising the critical nature of legal work, we ensure that your Law Firm/Chambers is protected against unforeseen disruptions caused by natural, technological, or human-induced disasters. Our DR solutions involve robust backup systems, secure off-site data storage, and swift recovery protocols that minimise downtime and preserve data integrity. 

This preparedness allows legal firms to maintain continuity of service, uphold client trust, and avoid costly setbacks. In an era where every piece of data can have substantial legal implications, our disaster recovery planning stands as a bastion against potential loss, ensuring your practice remains resilient and operational under all circumstances.


Secure Cloud File Storage

In the modern legal landscape, secure cloud file storage is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our robust cloud storage solutions offer unparalleled security, easy scalability, and round-the-clock accessibility, ensuring that your sensitive legal documents are protected and available whenever you need them. By leveraging the latest in encryption and security protocols, we guard against unauthorised access and breaches, giving you and your clients peace of mind. 

Our cloud services facilitate seamless collaboration within your team and with clients, all within a secure environment that complies with the highest industry standards. Transitioning to our cloud storage not only elevates your data security but also streamlines your practice’s efficiency and mobility.

Regulatory Compliance

Our commitment to regulatory compliance is unwavering as we understand its significance in the legal sector. Law Firms and Chambers face an intricate web of regulations that demand strict adherence. We accredit our solutions by staying abreast of the latest legal advisories, ensuring that your operation within the bounds of the law is seamless. 

Our in-house team specialises in configuring your IT framework to align with industry-specific guidelines, facilitating a compliant practice that can withstand rigorous audits and regulatory scrutiny. By proactively managing compliance, we alleviate the risk of penalties and fortify your reputation for maintaining the highest standards of legal integrity.

How Much Does Outsourced IT Cost for Law Firms?

The cost of outsourced IT for Law Firms and Chambers varies significantly depending on several factors such as the size of the firm, level of service required, complexity of IT infrastructure, and specific security needs. Generally, pricing models can range from flat-rate monthly subscriptions for managed services to customised solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the legal practice.

We offer a transparent and competitive pricing structure designed to provide value and dependability without hidden fees. For a detailed quote that fits the precise needs of your Law Firm or Chambers, contact us for a comprehensive consultation. We’re dedicated to offering scalable services that align with both your operational demands and budgetary constraints, ensuring that you receive a cost-effective, bespoke IT solution.


Why Choose D&A Media as Your Legal IT Support Provider?

With 30 years of experience working in IT, our team are always up to date with the latest technology and can provide the best solutions for your Law Firm/Chambers. We understand that every business is different, so we take the time to research and understand your needs and provide solutions tailored specifically to you and your business.

Our dedicated team of experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot any IT issues and provide timely solutions, so you can focus on what’s essential – running your legal practice. With our robust disaster recovery planning, secure cloud file storage, and commitment to regulatory compliance, we go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind in the safety and efficiency of your IT operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your legal IT landscape and drive your firm’s success through cutting-edge technology and expert support.


Can you use AI for IT support services for law firms?

Absolutely, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a pivotal role in IT support services for law firms. AI technologies can automate routine tasks, provide predictive analytics for system maintenance, and even assist with cybersecurity measures. By leveraging AI-driven tools, law firms can quickly sift through vast quantities of data for case research, enhance document management processes, and also improve client service with chatbots and other AI interfaces. Implementing AI efficiently can lead to significant time savings, reduced errors, and overall, a more strategic allocation of human resources.

What is a CRM for a legal company?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, for a legal company, is a specialised platform designed to assist law firms in managing interactions with current and potential clients. It streamlines various administrative and client-centric processes such as scheduling appointments, tracking communication, managing caseloads, and storing critical client information securely. 

A legal CRM can also facilitate marketing efforts, helping firms nurture leads and grow their client base. This tool is crucial for maintaining thorough records, providing excellent client service, and ensuring efficient operation of the firm’s business aspects, ultimately leading to strengthened client relationships and improved business profitability.

How does technology affect contract legal agreements?

Technology significantly impacts contract legal agreements through automation, improved accuracy, and the facilitation of electronic signatures. Tools like smart contracts, which automatically execute or enforce an agreement’s terms, are transforming how contracts are managed. These technologies reduce manual errors and can speed up the contract lifecycle, from drafting through execution and management. 

Additionally, electronic signatures have become widely accepted and legally binding, making it easier and faster to finalise agreements across geographical boundaries. Technology also provides enhanced security features, such as encryption and digital certificates, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of legal documents. As a result, technology has made contract creation and execution more efficient, secure, and less prone to disputes.


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