Colorminium Client Testimonial

Colorminium is a UK-based business, engineering and delivering exceptional façade solutions for their clients. Founded in North London in 1976, the whole ethos of the company revolves around assisting their clients in making their visions a reality.

Recognised throughout the country and particularly London for their consistent delivery of prestigious and iconic schemes, they have consulted on, engineered, procured, fabricated and delivered numerous projects to a legendary level of detail and excellence that has grown to become a hallmark of Colorminium.



Having worked together previously, Colorminium contacted D&A Media as they were looking to upgrade the audio visual and video conferencing equipment in their meeting rooms at their head office. 

The new video conferencing systems would need to be high definition and work with all the major platforms, using bring your own device (BYOD) to enable their teams to connect with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Each of their meeting rooms have their individual uses and needs, so their new audio visual equipment needed to have different capabilities to suit individual users whilst still maintaining simple ease of use. 

The systems were to be installed within their head office in Chelmsford and had to be simple to use, reliable and secure.


Following our initial phone call to ascertain the key objectives of Colorminium going forward, D&A Media hosted a video conferencing call to discuss the requirements of each of their meeting rooms.

Once D&A Media obtained this information, our technical team worked together with Colorminium to prepare a proof of concept for BYOD video conferencing systems for both a boardroom and small meeting rooms, external speakers, ceiling mics and an interactive touchscreen, that would meet their needs and equip their teams with secure, flexible systems within their office.

In their large boardroom, a BYOD video conferencing system, alongside external speakers and ceiling mics were installed, to ensure everyone in the room can hear and be heard. 

The small meeting rooms within their office each had a BYOD video conferencing system installed, to ensure their teams are able to host impromptu meetings on any video conferencing platform. 

In their smaller meeting rooms we installed an interactive touchscreen and this has enabled their teams to make annotations on the work they are sharing on screen.

Following the proof of concept, BYOD video conferencing systems, Bose speakers, ceiling mics and an interactive touchscreen were implemented, whilst our technical experts continued to work together with Colorminium to ensure that D&A Media had fulfilled every element of their requirements. This enables us to ensure we deploy a complete and fully encompassing solution, that would not only meet, but exceed their expectation.


Watch the video to see how Colorminium have implemented BYOD (bring your own device) video conferencing systems into to their meeting spaces, and how Managing Director, Roscoe Price feels the relationship has grown between the two businesses’.
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