Understanding the importance of technology in fulfilling your church’s mission, comprehensive IT support is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Our managed services are designed to cater to the unique needs of churches, providing a help desk available round-the-clock and ensuring your crucial technological systems are always functioning optimally. This allows your team to focus solely on advancing your mission, while we handle the technicalities.

Our Church IT services at a glance:

  • Network Installation and Management
  • Design ⁤and Development of ‌Websites and ⁣Applications
  • Secure Backup Solutions
  • Hardware‌ Maintenance‌ and Repairs
  • Software Development, Installation, and Upgrades

We will work collaboratively with you to ensure we keep your church secure, efficient and fully supported, with the best technology and services to ensure your church’s growth and success. Our experienced team of IT professionals will provide you with the support you need so that you can focus on serving your congregation and community.

Church IT Support Solutions: Key Services and Benefits

When it comes to Church IT Support Solutions, several key services and benefits make our offering stand out:

  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure Management: Recognising the financial constraints of churches, we prioritise affordability and ensure that our managed IT services deliver exceptional value. Our goal is to establish a dependable and adaptable infrastructure that meets your church’s current and future requirements.
  • Secure Cloud Services: We offer secure cloud storage that allows the church to securely store and access data from anywhere. This makes collaboration among church staff and volunteers smooth and efficient.
  • Data Protection: With our managed services, your church’s data is safe and secure. We implement robust backups and recovery plans to ensure you are protected against any potential loss.
  • 24/7 Support: Our support team is available round the clock to assist you with any IT-related issues or queries, ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Training and Education: We believe in empowering our clients. Therefore, we offer training sessions to your staff to help them better understand and manage the technology in use.
  • Scalable Solutions: As your church grows and evolves, your technological needs will change as well. Our managed IT services are flexible and adaptable, ensuring we can cater to your needs no matter how they develop over time.

In conclusion, our church IT support solutions not only offer the necessary technical support but also provide affordable, secure, and scalable solutions that will help your church thrive in the digital age.

The Necessity of IT Support Management for Churches

The digital revolution has altered the way we interact, work, and even practice faith. As such, the role of information technology in churches is no longer limited to having a functional website or sending mass emails. Today, technology is deeply embedded in the day-to-day operations of churches, from streaming online services to managing donations and maintaining member databases. 

Despite its many advantages, this increased reliance on technology has also introduced complexities in management and security that most churches are ill-equipped to handle independently. This is where the necessity of IT support management for churches becomes apparent. It not only ensures smooth day-to-day operations but also provides the necessary safeguards against digital threats, enabling churches to leverage technology effectively and securely in fulfilling their mission.

Ensuring Security

Safeguarding your church’s digital presence is one of our top priorities. We provide comprehensive security solutions that are proactive in detecting potential threats, preventing unauthorised access, and protecting sensitive data. From installing robust firewalls to implementing secure authentication protocols and conducting regular security audits, we leave no stone unturned in fortifying your church’s digital environment. 

This proactive approach to security allows your church to have peace of mind and focus more on its mission, knowing that its technological assets are well-protected.


Reliability is a cornerstone of our operations, and we strive to provide dependable services that your church can count on. Our dedicated team ensures that your network and systems are always up and running, reducing downtime and allowing seamless connectivity. 

Moreover, routine maintenance and regular updates are part of our commitment to keeping your technology infrastructure sturdy and reliable. This unwavering reliability ensures that your church’s crucial activities and services remain undisrupted, fostering a more streamlined execution of your mission.

Maintenance Technology

Maintenance technology is integral to the longevity and performance of your church’s IT systems. Employing advanced tools and analytics, we provide regular checks and tune-ups to prevent issues before they occur, mitigating the risk of system failures. Our preventative maintenance scheme encompasses hardware upkeep, software updates, and regular network monitoring to optimise performance. 

Moreover, we ensure that your systems are running on the most recent, secure versions of software to protect against potential vulnerabilities. With our rigorous maintenance technology, your church can benefit from a smooth-running, efficient IT infrastructure that sustains your mission-based activities effectively.


Growth is an essential aspect of any organisation, and churches are no exception. Our IT support management caters to this crucial need, providing scalable solutions that grow with your church. As your congregation expands, so too will your technology needs. Our services are designed to adapt to this growth, providing increased capacity, enhanced functionality, and more complex network infrastructure as required. This ensures that even as your church grows, the quality of your digital services remains consistent, supporting your mission and facilitating continued community expansion.

What are the Benefits of Church IT Support Services?


Fast Response 

Fast response times are a hallmark of our IT support services. Understanding that any downtime can disrupt your church’s operations, we commit to addressing any IT-related issues swiftly and efficiently. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ensuring that any technical issues are dealt with promptly, minimising disruption and allowing your church to operate smoothly. 

This commitment to speedy response times reflects our understanding of the critical role of technology in your church’s mission, especially within a multi-site church framework, where coordination and communication need to run flawlessly.

Maximised Efficiency

Maximising efficiency is a key benefit delivered through our IT support services. By streamlining IT processes and implementing effective technology solutions, we enable your church to function more productively. For instance, an engineer can significantly enhance productivity through the implementation of automated systems for tasks such as database management and donation tracking. 

This not only reduces manual work and potential errors but also allows your team to focus more on mission-critical tasks. Our goal is to optimise your church’s operations, allowing technology to be an enabler rather than a hindrance, ultimately leading to the growth and success of your mission.


Affordability is a significant advantage of our IT support services. While technology investments can often be substantial, we strive to provide services that offer the best possible return on investment. We understand that each church has specific needs and financial constraints; hence, we tailor our services to fit these unique requirements without compromising on quality. 

Our cost-effective solutions ensure that your church can drive its progress without the financial strain. By investing wisely in technology with us, your church secures a beneficial partnership that supports its mission while being mindful of budgetary considerations.

Support⁢ and Advice

Providing comprehensive support and advice is a fundamental aspect of our IT support services. We offer more than just technical assistance; we act as your trusted technology advisor. Our team of experts is always available to provide guidance on the latest technologies, best practices, and effective solutions to meet your church’s specific needs. 

We help you make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure, enabling your church to leverage technology effectively in pursuit of its mission. Whether it’s choosing the right software or planning a major technology upgrade, our dedicated team is committed to finding solutions that are responsive to your needs, assisting you seamlessly at every step of your technology journey.


Efficient Congregation IT Support

Efficient congregation IT support is fundamental to our service offering, designed to facilitate the seamless integration of technology into your church’s daily operations. Our team works diligently to configure tailored IT solutions that will benefit your church’s operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all members of the congregation. 

Whether it’s setting up live-streaming services, integrating digital donation platforms, or establishing secure communication networks, our IT support will be there to assist each step of the way. Furthermore, our team is readily available to provide technical support and advice, taking into account the unique needs of your congregation. Through this concerted effort, we aim to empower your church with the right technological tools, fostering an environment that supports your mission and growth.

Minimise Frustration with ⁣any ‍Technical ⁣Issues

Minimising frustration with technical issues is at the core of our service offering. We understand that technical difficulties can cause significant disruption and stress, especially when they hinder your church’s ability to carry out its mission. Our support team is dedicated to resolving any IT-related problems as swiftly as possible, reducing downtime and preventing potential hurdles in your church’s operations. 

Whether it’s a minor software glitch or a major system failure, we’re equipped to handle it promptly and efficiently. Our 24/7 service ensures that help is always available, providing you with peace of mind and allowing your church to focus on what truly matters – fulfilling its mission with the support of reliable, efficient technology.

Church IT Solutions Designed For Your Needs

At D&A Media, we firmly believe that technology shouldn’t be a burden, but a tool for growth and expansion. That’s why we’ve created bespoke Church IT Solutions that are precisely designed to meet your unique needs. Our IT solutions for churches are built on the understanding that every congregation has specific requirements and challenges. From creating seamless live-streaming services to establishing secure and robust communication networks, we tailor our approach to your church’s individual needs, helping churches embrace technology and utilise it to further their mission. 

The goal is simple: to provide you with IT solutions that are more than just a one-size-fits-all approach, but a robust and custom-fit foundation for your church’s growth and outreach.

We Understand Your Church’s IT Requirements

We appreciate that your church’s IT requirements are unique and call for bespoke solutions. Our team of IT professionals takes the time to understand the specific challenges and needs of your church, from the size of your congregation to the nature of your outreach programs. This detailed understanding allows us to design and implement IT solutions that are tailored, efficient, and responsive. 

We consider aspects such as data security, ease of use, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that the technology in place not only meets your current needs but is also capable of adapting to future demands. We’re committed to helping churches with their unique IT requirements, ensuring that technology is an asset that aids in the successful execution of your mission.

Providing IT Tech Support Into Your Religious Venues

Introducing the next crucial aspect of our service – bringing comprehensive IT Tech Support directly to your religious venues. We understand that the modern church extends beyond its physical boundaries and that virtual spaces are becoming increasingly important for worship and community. Our dedicated team of technical professionals works diligently to ensure your religious venues, both physical and digital, are equipped with the most efficient and reliable technology possible. 

Whether it’s setting up reliable Wi-Fi networks, installing the latest audio-visual equipment, or ensuring seamless online streaming services, we are committed to providing an IT infrastructure that supports your church’s mission and enhances the worship experience for your congregation. Our expertise in church technology ensures that your religious venues are prepared for the demands of the modern world, facilitating a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

Choose a Qualified⁣ Provider

Choosing a qualified provider is of paramount importance when it comes to IT solutions and support. A credible provider brings to the table not just technical expertise, but also a deep understanding of how technology can be effectively harnessed to support your mission and operations. They are not just problem solvers, but strategic partners who can guide you in making informed decisions about your IT infrastructure. 

The right provider is equipped with a competent and devoted team that is committed to helping you navigate the complex landscape of technology, providing excellent customer service at all times. They understand your unique needs and are dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. Making the right choice in this regard ensures a seamless, efficient, and stress-free technology experience, paving the way for your church to thrive in a digital age.


Train Others in the Basics

Training others in the basics of technology is not only essential but pivotal in the smooth operation and growth of your church. By equipping your congregation and church staff with fundamental IT skills, you empower them to navigate digital platforms with ease, participate in online worship and community activities, and contribute to the church’s mission in a meaningful way. 

This training fosters a sense of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are, can engage with your church’s digital resources. Furthermore, when individuals are trained in basic troubleshooting, it reduces the overall dependency on the IT support team for minor issues. This not only enhances efficiency but also fosters an environment of self-sufficiency and technological empowerment, essential for supporting the church’s growth in the digital era.

Develop a Plan

Developing a comprehensive and well-articulated plan is pivotal for the successful integration of technology within your church. A plan provides a clear roadmap, outlining the steps needed to achieve your technology goals and the resources required for the same. It allows for a strategic and systematic approach, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary expenditures or ineffective implementations. 

By identifying potential challenges and providing solutions in advance, a plan ensures smooth execution and helps mitigate risks. Moreover, it fosters alignment among church members and staff, ensuring everyone is working towards a common goal. Thus, a well-executed plan serves as a driving force behind the successful adoption of technology, supporting the growth and progress of your church in the digital age.

What to Expect from D&A Media's Managed IT Services for Churches

At D&A Media, we believe in providing a holistic IT service specifically tailored to churches. Our Managed IT Services are designed to offer comprehensive support, starting from a thorough assessment of your current systems, followed by strategic planning, seamless implementation, and continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our first step is always to gain a deep understanding of your existing IT infrastructure. We evaluate every aspect of your current situation, including hardware, software, networking, and security protocols. This comprehensive assessment allows us to identify potential gaps, risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Planning

Based on our assessment, we design a strategic plan that aligns with your church’s goals and mission. Our plan will not only address your immediate needs but also consider your future growth and expansion. We ensure that our strategies are cost-effective, scalable, and capable of supporting your church’s evolving needs.

Seamless Implementation

Our team of experts ensures a seamless transition to your new IT infrastructure. We handle every aspect of the implementation process, minimising disruption to your church’s activities. Our technicians are experienced in integrating new technologies while preserving the integrity of your existing systems.

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

Our job doesn’t end with implementation. We provide continuous monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains up-to-date and secure. Our team is available round-the-clock to address any issues and provide support when needed. We believe in proactive management, identifying and rectifying potential issues before they impact your church’s operations.

Training and Support

To equip your church staff and congregation with the necessary skills, we provide training and ongoing support. We make sure everyone is comfortable and confident in using the technology, thereby fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment.

With D&A Media, you can expect a strategic partnership that goes beyond problem-solving. We are here to drive your church’s progress and support its growth through robust and tailored IT solutions.

"I really can't fault D&A Media. They are always extremely helpful and bend over backwards to provide support when we need it. The whole team are amazing but I would like to give a special mention to Jack, Alan, Chris and Ellis who are always on hand to answer any questions we may have. The whole process of idea to installation is stress-free, seamless and collaborative with our IT company. Thank you D&A Media!"
Sophie Hicks
"D&A provided us with a stress free, seamless service from the initial sales meeting to the installation. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained in plain English rather than tech talk. Chambers are delighted with the products and service. A special mention needs to be given to Jack Clark who made the whole process so easy."
Sarah Hardwicke
"D&A Recently undertook a consultation for us, with a view to provide an enhanced meeting room "Zoom suite", to help deliver the growing demand for virtual meetings. D&A: Thank you, great product, good advise and a speedy turn around!"
Danny Fuller
"D&A helped me resolve a problem that has been bugging Chambers for months now! Thank you for your help!"
Robert Andrews
"The D&A team are always so helpful and provide great customer service. I recently needed a job turned around with less than 24 hours and Ellis was super helpful in arranging despite the tight deadline. Highly recommend for AV/video conferencing requirements."
"Clear & honest advice, transparent pricing, good product & good/responsive support if required."
Jacky Chase
"D&A Media responded with super efficiency when a projector and conference equipment were required at very short notice. We've worked with this company before and they are always professional and offer a great service. - Seckford Hall Hotel, Suffolk."
Emma Unsworth
"D&A Media have looked after my companies needs for a number of years and are always a pleasure to work with. They give good honest advice, great service and great value. They are a great bunch of people who do what they say and are experts in their field. If you are looking for media systems, D&A are your guys."
Gary Clatworthy


What is the best IT management software for ministry?​

The best IT management software for a ministry largely depends on its specific needs and objectives. However, some highly recommended options include Church Management Software (ChMS) like ACS Technologies, Breeze, and ChurchTrac. These platforms offer a wide range of features such as member management, donation tracking, and event scheduling, which can streamline administrative tasks and enhance efficiency. 

Additionally, collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams or Google Workspace can facilitate communication and collaboration among staff members. For IT-specific management, platforms like SolarWinds or ManageEngine can provide robust solutions for network monitoring and systems management. Remember, the “best” software will be one that aligns with your ministry’s unique needs and goals.

Can Microsoft software be used in churches for free?

Yes, Microsoft does offer special nonprofit pricing for churches and religious organisations, which includes some services for free. For instance, Office 365 Nonprofit offers eligible organisations access to Microsoft’s suite of productivity software and collaboration services at a reduced cost or even free of charge, depending on the specific plan chosen. This includes tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. 

However, it’s important to note that eligibility is determined by Microsoft and churches need to apply to get these benefits. For more comprehensive requirements, the pricing details, or to apply, churches should visit the Microsoft Nonprofits website. It’s advisable to review the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that the organization meets Microsoft’s requirements for nonprofit pricing.

What are the best church streaming platforms?

Streaming platforms have revolutionised the way churches reach and engage with their congregations, opening up opportunities to connect with members beyond the physical boundaries of the building. Several platforms stand out for their features, ease of use, and affordability. offers a comprehensive set of tools specifically tailored to the needs of churches, including the option to broadcast both live and on-demand video. It also provides features such as chat and prayer requests to encourage interaction during services.

Livestream is another reliable platform, owned by Vimeo, that offers high-quality streaming services. It allows churches to broadcast their services on their website, mobile app, and social media channels simultaneously.

BoxCast is perfect for churches that are new to streaming. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly approach to live streaming, with the ability to schedule broadcasts in advance.

YouTube Live and Facebook Live are free platforms that many churches use to reach their online congregations. These platforms are especially beneficial for their social sharing and engagement features.

Remember, the best platform for your church will align with your specific needs and resources. It’s worth taking the time to assess the features, pricing, and ease of use of each platform before making a decision.


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