Hospital Visitor Management System

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A visitor management system helps identify and track visitors entering your hospital’s premises. You can customise the system to include welcoming visitors, collecting feedback, and tracking facility usage.

Choosing the right visitor management system can help your company make significant progress.

Create Positive Impressions with Our Leading Hospital Visitor Management Solution

Let D&A Media’s visitor management system streamline the check-in process for patient visits. Visitors can self-sign in at an easy-to-use kiosk and receive an email alerting you to their arrival. 

They can update important information on a customized form, saving your staff from re-entering data from handwritten forms. They can also electronically sign a HIPAA agreement to keep on file.

D&A Media’s visitor management software streamlines the entire patient visit process. Visitors will appreciate the ease of use, and employees will benefit from the automated process.

Visitor Check-In Process for Hospitals

Visitor Sign-In

Pre-registered visitors can scan their QR code to sign in. Walk-in visitors can enter their information manually.

Visitor Badge

A badge will print instantly for the visitor. It includes the visitor’s photo, custom information, and your company’s logo.

Visitor and Patient Check-Out

Visitors use the kiosk to check out with the QR code on their badges. Security always knows who is on the premises.

Visitor Management for Government

Benefits of Visitor Management System for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Visitor Management System Solutions
  • Enhanced Security

A visitor management solution tracks everyone entering your facility and manages visitor information. With ID scanning, digital signatures, and photographs, identifying anyone is easy. 

This technology prevents unauthorised access and ensures visitors enter approved areas only. It also helps spot and address potential security risks quickly. In an emergency, you can trace and identify individuals on your property.

  • Compliance

Industries like healthcare and government have strict visitor management rules. These rules require collecting information, screening visitors, creating an audit trail, and securing visitor data.

A VMS provides a digital record of all visitor interactions and professional reports for audits and compliance. It automates many compliance tasks. Digital logs replace old paper logbooks, protecting privacy and making it easier to spot non-compliance issues.

  • Cost Efficiency

Health facilities need a centralised system to manage access controls, identities, and security. These elements are crucial for any hospice or care home and should be a top priority. 

A visitor management system can integrate all these functions. Implementing such a system ensures staff, patients, and visitors have the correct access privileges for the right areas and times. It automates key processes and optimises security. It also helps the facility comply with regulations in real time.

  • Evacuation Management

The cloud-based SAAS visitor management system keeps a record of all visitors, patients, and staff on hospital grounds. In emergencies, it simplifies evacuation by making it easy to find people. The system can also send evacuation alerts to everyone registered and present.

  • Visitor Logs

Visitor logs provide a clear record of everyone who enters and exits the hospital. This data is crucial for security and compliance purposes. The logs can help quickly identify who is on the premises, making it easier to manage access and ensure safety. 

In case of an emergency, staff can use the logs to account for all individuals within the facility. This system also helps monitor visitor patterns and improve the overall management of hospital traffic.

  • Notification Generation

When the visitor specifies the host they are meeting, the host gets an instant notification. They receive email or SMS alerts about the visitor’s arrival. This saves time and speeds up the meeting process.

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Visitor Management
  • Visitor Experience

Long lines and confusing check-in procedures can frustrate guests. An efficient visitor management system lets guests check in quickly without waiting for approval. It improves their experience and creates a positive impression.

A VMS makes visitors feel welcome and valued from the moment they enter. It helps them navigate the building and find meeting rooms or other destinations easily. These small gestures create a lasting impression on your visitors.

  • Data Collection

Hospitals need accurate records of everyone who enters and leaves. A visitor management system automatically collects this information. It tracks visitor details, including name, contact information, and visit purpose. 

The system generates detailed reports, helping hospital management identify patterns and trends. This data is useful for improving processes and ensuring compliance with regulations. Having a centralised database makes it easier to manage visitor information. It also helps maintain a secure environment.

  • Data Protection

A strong security system and data protection are critical for hospitals, where personal information is highly sensitive. While log books are fine, a visitor management system significantly improves data security. Data encryption within the system strengthens it further. 

Using a visitor management system also shows that hospitals take data security seriously. This increases confidence among visitors and patients and improves the hospital’s security ratings.

Visitor Management for Enhancing Hospital Security

ID Scanning

Read a standard PDF417 barcode on any state-issued driver’s license quickly and securely. Check-in visitors efficiently.

Access Control

Print visitor badges immediately after approval. Badges include the visitor’s photo, your company’s logo, and customisable fields.


Run internal watchlists at all sites. Perform instant background checks. Send immediate alerts to security officers when a visitor is flagged.

VMS Solutions
hospital visitor management software

HIPAA Compliance

Companies handling protected health information (PHI) must implement physical, network, and process security measures. They need to follow these measures to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Sign NDAs

Multiple NDA options exist for different visitor types. Collect digital signatures from visitors signing NDAs.

Data Encryption

All data entering or leaving your private environment is encrypted with TLS 1.2. When stored, it uses 256-Bit AES encryption.

How Our Visitor Management For Hospitals Can Help You!

Our healthcare visitor management system helps your hospital or clinic offer a professional and enjoyable experience.

Accident & Emergency Wards

Impress your visitors with our Hospital Accident and Emergency Wards check-in system.

Birthing Centres

Create the perfect first impression with our top Visitor Management Software for Hospital Birthing Centres.


Create a great first impression with our top healthcare visitor management and safeguarding tool.


D&A Media manages and records visitors entering a dental surgery efficiently.

Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System

Radiography Wards

Use D&A Media’s system to manage imaging and radiography patient sign-ins. It simplifies patient check-in for healthcare facilities.

Doctors' Surgeries

Ensure the safety of staff, contractors, and patients. Record incidents and concerns in your GP surgery.


Use D&A Media’s healthcare visitor management system to manage patient sign-ins at your Diagnostic Service centre.

Integration of Visitor Management for Your Healthcare Systems

Integrating visitor management into your healthcare system is straightforward and beneficial. The system can seamlessly connect with existing software, ensuring smooth data collection and access control. It centralises visitor information, making it accessible to authorised personnel. 

Real-time updates and notifications simplify operations and improve security. Automated processes reduce the administrative burden on staff. This integration helps maintain a secure environment while providing a positive experience for visitors and patients.

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Why Use D&A Media's Visitor Management System for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities?

A comprehensive visitor management software like D&A Media can improve your hospital front desk. 

Our experts can customize features to meet your hospital’s, clinic’s, or medical centre’s needs. Benefit your organisation with the right visitation technology.


How do hospitals keep track of visitors?

Hospitals now use electronic sign-in systems due to technological advancements. These systems make visitor check-in easier, letting people enter their details through simple interfaces. This reduces errors and connects well with security systems.

What are the best practices for a hospital visitor management system?

Ensure Efficient Visitor Flow

Visitors appreciate smooth and quick check-ins. Our system allows them to enter details swiftly. This eliminates waiting times and reduces stress.

Improve Security Measures

Our visitor management solution monitors all entries and exits. Real-time data and alerts help maintain a secure environment.

Facilitate Compliance

Meet all regulatory requirements effortlessly. Our system stores necessary information for audits and reviews.

Create User-Friendly Experience

The intuitive interface is easy for anyone to use. Walk-ins and pre-registered guests can check in without assistance.

Centralised Information

All visitor information is kept in one place. Authorised personnel can quickly access and manage this data.

Minimise Administrative Load

Automated processes handle most tasks. This frees up staff to focus on more important duties.

What are the limitations of a visitor management system?

Initial Cost

Setting up a visitor management system can be expensive. Initial purchase and installation costs may be high for some facilities.

Training Requirements

Staff need to be trained to use the new system. Without proper training, the system may not be used effectively.

Technical Issues

Visitor management systems can experience technical problems. Any system downtime can disrupt hospital operations.

Privacy Concerns

Visitor information needs to be stored securely. Inappropriate handling of sensitive data can lead to privacy issues.

Reliance on Technology

Over-reliance on technology can be a problem. In emergencies, manual backups are essential.

Maintenance Needs

Regular maintenance is required to keep the system running smoothly. This adds to the ongoing costs of the system.