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Digital signage in healthcare settings revolutionises the way information is communicated to patients, visitors, and staff. By leveraging dynamic displays, healthcare facilities can efficiently disseminate critical updates, health tips, and essential announcements, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged. 

This technology not only enhances the patient experience but also streamlines the operational aspects of healthcare delivery, making it a vital tool in modern medical environments.

Our digital signage solutions for healthcare at a glance:

  • Wayfinding Kiosks: Guide patients and visitors seamlessly through your facility with interactive maps and directions, reducing stress and improving overall facility navigation.
  • Waiting Room Displays: Use these displays to share health tips, news, and entertainment, making wait times feel shorter and more pleasant.
  • Staff Communication Boards: Enhance internal communication with boards that display real-time shift information, corporate announcements, and emergency alerts.
  • Patient Education Screens: Provide valuable health information and education on screens in patient rooms or common areas, helping to promote wellness and preventive care.
  • Queue Management Systems: Streamline the patient check-in process and reduce perceived wait times by providing real-time updates on queue status and doctor availability.
  • Digital Menu Boards: Improve food service efficiency by displaying real-time menus and promotions, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall dining experience for patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Emergency Alert Displays: In case of an emergency, use digital displays to quickly disseminate critical information to everyone in your facility, helping to ensure swift and orderly evacuation.

Our specialist engineers will source, supply, install and support your digital signage solutions, to ensure you are fully utilising its easy-to-use, capabilities. We will work closely and collaboratively with your team to ensure your new digital signage solution is fully tailored to your space, needs and budget.

Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitals 

Digital signage in hospitals represents a significant leap forward in how the healthcare industry communicates with both patients and staff. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are bustling environments where the efficient flow of patient information is crucial. By harnessing the power of digital signage, hospitals can ensure that critical information is conveyed accurately and promptly, benefiting the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Utilising a versatile content management system, these digital solutions allow for the swift update and distribution of key health messages, appointment schedules, and emergency directives. This seamless integration of technology not only reinforces the hospital’s commitment to patient care but also streamlines internal processes, making it easier for staff to access the information they need when they need it. The adaptability of digital signage in hospitals ensures that the healthcare industry can continue to evolve, providing high levels of patient satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Audio Visual Solutions

Boost Patient Experience and Improve Team Efficiency

Digital Signage

Digital signage can help significantly boost patient experience and improve team efficiency within healthcare settings. By integrating digital screens in waiting areas and strategic points around the facility, healthcare providers can create engaging environments that provide real-time information and a more effective way to communicate with patients and staff.

For patients, the presence of digital signage reduces perceived wait times by offering educational content, health tips, and entertainment options. This not only enhances the patient’s overall experience but also alleviates anxiety and stress commonly associated with healthcare visits.

For healthcare teams, digital signage serves as a dynamic tool for streamlining communication. It enables the display of shift schedules, emergency alerts, and corporate announcements in real-time, ensuring that staff are well-informed and can respond promptly to any situation. This cohesive approach to utilising digital signage strengthens the efficiency of healthcare teams while simultaneously elevating patient care standards.

Benefits of Healthcare Digital Signage

Guide Patients and Visitors to Their Destinations

Navigating healthcare facilities can be challenging for both patients and visitors, often leading to stress and confusion. Our digital signage solutions effectively tackle this issue by guiding patients and visitors to their destinations through well-designed, easy-to-follow digital signs. These interactive kiosks and wayfinding systems ensure that everyone entering the facility is well-informed, from the moment they step in until they reach their desired location. 

By providing clear, concise directions and information, digital signs facilitate effective communication, significantly enhance patient engagement, and contribute to a more positive healthcare experience. This not only aids in reducing anxiety but also helps in optimising the flow of people within the facility, making healthcare environments more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Deliver Personalised Patient Care

Personalisation plays a crucial role in enhancing the patient care experience within healthcare facilities. Our digital signage solutions offer a platform for delivering engaging and informative content tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each patient. From educational videos about medical conditions and treatments to personalised welcome messages and health tips, digital screens enable healthcare providers to communicate directly and effectively with patients. This level of personalisation not only keeps patients well-informed about their health and treatment plans but also significantly improves their overall experience by making them feel valued and cared for. 

Incorporating safety messaging and guidelines ensures that patients are constantly reminded of crucial safety protocols, further enhancing their sense of security within the facility. Through these tailored interactions, digital signage nurtures a more patient-centric environment, fostering positive relationships between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Digital Signage Hospitals

Reduce Wait Time Anxiety

Reducing wait time anxiety is a pivotal aspect of improving the patient experience within healthcare settings. By strategically placing screens across various points in the facility, digital signage significantly contributes to keeping patients well-informed and engaged during their wait times. Whether it’s showcasing estimated wait times, providing updates on patient queues, or simply offering an array of entertainment and educational content, these digital screens offer a distraction that can alleviate the stress and boredom associated with waiting. 

Keeping patients well informed through these interactive displays not only helps in managing their expectations but also ensures a smoother flow of operations, thereby enhancing the overall atmosphere of healthcare environments. This approach not only aids in creating a more positive patient experience but also reinforces the healthcare provider’s commitment to prioritising patient comfort and well-being.

Communicate With Clinic Visitors in Real-Time

The ability to communicate important updates and information in real-time with clinic visitors is paramount in enhancing the patient experience. All-in-one digital signage displays enable dynamic content delivery, acting as a central hub for both staff and patients. These digital displays not only disseminate timely and crucial information regarding health alerts, clinic updates, and educational content but also foster a transparent communication channel between healthcare providers and patients. By implementing such innovative communication tools, clinics can ensure that both staff and patients are on the same page, reducing confusion and creating a more cohesive and informed environment. 

This real-time communication capability is critical in today’s fast-paced healthcare settings, offering a direct line to enhance patient and visitor engagement while streamlining the flow of information across all touchpoints within the facility.

Make Announcements Across Hospital Staff

In the dynamic environment of healthcare settings, the ability to make announcements across hospital staff with the touch of a button is invaluable. Our digital signage solutions facilitate this by allowing messages to be broadcast centrally, ensuring that critical information reaches every member of the healthcare team without delay. 

Whether it’s a change in shift schedules, a new operational protocol, or a general announcement, digital signage ensures that content is not only delivered instantly but also engagingly and clearly. This level of operational efficiency fosters a well-coordinated and responsive healthcare workforce, significantly enhancing the capacity to deliver high-quality patient care. 

By centralising communication, we minimise the risk of misinformation, streamline clinical operations, and ensure that every team member is informed and aligned with the hospital’s goals and updates. Through engaging content and real-time updates, we empower healthcare staff to remain focused and informed, helping to elevate the standard of care provided to patients.

Increase the Speed of Diagnosis

The acceleration of diagnosis processes can dramatically affect patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. Leveraging our digital signage solutions, healthcare facilities can significantly increase the speed of diagnosis by streamlining the dissemination and accessibility of diagnostic information. 

Utilising interconnected screens throughout the facility, test results and crucial patient information can be shared swiftly and securely among relevant medical staff, ensuring that critical data reaches the hands of those who need it when they need it. This not only speeds up the decision-making process but also facilitates a more efficient patient care workflow. Our systems are designed with patient privacy as a paramount concern; employing advanced encryption and compliance with healthcare data protection standards to safeguard sensitive information. 

By enhancing the speed of diagnosis, we not only improve patient flow but also make strides towards more immediate, personalised, and effective healthcare solutions, reinforcing the bond of trust between patients and healthcare providers.

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Wayfinding Digital Signage Solutions Designed for Your Needs

Healthcare Webpages

Navigating healthcare facilities can be a daunting task for patients and visitors, especially in large hospitals or clinics. Our wayfinding digital signage solutions are designed to simplify this process, providing clear, easy-to-follow directions to various departments, services, and patient care areas. 

These interactive displays are much more than static maps; they incorporate the latest in touch-screen technology, allowing users to search for specific locations, receive step-by-step directions, and even get information about the facility’s services and visiting hours. By integrating these digital wayfinding solutions into healthcare webpages, we extend the accessibility of this vital information beyond the physical confines of the facility, enabling patients and visitors to plan their visits more effectively from the comfort of their homes. 

This proactive approach not only enhances the visitor experience but also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to a more positive perception of the healthcare experience.

Touch Hotspots

Touch Hotspots are an innovative feature of our touchscreen displays, offering an interactive experience that engages users and provides instant access to information with just a simple touch. These hotspots can be strategically placed on digital signage throughout healthcare facilities to highlight key information, provide quick access to necessary details, or even complete questionnaires and feedback forms on the spot. The versatility of touch hotspots makes them a valuable tool in not only improving navigation within the facility but also in gathering patient satisfaction insights and other important data. 

In integrating these touch-responsive features into our touchscreen displays, we aim to enhance the utility and interactivity of our digital signage solutions, making information more accessible and the overall experience more engaging for patients and visitors alike.

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Secure Dashboards

Secure Dashboards are a critical component of our digital signage solutions, designed with the utmost consideration for privacy, security, and HIPAA compliance. These dashboards are tailored specifically for healthcare settings, providing real-time access to doctor profiles, patient information, and other sensitive data without compromising on security. By utilising advanced encryption methods and adhering strictly to healthcare data protection standards, our secure dashboards ensure that all transmitted information remains confidential and accessible only to authorised personnel. 

This feature not only supports healthcare providers in maintaining HIPAA compliance but also fosters a safer, more trustworthy environment for patient care. Through these secure dashboards, we aim to streamline clinical operations while safeguarding patient privacy, thereby enhancing the efficiency and integrity of healthcare delivery.

Room Booking Systems

Room Booking Systems represent an essential facet of our digital signage solutions, engineered to keep staff well-organised and help patients navigate healthcare facilities with ease. These systems utilise intuitive room signage to indicate availability, streamline scheduling, and prevent double bookings, ensuring that every space is utilised efficiently and effectively. For healthcare professionals, this means more time can be devoted to patient care rather than managing logistical concerns. 

Patients benefit from a smoother, more coordinated experience, as these dynamic signs guide them to their appointments or designated rooms without confusion. By integrating Room Booking Systems into our digital signage, we aim to enhance operational efficiency, improve patient flow, and ultimately support the delivery of exceptional healthcare services.

Mobile Signage Triggers

Mobile Signage Triggers are a cutting-edge feature designed to make digital signage within healthcare facilities even more dynamic and responsive. These triggers allow for the automatic updating of displayed content based on specific criteria or events, ensuring that patients and staff are always privy to the most current and important information. By integrating with mobile devices and media players, these triggers can instantaneously push changes to content across the network of digital signs. 

This includes updates on room availability, urgent announcements, or health alerts, enhancing communication efficiency and ensuring critical updates are disseminated promptly. The seamless interaction between mobile devices and digital signage offers a flexible and powerful tool for healthcare providers to manage information flow and improve the quality of care and patient experience.

Commercial Displays

In today’s healthcare environment, Commercial Displays play a pivotal role in enhancing the patient and visitor experience. These state-of-the-art displays serve as an effective medium for conveying a wide range of information, from visitor guidelines and hospital policies to local information such as nearby pharmacies, eateries, and lodging options. 

By positioning these displays strategically within healthcare facilities, providers can ensure that they not only reach their patients and visitors with essential health-related messages but also assist them in navigating the local vicinity with ease. These displays offer an excellent opportunity to present health tips, promotional content about hospital services, and general wellness information, contributing to a more informed and engaged patient community. With their vivid visuals and dynamic content. 

Commercial Displays are indispensable in communicating vital visitor information, enriching the healthcare experience by keeping everyone informed, comfortable, and connected.

Interactive Kiosk - Da Media

Message Video Walls

Message Video Walls stand as a forefront solution in improving efficiency and communication in healthcare settings. These expansive displays are engineered to capture the attention of visitors and staff alike, making them an ideal platform for broadcasting important announcements, welcoming visitors to the facility, and sharing relevant news. By leveraging the size and visibility of video walls, healthcare providers can ensure critical information is disseminated quickly and effectively to a large audience. Whether it’s alerting staff to a change in procedures, promoting health awareness campaigns, or updating patients on waiting times, these video walls play a crucial role in streamlining information flow. 

The inclusion of welcome messages and relevant news can enhance the ambience of the facility, making patients and visitors feel more at ease. By integrating Message Video Walls into their communication strategy, healthcare facilities can significantly enhance the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their patient care.

Enhancing Patient Experience with Digital Signage Content Management Systems

A Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS) is a pivotal tool in enhancing the patient experience in healthcare facilities. It offers a centralised platform for managing and displaying a variety of content, including social media feeds, news updates, health tips, and patient information across digital signage networks. By leveraging a robust CMS, healthcare providers can ensure that they reach their patients with relevant and engaging content, tailored to enhance their stay and educate them on health matters. Including social media feeds within the signage content not only keeps patients and visitors informed about the latest health trends and facility updates but also fosters a sense of community and engagement. 

A well-implemented Digital Signage CMS enables healthcare providers to effectively communicate with their patients, offering them a comforting, informative, and connected environment that significantly enriches the overall patient experience.

Digital Signage in Healthcare Facilities

Choose D&A Media for your Healthcare Digital Signage Solution

Da Media Services

At D&A Media, we understand that selecting the right digital signage solution is critical for enhancing the healthcare environment — both for those who provide care and those who receive it.

Our comprehensive suite of digital signage solutions, from Room Booking Systems to Message Video Walls, are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities. We leverage the latest technology to create systems that are not only intuitively easy to use but also highly effective in improving communication, patient flow, and overall experience within healthcare settings.

Our experienced team works closely with healthcare providers to implement solutions that are tailored to their unique operational needs, ensuring that each installation maximises both patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. With D&A Media, you can trust that your digital signage solution will be a powerful tool in your efforts to deliver exceptional care and a superior patient experience.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how D&A Media can enhance your healthcare facility’s digital signage network.

Digital Signage Bundles.

Bundles starting from £29.99 per month.

Optional package upgrades available upon request.


What is a healthcare kiosk?

A healthcare kiosk is a technologically advanced, interactive stand or terminal located within healthcare facilities, designed to streamline processes and improve patient experiences. These kiosks offer a wide range of functionalities, including patient check-in, appointment scheduling, patient information updates, wayfinding, and access to health information. By facilitating self-service options, healthcare kiosks reduce waiting times, minimise administrative burdens on staff, and enhance operational efficiency. They serve as a convenient and accessible resource for patients, enabling them to manage their healthcare needs with greater autonomy and efficiency.

What is the best software for digital signage for hospitals?

The best software for digital signage in hospitals is one that is versatile, user-friendly, and capable of delivering real-time updates effortlessly. It should empower healthcare providers to use digital signage throughout their facilities effectively to reach their patients with essential health messages, guidance, and updates. Ideal software would integrate seamlessly with existing healthcare systems, allowing for the display of personalised content, including patient appointments, health education, and emergency notifications. Key features to look for include robust content management functionalities, scalability to grow with the facility’s needs, and the ability to support diverse media formats for engaging visual communication. Software that supports these capabilities ensures that hospitals can maximise the impact of their digital signage, enhancing patient communication and the overall care experience.

How much does interactive digital signage cost?

The cost of interactive digital signage can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size and type of displays, the complexity of the interactive software, hardware requirements, installation expenses, and any ongoing content management or subscription services. For a basic setup, prices can start from a few hundred pounds for a simple touchscreen kiosk to several thousand pounds for large-scale, multi-display systems with advanced interactive capabilities. Additional costs may include custom software development, content creation, and maintenance fees. Given the bespoke nature of many digital signage solutions, it’s advisable to request a detailed quote from a digital signage provider, who can tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of a healthcare facility. This ensures that the investment aligns with the facility’s objectives, enhancing patient engagement and operational efficiency without exceeding budget constraints.


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