Government IT services are fundamental to the seamless operation of public sector agencies. These services not only ensure the security and reliability of sensitive data but also increase operational efficiencies. From sophisticated cybersecurity measures to advanced data analysis tools, IT services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of government departments. By leveraging technology, governments can enhance engagement, streamline service delivery, and foster transparency in governance.

Our Government IT services at a glance:

  • Cybersecurity Implementation: We deploy cutting-edge security measures to protect sensitive government data from cyber threats, ensuring public trust and the integrity of digital assets.
  • Cloud Solutions: Our scalable cloud services facilitate seamless data storage, disaster recovery, and inter-departmental collaboration, promoting a modern, agile government infrastructure.
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: With our comprehensive analytics tools, government entities can decipher complex data sets to uncover actionable insights and make informed policy decisions.
  • Digital Transformation Consulting: We guide public institutions through their digital transformation journey with expert advice on strategy, technology adoption, and change management.
  • E-Government Services: We develop intuitive, secure online platforms that improve engagement and streamline government service delivery, making them more convenient and accessible.
  • Technology Training Programs: Our specialised training initiatives aim to enhance the digital literacy of government employees, ensuring they are adept at utilising new technologies effectively.

We will work collaboratively with you and your teams to ensure we keep your organisation secure, efficient and fully supported, with the best technology and services to ensure your growth and success. Our experienced team of IT professionals will provide you with the support you need so that you can focus on what you do best.

Our IT support packages:



  • Health check
  • Remote support
  • Online ticketing system
  • Schedule online support sessions
  • System Monitoring and Reporting
  • Email connectivity assistance
  • Print, copy & scan help
  • Free 100GB online back-up 

from £9.99 (Per User)



  • Includes all Silver support services plus…
  • Dedicated support technician
  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Microsoft 365 services management
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • End-point cyber security and anti-virus
  • Free 500GB online back-up
  • Security event monitoring
  • System update management
  • Virus protection management
  • Firewall and gateway management

from £19.99 (Per User)



  • Includes all enhanced support services plus…
  • On-site support engineer
  • Unlimited online back-up
  • Remote management
  • Remote user assistance
  • System load balancing
  • Bandwidth usage tracking & optimisation*
  • Application log monitoring and management
  • Desktop policy management
  • Managed system update service

from £39.99 (Per User)

*All IT support plans are fully customisable based on your needs. Call our team today to discuss your customised IT package.

IT Services For Central Government

UK Government Digital Services

Our portfolio of UK Government Digital Services is designed to revolutionise the delivery of digital government services to the public. Embracing the digital era, we focus on providing user-centric online services that increase accessibility, user satisfaction, and engagement across all government platforms. Our team is dedicated to implementing innovative solutions that streamline processes and enable users to access various government services online easily. 

From tax filing to renewing licenses, our digital services ensure that key government functions are just a click away, simplifying interactions and improving the overall experience for the user.

Local Government Digital IT Services

Our Local Government Digital IT Services are tailored to transform the way local authorities interact with their constituents. By effectively harnessing technology across government levels, we build services that are not only responsive to local needs but also align with national standards. Our goal is to enable local governments to work more efficiently, delivering a suite of digital tools and platforms that facilitate community engagement, streamline administrative tasks, and improve the delivery of services. 

From planning and zoning applications to public safety alerts, our digital solutions are designed to make local government more accessible and transparent, ensuring public resources are utilised effectively.

IT Equipment for Schools

Benefits of IT Digital Services for Government

IT Support in Schools

The adoption of IT Digital Services in the government sector has numerous benefits that not only enhance the inner workings of public agencies but also significantly improve user experience. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Better online user experiences for citizens: By providing user-centric, intuitive services, digital transformation makes government services easily accessible to all citizens.
  • Increased public sector participation: Digital services facilitate communication between government and citizens, encouraging increased engagement and participation in public initiatives.
  • Improved internal efficiency and productivity: Automation and digital tools streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and increase operational efficiency in government departments.
  • Less burden on IT (when delivered with cloud-based technologies): Cloud-based solutions reduce the burden on IT departments, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks and projects.
  • Better collaboration among departments: Digital transformation promotes collaboration and data sharing among government departments, enabling more efficient decision-making and improved service delivery.
  • Reduced labour costs: Automation and digitisation of processes reduce the need for manual labour, saving government agencies time and money in the long run.
  • More innovation: Innovation is at the core of digital transformation, and by embracing new technologies, governments can improve their services and stay ahead in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Technology plays a crucial role in the efficiency, transparency, and engagement of government agencies. By investing in our Government IT Services, we can help your organisation embrace digital transformation and achieve its full potential. 

From cybersecurity to digital service delivery, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of government entities, ensuring that they are equipped with the best tools and technologies to serve their citizens effectively.

Our IT Solutions & Services for the Government Sector

Digital Security

In the digital age, central government organisations face an evolving landscape of security threats. Our end-to-end digital security solutions are designed to provide these organisations with the visibility and control required to protect sensitive data and maintain public trust. A robust security infrastructure is integral to our service offering, incorporating real-time monitoring, threat detection, and proactive defence strategies. 

We also establish dedicated service desks to offer continuous support, ensuring issues are swiftly identified and mitigated. This holistic approach ensures that government entities can operate safely and securely, enabling them to deliver services confidently in the digital age.

Digital Help

Our Digital Help services stand as a strategic cornerstone for government entities looking to offer their services digitally in an efficient and timely manner. Recognised for enabling seamless access to information and services, we empower organisations to assist their users through digital channels. 

With an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive support systems, we ensure that help is always available for those navigating government services online. Our strategic approach includes the development of self-help portals, AI-powered chatbots, and responsive helpdesk, facilitating a digitally advanced and user-centric environment for users to receive assistance whenever they need it.

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Supply Chain Management

Our comprehensive suite of services and solutions in supply chain management is meticulously designed for the UK public sector procurement. By fostering a partnership approach, we aim to optimise the supply chains of government entities, enabling them to operate with greater efficiency and transparency. Our solutions encompass strategic sourcing, procurement planning, and logistics management, all tailored to the unique needs of the public sector. 

We understand the complexities involved in government procurement and strive to simplify the process, ensuring that public agencies can access the goods and services they require without unnecessary delays or costs. Our commitment to excellence in supply chain management ensures that we are not just a service provider but a trusted partner to the government, driving value and innovation in public sector procurement.

Service Delivery

Our service delivery framework is meticulously tailored to provide government agencies with the capability to offer essential services without interruptions or compromises in quality. We recognise the critical importance of government entities meeting service expectations, and our agreement with each entity is structured with this objective in mind. 

By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative service models, we ensure that services for the public are delivered with excellence and are adaptive to changing needs. Our commitment is to enable government agencies to fulfil their promises to the public, providing consistent and reliable services that meet those expectations effectively and efficiently.

eProcurement Services

In an era of digital revolution, our eProcurement Services are at the forefront of service transformation, enhancing procurement processes and forms with cutting-edge technology. By conducting extensive user research, we are continually refining these services to deliver a better citizen experience. Our platforms simplify the procurement journey, ensuring that everything from the initial request to the final acquisition is handled with transparency and ease. 

This modernisation of procurement processes reveals our commitment to not only meet the current demands but also anticipate and shape the future needs of procurement in the government sector. With our comprehensive eProcurement solutions, we empower government agencies to transact with unparalleled efficiency, driving significant improvements in both citizen satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Hybrid Platforms

Hybrid platforms are the modernised way of working within government institutions, integrating the strengths of both on-premise infrastructure and cloud services. These platforms are engineered to provide government entities with the flexibility to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring continuity in public service delivery. By enabling a harmonious blend of remote and traditional office settings, hybrid platforms offer unparalleled value for money. 

They reduce the need for physical space, cut operational costs, and allow employees to be productive in a variety of environments. The agility gained through a hybrid model means that government agencies can respond swiftly to the dynamic needs of their users and maintain a high standard of service without incurring unnecessary expenses.

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Modern Workspace

We’ll meticulously revamp the concept of the modern workspace, providing government agencies with an ecosystem that blends cutting-edge technology with the nuances of corporate information handling. Our vision for the modern workspace includes an environment where collaborative tools and secure data access converge to empower a more efficient and informed decision-making process. Understanding that the heart of any organisation is its support team, we are dedicated to equipping them with sophisticated tools and systems that streamline workflows and enhance communication. 

These enhanced workspaces are not just physical locations, but dynamic spaces that promote innovation, adaptability, and productivity, ensuring that government entities remain at the forefront of public service excellence.

The Importance of Digital IT Services for Government Organisations

In the context of modern governance, the importance of Digital IT Services cannot be overstated. These services, encompassing components like assisted digital, online transaction processing, and digital print services, form the backbone of effective and efficient government operations. Assisted digital services ensure that all citizens, including those who are not digitally savvy, have equal access to government services, promoting inclusivity. Digital transaction processing enables swift and secure handling of governmental procedures, reducing administrative load and cutting down wait times for the public. 

Digital print services offer scalable solutions for government communications, allowing agencies to disseminate information swiftly while reducing environmental impact and costs associated with traditional printing. These digital innovations are essential in transforming government organisations into agile and responsive entities that meet the demands of the modern world.

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Bring Digital Transformation to your Government Institution With D&A Media's IT Service

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of Government IT services, D&A Media stands out as a beacon of innovation and transformation. Offering knowledge and advice on innovative solutions, our team of experts provide unparalleled support and expert guidance tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies.

With 30 years of extensive experience across various public sectors, D&A Media facilitates seamless integration and swift adoption of digital transformation strategies. We are committed to equipping government entities with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of IT services, ensuring that transitions are both smooth and sustainable.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your organisation achieve its IT goals. With D&A Media, the future of Government IT is just a click away.


What is the e-Government in the UK?

e-Government in the UK refers to the digital interaction between the government and citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. Through e-Government, the UK aims to improve public services, making them more accessible, efficient, and transparent through the use of online technologies. An excellent example of this is GOV.UK, the single government website where you can find information and services from all departments of the UK government. It acts as a centralised platform for citizens to access a multitude of services ranging from renewing a driving license to submitting tax returns, and even applying for benefits, helping to enhance the ease of public interaction with government functionalities.

What are some examples of digital IT public services?

Examples of digital IT public services include online voter registration, electronic filing of tax returns, and digital licensing for drivers and vehicles. Also noteworthy are health-related services such as appointment booking with medical professionals, renewal of prescriptions, and access to personal health records online. Public safety services have also been enhanced through digital means, enabling citizens to report crimes, submit tip-offs, or request assistance via web or mobile platforms. Educational services have been transformed, providing students with online learning platforms, digital resources, and virtual classrooms. All these services leverage technology to streamline governmental processes and improve accessibility for the general public.

How can IT improve government services?

IT can be a powerful enabler for enhancing government services, driving savings across departments through increased efficiency and reduced redundancy. For example, the implementation of IT can lead to better-managed social care services with integrated systems that provide more accurate and timely information to support workers and beneficiaries. On the citizen services front, the adoption of IT allows for simplified processes, leading to quicker and more user-friendly interactions between the government and its citizens. IT can aid workers by offering tools for data analysis, leading to better decision-making and resource allocation. In terms of environmental initiatives, such as recycling, IT facilitates the tracking and optimisation of waste management systems, improving services while simultaneously contributing to sustainability efforts. The strategic application of IT in government can lead to significant service improvements and cost savings while fostering a more responsive and citizen-centric administration.


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