Pre pandemic, virtual meetings and access to remote video conferencing facilities were considered to be a premium in business communications.

In-person meetings were the most common form of business communication and usually involved travelling between offices to meet with fellow meeting participants in a formal meeting space.

This all changed when the pandemic forced the entire World to work from home.

Many businesses quickly realised they did not have the necessary technology facilities to enable their employees to work from home in the same way they do in the office.

Leading to a huge surge of businesses investing into a cloud-based video conferencing platform like, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Lifesize, etc.

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By investing in this new piece of technology, employees from across the country were still able to meet, collaborate, share files and participate in meetings in the same way they would be doing whilst working in the office.

This drastic change in the way we are communicating has meant that many businesses are now beginning to reflect on how they can make the most out of their meeting spaces, ensuring that they incorporate the ability to be in the room, without actually being in the room, using video conferencing.

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3 common mistakes when upgrading your meeting room technology:

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