Five reasons why a video call is better than an audio call

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Video calls are considered to be the next best thing to meeting in person, they can give you that same face-to-face experience with users around the world. 

So why should you be using it? Check out our 5 reasons below! 

1. The in-person experience.

When you can’t physically be present meeting over 4K video, really is the next best option for when you need to engage with people. Whether meeting with colleagues, suppliers or customers a mediocre experience is no longer acceptable, protect your brand.

2. Better work-life balance.

In the world of smartphones and tablets, video conferencing with Lifesize no longer requires you to be present in the office to actually be “in the office”. Simply dial in to any meeting room with your tablet/mobile device and be present at any meeting. 

3. The ability to read body language.

Body language can account for up to 50% of communication during a meeting and this can be vital in the World of business. From board meetings, sales pitches, interviews and collaborative work, the ability to physically see who you are meeting with allows you to engage and build stronger relationships.

4. Having an agile schedule.

You can’t be in several places at the same time is an old saying and the fact is now you can! People and productivity are important and so is your time so replace wasted time sitting in traffic by prioritising video calls allowing you to be more agile and flexible with your time. 

5. Clear Communication.

Customers are choosing to progress from dated multi-person audio calls to video calls enabling them to eliminate interruptions, confusion and misunderstanding, while helping them to gain clarity on who is speaking, build stronger relationships and share live data between multiple people.