Working closely with the marketing teams within chambers and law firms, we know that making the right impression when your client enters the building sets the bar.

In a world where legal events and seminars are crucial for your business development, your digital signage can play a vital part in the event, ensuring your marketing message is delivered to your audience, whilst your marketing team can work in a far more agile way. 

Whether you work from multiple offices and wish to have continuity and content control across all locations, or one screen within your chambers, you can utilise your space to:

  • Display important messages/safety/weather/travel changes
  • Share key information with visitors
  • Display personalised welcome messages
  • Advertise and promote other services
  • Celebrate achievements and share news
  • Provide directions/wayfinding 

Video Content and personalised marketing for legal is increasing, and using the right Digital Signage platform will ensure you can adapt at the press of a button, from any location.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Legal

Improved Communication

Digital Signage enhances the ability of law firms to communicate effectively and efficiently in various public areas within the firm, such as reception areas, hallways, and meeting rooms. It provides a dynamic platform to deliver information swiftly and consistently across different locations in the firm. No longer restricted by static, printed material, firms can broadcast essential updates, news, or changes in real time, ensuring everyone is instantly aware of the current status or developments. This improved communication is not just confined to internal communications but also extends to the firm’s interactions with clients and visitors, providing a modern, professional image that aligns with today’s digital age.

Easily Customisable

One of the key advantages of digital signage technology is its easy customisation. Utilising a content management system, law firms can swiftly alter the digital content displayed, enabling them to respond to changing circumstances in real-time. Whether there’s a need to broadcast a sudden meeting change, a court decision update, or even a new legal service launch, the digital signage screens can be updated instantly from any location, keeping both staff and clients informed. This flexibility and control over content enable law firms to maintain up-to-date communication, thereby improving efficiencies and the overall client experience.

Multi-Layout Display

Digital signage provides the unique advantage of multi-layout display options. This means that your screen can be divided into different sections, each displaying unique content simultaneously. For instance, one area of the screen can run a video while another displays static text. This allows law firms to configure their digital content seamlessly, providing a high-quality visual experience. It can be used to run advertising campaigns, display news updates, and present crucial legal information concurrently, thereby maximising the use of the digital real estate. This multi-layout feature adds dynamism to the content, capturing the attention of the viewers and making communication more effective.

Digital Signage Hospitals

Real-time Information

Digital signage technology is particularly beneficial for displaying real-time information quickly and efficiently. This feature is crucial for law firms, where events and situations often evolve rapidly. Whether it’s a case update, a news alert, or a sudden change in a meeting’s schedule, digital signage allows for immediate content updates. This real-time information display ensures that all members of the firm, along with clients and visitors, remain updated about critical developments. It can also display real-time weather updates, stock market information, or traffic reports, further enhancing its utility within a law firm setting. The ability to provide real-time information not only improves the firm’s productivity but also contributes to a transparent and responsive communication environment.

Visitor Safety

Digital signage also plays a critical role in ensuring visitor safety within law firms. This technology can be used to share evacuation plans, emergency exits, and safety procedures effectively. In case of an emergency, real-time updates regarding the situation can be swiftly communicated across all digital signs, guiding visitors and staff to safety. Digital signage can regularly display general safety guidelines and protocols, contributing to a secure environment within the premises. By fostering a safety-conscious atmosphere, law firms can reassure their clients and visitors, strengthening their trust and engagement.

Use Cases for Digital Signage Screens in Law Firms & Chambers


Digital signage is an essential tool for wayfinding within law firms and chambers. The screens can be used to guide visitors, clients, and even staff to their destinations within the building, effectively functioning as interactive maps. These digital displays provide clear directions that are easy to read from a distance due to their large-scale format. They can also be quickly updated to reflect changes in room assignments, meeting locations, and even building layouts. This is especially useful in large law firms with multiple floors or buildings where navigating can be challenging. By improving navigation, digital signage not only enhances the user experience but also adds to the overall efficiency and professionalism of the law firm.

Promotion & News-sharing

Digital signage offers an innovative platform to promote services and share news in a visually appealing and efficient manner. An eye-catching menu of legal services can be displayed on the digital screens, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the law firm’s offerings. High-quality images, engaging videos, and dynamic text can be incorporated to highlight key strengths and specialisations, attracting the attention of potential clients.

Digital signage is an excellent tool for news dissemination. Law firms can share industry updates, legal news, and even achievements and awards with their visitors, staff, and clients. The news can be presented in a lively and engaging format, using a mix of text, images, and video content. By offering fresh and relevant content, law firms can enhance their brand image and position themselves as thought leaders in the legal industry.

Digital signage screens can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, like the reception, waiting areas, and meeting rooms, to maximise visibility and impact. As a result, whether it’s promoting a new legal service or sharing an important legal update, digital signage can help law firms communicate effectively and professionally with their audience.

Visitor Management

Digital signage can be used in a pivotal role within law firms for effective visitor management. Upon arrival, visitors can be greeted by a digital signboard that displays essential information, such as the day’s events, current wait times, and the protocol for check-in. This not only imparts a professional first impression but also provides visitors with guidance and clarity from the moment they enter the premises. Digital signage can be used to display meeting schedules and room details, allowing visitors to navigate to their destination without confusion. This can be centrally managed and updated instantly, making last-minute changes seamless and stress-free. By enhancing the visitor experience through sophisticated digital signage, law firms can further elevate their brand image and professionalism.


Personalised Client Welcome Messages

Digital signage can be leveraged to deliver personalised welcome messages to clients at law firms and chambers. This high-touch detail can immediately make clients feel valued and recognised. These messages can be set up to display when a client checks in for a meeting, providing a warm, personalised greeting that adds to the client’s positive experience. Client-centric elements like these not only captivate the client’s attention but also elevate their engagement with the firm. This personalised approach sets the tone for a client-focused meeting, reinforcing the client’s decision to choose your firm for their legal needs. In addition, these personalised messages can be coupled with relevant, contextual information that the client may find useful, such as the meeting agenda or the profile of the attorney they will be meeting.

Interactive Meeting Room Solutions

Digital signage can be utilised to transform traditional meeting spaces into interactive hubs of collaboration within law firms. Equipped with touch-screen technology, digital signage allows for real-time sharing, editing, and discussion of documents, data, and presentations. This interactive capability enhances the effectiveness of meetings, encourages active participation, and fosters a collaborative work environment. Digital signage can also provide a platform for video conferencing with remote attendees, further broadening the scope of collaboration and communication. Meeting schedules, room availability, and reservation details can be displayed on digital signs, ensuring optimal usage of meeting rooms and preventing scheduling conflicts. By integrating digital signage into meeting rooms, law firms can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and foster a dynamic and modern workplace.

Law Change Information

Digital signage screens can serve as an effective medium to communicate information about legal updates and changes in law to staff, visitors, and clients. They can be used to display up-to-date information about amendments, new regulations, and landmark judgments right in the lobby or waiting rooms. This ensures that everyone in the law firm stays informed about the latest legal developments, which can be crucial in a fast-paced and ever-evolving sector like law. This can stimulate intellectual discussions among staff, helping them stay abreast of changes in their field. For clients, seeing the latest legal updates can give them confidence in the firm’s expertise and its commitment to staying current. Digital signage for law change information also provides an opportunity to explain complex legal changes in easy-to-understand language and formats, making the law more accessible to clients and the general public.

Legal Services Offered

Digital signage can play a crucial role in showcasing the range of legal services offered by a law firm or chambers. By displaying a clear and aesthetically pleasing list of services, potential clients can quickly understand what a law firm specialises in. This list can be categorized based on various areas of law such as family law, corporate law, intellectual property law, and more. Descriptions of each service can also be included to provide further insight into how the law firm can help with specific legal issues. The digital signage can be updated in real-time as new services are added, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is always available. The interactive nature of digital signage also allows potential clients to interact with the list, offering them a more engaging and informative experience.


Types of Legal & Law Firm Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Directory Signs

Digital Directory Signs serve as a crucial tool within law firms, allowing for easy navigation around the premises. They can be programmed to display a comprehensive directory of the different departments, meeting rooms, and barrister’s offices within the firm. The interactive feature of digital directory signs allows individuals to search for specific rooms or personnel, ensuring they get the information they need without unnecessary wandering or asking for directions. These signs can serve as a platform for displaying timely information, such as room occupation status or the slide-in of last-minute meetings, ensuring optimal utilisation of office space. As they can be updated in real-time, these signs always offer the most current and accurate information, contributing to an efficient and professional environment.

Lobby Digital Display Screens

Lobby digital display screens serve as the first point of interaction for visitors entering a law firm or chambers. These screens can be used to display various types of content, from corporate videos showcasing the firm’s achievements to news tickers providing up-to-date legal news. Given their strategic location, lobby screens can also be utilised to present a live feed of personalised welcome messages for visiting clients, enhancing their engagement right from the moment they step into the firm. The dynamic and easily updated nature of these screens makes them an ideal platform for promoting new services, upcoming events, or important announcements. They provide a modern, professional first impression, setting the tone for subsequent client interactions and reinforcing the firm’s commitment to leveraging technology for seamless communication.

Room Identifiers

Room Identifiers are another essential aspect of effective digital signage display solutions in a legal firm. These interactive digital signage solutions positioned outside each room can provide vital information about the room’s current and upcoming usage. They can display the schedule of meetings taking place, along with the names of attendees, the duration of the meeting, and the subject matter, if required. These identifiers also contribute to the efficient management of room reservations while minimising conflicts. They can be updated in real time via a central system, ensuring that any last-minute changes are immediately reflected. Room identifiers embody a blend of utility and professionalism, streamlining operations and enhancing the firm’s overall image. Their interactive nature allows staff and visitors to interact with the information, promoting a high level of engagement and satisfaction.

Court Docket Display Systems

Court Docket Display Systems are a pivotal digital signage tool in law firms and courthouses. They provide real-time updates on court schedules, case status, courtroom assignments, and more. As technology continues to evolve, these systems can also offer advanced features such as search functions for specific cases or parties involved. Court Docket Display Systems aid in efficiently managing court proceedings and ensuring seamless connectivity between the courthouse and the litigants. The information displayed can be updated in real time, ensuring that any changes to the docket are immediately visible, reducing the risk of miscommunication or scheduling conflicts. The use of such systems amplifies the courthouse’s ability to dispense information effectively and transparently, promoting a greater sense of trust and reliability among all parties involved.


Why Choose D&A Media for Digital Signage Systems in Law Firms and Chambers?

DA Media - Audio Visual Solutions

Choosing D&A Media for digital signage systems in law firms and chambers sets your firm apart by tapping into our deep-seated expertise, honed over 30 years of working closely with clients in the legal industry.

Our rich history and extensive exposure to the varying needs of law firms and chambers allow us to deliver tailored solutions that amplify your firm’s professional image while also facilitating smooth and efficient operations.

As we are well-versed in the specific needs and challenges of the legal industry, our solutions are designed to ensure compliance, maintain confidentiality, and promote effective communication. Trust D&A Media to navigate the intricate world of legal digital signage – because when it comes to blending law and technology, our decades-long experience makes us the partner of choice.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help elevate your firm’s digital presence and streamline your operations.


How much does a digital signage display cost for a law firm?

The cost of a digital signage display for a law firm can vary widely, depending largely on the specific needs and scope of the firm. Factors such as the type of signage (e.g., digital directory signs, lobby displays, room identifiers, or court docket display systems), the number of units required, the complexity of the software, and any customisation or specific features needed, all contribute to the overall expense. On average, a basic digital signage system can start from approximately £200 to £500 per display, excluding software and installation costs. However, for more sophisticated, feature-rich systems, the cost can reach into the thousands. It’s advisable to get a custom quote that considers all aspects of your firm’s requirements to ensure an accurate estimate.

What are the standards for digital signage in law firms?

The standards for digital signage in law firms primarily revolve around ensuring accessibility and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA provides guidelines for visual and non-visual accessibility which digital signs should adhere to.

  1. Visual Accessibility: Digital signs should feature readable fonts and size, and must maintain a high contrast between the text and the background to help those with visual impairments. The use of images and icons should be relevant and clear.
  2. Non-Visual Accessibility: For individuals with severe visual impairments, digital signage should provide non-visual access through audible messaging or assisted listening devices.
  3. Positioning: The position of digital signs also plays a pivotal role in ensuring accessibility. ADA guidelines recommend placing the display at a suitable height and location where they can be easily seen by all, including individuals in wheelchairs.
  4. Interactive Elements: If the digital signage includes interactive features, they should be designed to be accessible to everyone, possibly through voice recognition, touchscreen technology, or a braille interface.

These are general ADA compliance basics and it is recommended to consult the ADA Standards for Accessible Design for a comprehensive understanding and adherence to the guidelines.

Can video walls be used in legal institutions?

Yes, video walls can indeed enhance the operational efficiency and professional appearance of legal institutions. Often seen in large law firms, courtrooms, or legal educational institutions, these high-definition display systems can be used to present complex legal information, such as case timelines, evidence exhibits, or educational content in a visually engaging format. Additionally, they can be used in lobbies or waiting areas to provide real-time news updates, firm achievements, or welcoming messages to visitors. The modular nature of video walls allows for flexible configurations and sizes, making them an adaptable solution for various spaces and needs. Integration with modern AV technology can also enable video conferencing capabilities, facilitating collaborations and discussions on a larger scale. While the cost of video walls can be higher than traditional digital signage, the enhanced capabilities and impact can justify the investment.


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