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Guests come to your facilities with high expectations. Using a combination of innovative digital signage screens/video walls, will ensure every aspect of your venue enhances your guests experience.

We know a lot of time has gone into choosing the perfect location, design, and comfortability of your venue, to ensure your guests have the greatest experience.

With many years of experience within your sector, we will support you every step of the way, from planning, survey, installation and ongoing support, enabling you to seamlessly share critical information across multiple locations.

Improve every aspect of your overall visitor experience with purpose-built digital signage platforms. Enabling you to advertise key events, share key messages or provide wayfinding — we have the solutions your customers expect.

  • Display key events at your venue
  • Display menu boards to sell food/promotional items
  • Communicate with employees
  • Provide visitors with wayfinding capabilities
  • Celebrations/customer experience
  • Eye-catching LED video walls

Video content and personalised messaging for entertainment locations are increasing, and by enabling you to use the right Digital Signage platform, we will ensure you can adapt at the press of a button, across all of your locations.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospitality

Facilitated Wayfinding

Digital signage provides an intuitive and easily navigable solution to wayfinding challenges in large hospitality venues. By providing real-time updates and clear, easy-to-follow directions, digital signage can guide guests to their desired destinations swiftly and efficiently. This eliminates confusion and enhances the overall guest experience.

Whether it is finding their way to a specific restaurant, navigating through a large resort, or locating a conference room in a business hotel, guests can rely on digital signage for quick and accurate directions. In events of emergency evacuations or sudden changes in venue layouts, digital signage can also be updated instantly to guide guests to safety, demonstrating its vital role in ensuring guest comfort and security.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Digital signage significantly enhances the guest experience by providing a dynamic platform for communication and entertainment. Interactive screens can display a vast array of content, from promotional videos and live feeds to local weather updates and news bulletins, keeping guests informed and engaged.

Digital signage can showcase a hotel’s amenities and services, offering guests a visual tour and promoting upsells. For example, screens can highlight the availability of spa services, special dining experiences, or exclusive local tours, creating a more enticing and immersive guest experience. By personalising the content based on time, occasion, or even guest preferences, hotels can ensure that each guest feels valued and catered to. With digital signage, the possibilities for enhancing the guest experience are virtually limitless.


Cost-Effective Communication

Digital signage offers a cost-effective solution for communication within the hospitality industry. Traditional methods of communication, like print media, require constant updates and replacements, leading to recurring costs. Whereas, digital signage platforms provide real-time updates and can easily be modified to give guests the most current information, thus eliminating the need for physical replacements.

This significant reduction in print and distribution costs makes digital signage a more sustainable and economical choice. The ability to give guests a first impression of promotional offerings or events instantly can boost on-site spending, creating a positive return on investment. Digital signage not only enhances the guest experience but also proves to be a financially advantageous communication tool.

Dynamic Content Updates

Digital signage systems inherently support dynamic content updates, which means information can be altered rapidly and displayed in real time. This is particularly useful in the fast-paced hospitality industry where schedules can change, services may be updated, or new offerings might be introduced unexpectedly.

With digital signage, these changes can be reflected almost instantly across all displays in the venue. For instance, if there’s a sudden change in a conference schedule or an impromptu happy hour at the bar, the digital signs can be updated immediately to inform guests. The ability to disseminate information quickly ensures guests have the most current details at their fingertips, enhancing their experience and satisfaction. Dynamic content updates also allow for real-time marketing and promotions, which can significantly boost on-site spending and engagement.

Real-time Information Display

Digital signage provides the unique advantage of displaying real-time information to guests, enhancing their experience and ensuring they are always informed. For instance, in a hotel scenario, screens in your lobby can be used to display real-time check-in information, reducing confusion and streamlining the process. Real-time weather updates, traffic conditions, and local event information can also be displayed, aiding guests in planning their day.

Real-time announcements, emergency alerts, or special offers can be broadcast promptly, ensuring important information reaches guests immediately. Real-time display features of digital signage serve as a powerful content management tool, offering guests the convenience of pertinent information at their fingertips.

Eco-Friendly Advantages

Digital signage provides noteworthy eco-friendly advantages that contribute to sustainable operations within the hospitality industry. Unlike traditional signage, which relies heavily on paper and other consumable materials, digital signage eliminates the need for tangible resources, significantly reducing waste. The ability to update content dynamically also reduces the environmental impact linked with the constant printing, distribution, and disposal of outdated materials.

Modern digital signage platforms are designed to be energy-efficient, using LED technology, and often incorporate features such as scheduling to turn off screens during low-traffic times to save energy. By integrating digital signage, businesses can contribute towards environmental sustainability while reaping the benefits of versatile and effective communication.

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Types of Hospitality Digital Signage


Interactive menus

Interactive menus represent a transformative approach to hospitality digital signage. They not only provide guests with an exhaustive list of food and drink offerings but also captivate them with vivid visuals and detailed descriptions of each item.

Guests can browse through the menu at their own pace, making the dining experience more personalised and enjoyable. The touch-screen feature allows the guests to view ingredients, dietary information, and even pairings, offering an immersive and informative experience.

Interactive menus can be updated in real-time to cater to the changing preferences of guests and to highlight daily specials or promotions, further enhancing the attractiveness of the offerings.

Retail promotions

Retail promotions in the hospitality sector can significantly benefit from digital signage. These signs can be strategically placed in hotel lobbies, corridors, or outside hotel shops to showcase the latest deals, discounts, or new arrivals, effectively enticing guests to make a purchase.

Live information feeds can be integrated to ensure that the promotions are always current, directly contributing to an enhanced customer shopping experience. The digital signs can also be used to inform guests about exclusive hotel loyalty program deals, further increasing engagement and on-site spending. With the capability for real-time updates, digital signage offers a dynamic platform to boost retail promotions, providing guests with the latest shopping information at their fingertips.

Hotel information screens

Hotel information screens serve as a digital concierge, providing guests with essential details about the hotel and its on-site amenities. Positioning these screens in high-traffic areas such as the lobby or elevator banks can provide guests with easy access to a wealth of information, from dining options and spa services to conference room locations and gym hours.

In addition, these screens can display real-time updates on local events, weather forecasts, and transportation options. The ability to swiftly update and manage the displayed information makes these screens a reliable and cost-effective tool for enhancing guest experience.

Featuring promotional content or special offers on these screens can stimulate on-site spending, contributing to the hotel’s revenue. Hotel information screens are a crucial component of a comprehensive digital signage strategy, enabling hotels to assist guests effectively and promote their offerings in a dynamic, engaging manner.

Video wall

Video walls take the concept of digital signage to a new level, creating a visually captivating experience for guests. These large-scale displays, comprised of multiple screens tiled together, can be used to showcase stunning graphics, high-definition videos, or real-time feeds, thereby attracting and engaging the audience.

Given their significant size and high resolution, video walls are particularly effective for promotional purposes, enhancing brand visibility and advertising impact. They can be utilised in hotel lobbies, conference centres, or entertainment venues to display a variety of content, from promotional videos and live broadcasts to interactive applications and social media feeds.

By grabbing guests’ attention, video walls can contribute to increased guest engagement and satisfaction, offering a unique and immersive digital experience. The content on these walls can be updated in real-time, ensuring that the information displayed is always accurate and relevant, enhancing the perceived value and attractiveness of your offerings.


News and weather updates in lobbies

News and weather updates in lobbies offer an invaluable service to guests, keeping them routinely informed about the outside world and aiding their travel planning. These real-time updates can be presented on strategically placed digital signage, ensuring guests can easily access this information as they move about the hotel.

This feature not only demonstrates the hotel’s attention to detail but also enhances the guest’s experience, providing them with a convenient, one-stop source for important information. Displaying news or weather updates can occupy waiting guests, reduce perceived wait times, and increase overall satisfaction. Through the use of dynamic digital signage, hotels can provide a seamless blend of hospitality and up-to-date information, thereby increasing the overall attraction and value to guests.

Restaurant promotions

Restaurant promotions are a key aspect of hospitality digital signage, offering an exciting way to entice guests and elevate their dining experience. Digital menu boards, in particular, offer an innovative platform to showcase daily specials, seasonal dishes, or discounted meals. High-definition imagery and dynamic content can be utilised to provide a captivating preview of the dish, making it almost impossible for guests to resist.

Digital menu boards allow for real-time updates, enabling restaurants to swiftly adjust offerings in response to inventory changes or customer feedback. These boards can also be used to highlight other promotions such as happy hour deals, event specials or loyalty program benefits, thereby increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.

Digital menu boards serve as a powerful tool for restaurant promotions, enhancing the visibility of offerings and contributing to a memorable dining experience for guests.

Why D&A Media is the Best Choice for Your Hospitality Digital Signage Solutions

With 30 years of experience in the AV industry, D&A Media has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality and innovative digital signage solutions for the hospitality sector. Our team of experts works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and develop tailored solutions that maximise impact and value.

We offer a wide range of digital signage options, including video walls, interactive displays, menu boards, and more, to cater to the specific requirements of each hotel. Our solutions are designed with ease of use and scalability in mind, ensuring that hotels can effortlessly manage and update their digital signage content as needed.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service means that we provide ongoing support and maintenance for all our installations. This includes 24/7 technical assistance, regular software updates, and remote monitoring to ensure that your digital signage is always running smoothly and optimally.

By choosing D&A Media, hotels can enhance guest experience, increase revenue, and showcase their brand dynamically and engagingly. Contact us today to learn more about our hospitality digital signage solutions and how we can help take your hotel to the next level.



Is there an option to integrate social media feeds into the hospitality digital signage displays?

Yes, integrating social media feeds into your hospitality digital signage displays is possible and recommended. It not only provides a live, interactive platform for guest engagement but also allows for displaying user-generated content, which can work as a powerful marketing tool. Monitor and select the posts to ensure they are appropriate for the audience, and they can serve as authentic reviews or endorsements for your establishment.

How cost-effective are hospitality digital signage solutions in comparison to traditional signage?

Hospitality digital signage solutions are highly cost-effective compared to traditional signage. While the initial investment may be higher, digital signage offers long-term cost savings. Unlike traditional signage, which requires physical materials and labour for updates or replacements, digital signage can be updated quickly and easily at no additional cost.

It also allows for dynamic content changes, which can be crucial during promotional campaigns or menu adjustments. Furthermore, digital signage enhances guest engagement and satisfaction which, in turn, can lead to increased revenue. The return on investment for digital signage in the hospitality industry is significantly higher than that of traditional signage.

Can I control multiple screens or locations on hospitality digital signage from a centralised dashboard?

Absolutely, with our cloud-based digital signage software solutions, you can easily manage and control multiple screens or locations from a centralised dashboard. Our content management systems are designed for ease of use, allowing you to display real-time information across different screens and locations with just a few clicks. This feature is particularly valuable for larger establishments that have multiple digital signage displays spread out across various areas. Whether you wish to display uniform content across all screens or customise each one, you can do it all quickly and efficiently from one central point.


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