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Working closely with the marketing teams within your organisation, we know that the impression you make when your client first walks through the door is important. 

Deploying digital signage throughout your office(s) will enhance internal communication across hallways, waiting areas, reception and working areas. 

With many years of experience enabling corporate businesses to improve internal communication, we will support you every step of the way, from planning, survey, installation and ongoing support, enabling you to share critical information across your locations seamlessly.

Whether you work from multiple offices and wish to have continuity and content control across all locations, or one screen within your office, you can utilise your space to:

  • Display important messages/safety/weather/travel changes
  • Share key information with visitors
  • Display personalised welcome messages
  • Advertise and promote other services
  • Celebrate achievements and share news
  • Provide directions/wayfinding 

Video Content and personalised marketing for corporate businesses is increasing, and using the right Digital Signage platform will ensure you can adapt at the press of a button, from any location.

How Can Digital Signage Improve Internal Communications?

Digital signage software for internal communications serves as an effective and dynamic tool for companies looking to foster transparency, share real-time updates, and build a connected workplace. By incorporating digital signage into your communication strategy, you can instantly broadcast essential messages across different departments, ensuring that every employee stays informed and engaged.

The digital signage platform’s adaptability enables you to customise content based on specific audiences, facilitating targeted communication. This could range from acknowledging individual achievements, announcing team milestones, and sharing company-wide news, to broadcasting emergency alerts.

The scheduling feature within a digital signage content management system (CMS) allows for the automatic display of timely information such as upcoming meetings, events, or deadlines. With digital signage, companies can also reduce their reliance on emails that often go unread, instead providing visual, impactful, and memorable communications that effectively capture employee attention. 

Digital signage serves as a powerful tool to enhance internal communications, fostering a more informed and engaged workforce.

Benefits of Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Hospitals

Improves Communication

Digital signage significantly improves communication within a corporate environment. Its dynamic, visually engaging format not only captures attention but also helps convey complex information in an easily digestible manner. By displaying vital corporate messages and real-time updates on digital screens, companies can ensure that every employee, regardless of their department or level, is well-informed. For instance, important corporate messages can be boosted, making sure they are not lost in the noise of daily communication. The use of digital signage for sharing engaging content also contributes towards a positive work culture, as it can display employee recognition, team achievements, or even motivational quotes. Digital signage acts as a centralised, highly visible communication platform, promoting transparency, clarity, and inclusivity in corporate communication.

Boosts Productivity

Digital signage can also serve as a substantial booster of productivity in a corporate setting. By displaying real-time updates, upcoming deadlines, and crucial project timelines, employees are kept in the loop, allowing them to better manage their schedules and prioritise their tasks. Digital signage can be used to display educational or instructional content relevant to different departments, fostering continuous learning and skill development among the workforce. This not only helps individuals perform their roles more effectively but also contributes to the overall performance of the organisation. By facilitating smoother workflows and encouraging proactive learning, digital signage indeed plays an integral role in enhancing workforce productivity.

Enhances Morale

Digital signage can play a significant role in enhancing employee morale within a corporate setting. By utilising this platform to publicly recognise individual achievements, celebrate team successes, or highlight company-wide milestones, organisations can foster a sense of accomplishment among their workforce. This kind of public recognition not only boosts the morale of the recognised individuals but also motivates other employees, fostering a positive and competitive environment. Displaying engaging content such as employee stories, fun facts, or motivational quotes can also add a light-hearted touch to the corporate environment, making it more lively and enjoyable. Such initiatives contribute to creating a more inclusive, appreciative, and positive workplace, thereby boosting employee satisfaction and morale.

Increases Motivation

Digital signage can effectively increase motivation among employees in a corporate setting. By incorporating visually compelling content that showcases company goals, team targets, or even individual objectives, digital signage can act as a constant reminder of what is to be achieved, driving employees to strive harder. The ability to share real-time progress towards these goals can further instil a sense of urgency and competition, fostering a results-oriented environment. Using digital signs to spotlight employee achievements and success stories can inspire others and enhance their motivation.


Engages Staff More Effectively

Digital signage plays a key role in engaging staff more effectively within a corporate environment. Through the use of visually appealing and interactive content, it captivates employees’ attention, ensuring that important messages and updates are noticed and retained. The ability to centrally manage all communications via digital signage also allows for the instant dissemination of information, ensuring that all employees, irrespective of their location, stay informed. This can range from company-wide announcements to personalised messages tailored for specific teams or individuals. Digital signage allows for the sharing of educational or training content, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. By engaging employees in such a dynamic and immersive manner, digital signage contributes to building a more connected, informed, and productive workforce.

Builds Company Culture

Digital signage plays a considerable role in building and reinforcing a company’s culture. It serves as a visual representation of the company’s core values, mission, and vision, regularly reminding employees of the identity and ethos of the organisation. Digital displays can be used for sharing company success stories, celebrating diversity, promoting corporate social responsibility initiatives, and showcasing how employees live the company’s values in their day-to-day work. This continuous reinforcement of the company’s culture promotes a sense of belonging and unity among employees, making them feel a part of something bigger, and aligning them better with the organisation’s objectives. It also serves to foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the workplace, where employees feel valued and motivated, thereby contributing to increased employee retention and satisfaction. Digital signage is not just a tool for communication, but a key asset for any organisation in cultivating and maintaining a strong, cohesive, and vibrant company culture.

Types of Digital Signage Corporate Solutions

Video Walls

Video Walls are an impactful type of digital signage solution that is perfect for creating a strong visual impact in large corporate spaces such as lobbies or conference rooms. Often composed of multiple screens arranged to form a single large display, video walls can be utilised to display high-resolution images, videos, live feeds, or a combination of these. When strategically placed in high-traffic areas, they attract attention and effectively communicate information to employees, clients, and visitors. Whether it’s company-wide announcements, live streaming corporate events, showcasing achievements, or simply setting a mood with dynamic visuals, video walls serve as a powerful tool for enhancing engagement and interaction within the corporate environment.

Room Booking Systems

Room Booking Systems are a modern, efficient solution for managing spaces within a corporate environment. By implementing an interactive room booking system, companies can significantly improve the meeting room booking process. The system often showcases real-time availability and can be easily navigated through touchscreen displays. These displays simplify the process of checking room availability and booking, eliminating confusion and double-booking scenarios. An interactive room booking system not only streamlines the process of room reservation but also contributes to a more organised, efficient, and productive work environment.

LCD Digital Display Boards

LCD Digital Display Boards are an integral component of digital signage solutions, offering exceptional versatility and convenience. These high-definition displays can exhibit a variety of content, from text and images to videos and live feeds, rendering them an ideal tool for communication in a business setting. With the ability to seamlessly update and manage content, businesses can leverage these displays to welcome visitors, relay important announcements, or demonstrate key performance indicators in real time. The integration of media players can enhance the functionality of these boards, facilitating the delivery of dynamic, engaging content. Whether placed in a reception area, a break room, or a busy hallway, LCD Digital Display Boards serve as an effective platform for fostering communication, enhancing engagement, and promoting a unified corporate culture.


Meeting Room Digital Signage Screen Solutions

Meeting Room Digital Signage Screen Solutions are designed to enhance corporate communication and meeting efficiency. These solutions incorporate high-definition screens installed in meeting rooms, showcasing crucial details such as meeting schedules, room availability, and current occupant information. They streamline the process of coordinating meetings and make it easy to manage screen content, helping to avoid scheduling conflicts and optimising room utilisation. The screen displays can also be used to present real-time updates such as changes in meeting schedules, ensuring everyone stays informed. More than just a tool for scheduling, these digital screens can be utilised to display company announcements, achievements, or performance metrics, keeping team members engaged and aligned with organisational objectives. With their easy to manage features and dynamic display capabilities, Meeting Room Digital Signage Screen Solutions contribute significantly to creating a more efficient, connected, and productive corporate environment.

Business Dashboards

Business Dashboards are a powerful digital signage solution that visualises critical data and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, providing a comprehensive view of business performance in a glanceable format. These dashboards provide a quick and easy way to understand complex business data, enabling employees at all levels to make data-driven decisions. They can display a range of metrics – from sales performance, customer satisfaction ratings, to project progress, allowing for timely identification of trends, challenges, and opportunities. Business Dashboards are often customisable and interactive, which means users can filter, drill down, or modify the view to focus on the details that matter the most. By displaying this information on digital screens in common areas or meeting rooms, businesses can promote transparency, encourage dialogue, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Business Dashboards are an invaluable tool for enhancing communication, driving performance, and aligning teams towards company objectives.

Ways to Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Share Important Company Information

Digital signage provides a dynamic platform for sharing significant company information swiftly and effectively. It can be used to display company news, announcements, and updates in real time, allowing employees to stay updated about the company’s happenings and initiatives. It could be used to announce the launch of a new product or service, share updates about organisational changes, or disseminate important company policies. Digital signage can be an excellent tool to recognise and celebrate employee achievements, fostering a positive and rewarding work environment. By providing a quick and seamless means of changing information, digital signage ensures that employees are always well-informed, thereby fostering better communication and alignment in real time.

Personalised Client Welcome Messages

Personalised Client Welcome Messages offer a unique opportunity to create a positive first impression, communicating your attention to detail and client-centric approach. Utilising digital signage for displaying personalised welcome messages not only adds a warm, personal touch but also positions your brand as thoughtful and engaging. These messages can be easily and quickly updated to welcome each new visitor or client. They can incorporate elements such as the client’s logo or a welcome message in their native language, further enhancing the personalisation aspect. The use of digital signage for personalised client welcome messages manifests an organisation’s commitment to creating a client-focused experience, fostering stronger relationships from the very first interaction.


Company Announcements

Digital signage can be an effective medium for disseminating company announcements quickly and easily. With the ability to broadcast information in various parts of the office simultaneously, it facilitates real-time distribution of company news, changes in policies, updates on corporate events, or even messages from the leadership team. This immediate and direct method of communication ensures that all employees, irrespective of their location within the premises, stay informed and aligned with the company’s goals and values. Digital signage can be effectively used for announcing company-wide initiatives or campaigns, creating a buzz and encouraging active participation. In essence, using digital signage for company announcements is a unique way to communicate, fostering a transparent and engaged workplace culture.

Employee Achievements

Digital signage serves as an excellent platform for recognising and celebrating employee achievements, contributing to a positive and motivating work environment. By showcasing individual or team successes, it fosters a culture of recognition, encouraging staff to strive for excellence and acknowledge their colleagues’ accomplishments. From highlighting Employee of the Month, celebrating work anniversaries, and acknowledging outstanding performance on a project, to displaying team achievements, digital signage offers a dynamic and visible means of recognition. This public recognition serves as a powerful motivator, boosting staff morale, and promoting healthy competition. It makes employees feel valued and appreciated, whilst enhancing their job satisfaction and productivity. When visitors see these recognitions, it portrays a thriving, positive workplace culture, reinforcing the company’s brand image. Utilising digital signage for celebrating employee achievements plays a crucial role in fostering a positive workplace culture, promoting staff satisfaction, and enhancing overall business success.

Showcase Social Media Content

Digital signage provides a unique way to display your company’s social media content, fostering a deeper connection with your team. By showcasing posts from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, you can provide a glimpse into your company’s online presence and interactions. This can stimulate discussions, generate ideas, and even drive employees to further your brand’s reach on social media. Featuring positive customer feedback or testimonials can also instil a sense of pride and motivate your team to maintain high service standards. Digital signage displays integrated with information from your social media can offer you unique ways to involve the employees in corporate social responsibility initiatives or social events. By displaying social media content on the network of digital signage around your office not only promotes transparency and engagement but also strengthens the sense of community within your workspace.

Emergency Alerts

In the interest of health and safety, digital signage can be an extremely effective tool for broadcasting emergency alerts and critical information. The immediacy of digital signage allows for real-time updates, ensuring all staff and visitors within the vicinity are promptly informed of any safety concerns or emergencies. This could range from weather alerts and fire alarms to critical operational disruptions or security threats. Digital signage can be used in tandem with evacuation procedures, displaying clear and precise instructions on what to do and where to go in the event of a crisis. It can also be used to disseminate health and safety guidelines, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its staff’s well-being. Digital signage for emergency alerts is an essential component of a company’s safety communication strategy, ensuring everyone is swiftly notified and guided during emergencies.


Calendars & Schedules

Digital signage can serve as an efficient tool for displaying calendars and schedules, ensuring the workforce stays informed and operations run smoothly. It can be used to share a company-wide calendar, showing important dates such as holidays, staff meetings, training sessions, and social events. This helps to keep everyone on the same page, reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts and missed deadlines. Digital signage can be used to display real-time schedules for conference rooms or shared spaces, avoiding double bookings and ensuring efficient use of resources. It can also help in clearly communicating shift changes, lunch breaks, or critical project timelines. All these details can be pre-configured and updated in real time to keep staff nearby informed about schedules or changes. Using digital signage for calendars and schedules can streamline day-to-day operations, foster effective communication, and enhance overall productivity.

Safety & Training

Employing digital signage as a tool for safety and training can revolutionise the way companies educate and update their staff. It offers a dynamic platform to display safety procedures, training videos, instructions for operating equipment, or even tips for maintaining a healthy workspace. A series of safety messages, reminders for mandatory training sessions, or updates on new safety regulations can be circulated effectively. This visual communication method can be more engaging and memorable than traditional methods, increasing the likelihood of information retention. Digital signage can be used to provide real-time training for employees, reducing the time spent away from their workstations and increasing efficiency. This can be particularly beneficial in industries where safety and ongoing training are paramount. Employing digital signage for safety and training can significantly enhance a company’s ability to maintain a safe, well-trained, and productive workforce.

Why Choose D&A Media for Your Digital Signage Systems in Corporate Environments?

Choosing D&A Media for your corporate digital signage systems provides you with unmatched quality and service. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with a deep understanding of workplace communication requirements, makes us an ideal partner for your digital display needs.

We are committed to delivering solutions that are tailored to your unique business objectives, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and processes. Our team of experts offers full-service support, from system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and updates. We provide extensive training for your staff, enabling them to fully utilise the system’s capabilities.

Our digital signage systems are scalable, allowing for future expansion as your business grows. With a 30-year track record of excellence and a client-centric approach, D&A Media is your top choice for an efficient and effective corporate digital signage system.

Da Media - Digital Signage


What is digital signage for employees?

Digital signage for employees refers to the use of electronic displays in a corporate or workplace setting to communicate important information, updates, and messages to staff. This could include a variety of content such as company news, performance metrics, safety protocols, training videos, and social media feeds. The purpose is to engage employees, improve internal communication, enhance productivity, and foster a sense of community within the workplace. It is a modern, visually appealing, and effective tool that keeps employees informed and connected in real-time.

What type of software is best for meeting room digital signage?

The best type of software for meeting room digital signage is one that is versatile, user-friendly, and capable of integrating with existing systems and tools. For instance, room booking systems that can sync with digital signage software are ideal because they provide real-time updates on room availability, ensuring efficient use of space and preventing double bookings. Cloud-based software platforms are preferable as they allow for remote management and instant updates, enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of your digital signage system. The choice of software will ultimately depend on the specific needs and objectives of your business, but these are essential qualities to consider.

How do corporate digital signage systems work?

Corporate digital signage systems work by using a network of digital displays that are controlled by a central content management system. This system allows for the creation, scheduling, and distribution of content to specific displays at designated times. The content displayed can range from text and images to videos, live feeds, web pages, and interactive interfaces. The content management system can usually be accessed remotely, allowing for real-time updates and adjustments. The system’s hardware typically consists of digital screens, media players that store and play the content, and a server that hosts the content management system. The software aspect includes the content management system itself and any other software used to create or manage the content. These systems are often integrated with other corporate systems, such as room booking systems or emergency alert systems, to provide comprehensive, real-time communication solutions.


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