Corporate Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting Rooms Solutions for Corporate

Advanced conferencing systems and intuitive scheduling tools facilitate seamless interactions. Investing in versatile meeting room solutions fosters efficiency and enhances the organisation’s professional image.

Importance of Effective Meeting Rooms in Corporate Settings

Efficient Meetings Made Easy

Meeting rooms offer a quiet, private setting where ideas flow freely without interruptions. This speeds up decision-making and ensures well-informed outcomes.

Boosting Workflows and Collaboration

Providing a space for teamwork encourages creativity and effective communication, breaking down barriers between departments.

Impress from the Start

A well-designed meeting room leaves a lasting impression on clients. Studies reveal that people judge within seconds, emphasising the need for a professional setting.  

Meeting Rooms for Corporate
DA Media Meeting Rooms for Corporate Industry

Privacy in the Digital Age​

With data security concerns rising, private meeting spaces are vital for confidential discussions. Recent stats show a high rate of cyber attacks, underlining the importance of secure environments. Private rooms safeguard sensitive information, building trust within the organisation.

Harnessing Technology for Better Communication

Modern meeting spaces offer advanced tools for seamless collaboration. From video conferencing to document sharing, technology bridges gaps and boosts engagement. This integration revolutionises how teams work together, regardless of location.

Professional Atmosphere

Well-equipped meeting rooms enhance the success of business interactions. Research shows that physical surroundings impact behaviour. A professional environment fosters focus and engagement, setting the stage for productive meetings.

Our Cutting-Edge Meeting Room Technologies:

Crestron & Kramer Room Control

Our meeting room solutions use Crestron and Kramer systems. These systems allow you to easily control lighting and AV equipment and customise the setup for a perfect meeting experience. They also boost efficiency and smooth meetings.

Bose Professional Audio

Hear clearly with Bose professional audio in your meeting rooms. These systems ensure clear and precise sound, making communication easy and effective.

Room Booking Systems

Book meetings easily with our room booking systems. Get real-time updates on availability and reserve spaces quickly. Avoid scheduling conflicts and increase productivity.

DA Media Meeting Rooms for Corporate Events
DA Media Meeting Rooms for Corporate

Video Conferencing Equipment

Stay connected with our high-quality video conferencing equipment. High-definition cameras and smooth connections make virtual meetings effective, no matter where you are.

Commercial Displays

Enjoy vibrant colours and sharp resolutions with our commercial displays. They enhance presentations and make details clear, helping everyone engage better.

Interactive Displays

Make meetings interactive with our touch-sensitive displays. Participate in brainstorming, document markup, and real-time collaboration. Spark creativity and drive innovation.

Local Voice Amplification

Ensure everyone is heard with our voice amplification systems. They provide clear speech, so there’s no need to strain or repeat, and communication flows smoothly in every meeting.

Wireless Presentations

Present wirelessly with our solutions. Share screens and documents quickly, without tangled cables. Ensure seamless collaboration for all participants.

AV Systems for Modern Meeting Spaces

Advanced AV systems enhance communication and collaboration in corporate meetings. They integrate the latest audio visual tech for impactful and successful presentations.

Huddle, Focused, and Collaborative Meeting Environments

Modern setups include huddle spaces, focused rooms, and collaborative areas. These options provide flexibility for small talks, focused work, and brainstorming.

Enhanced Audio and Video Solutions for Conference Rooms

Top-notch audio and video conferencing solutions support seamless communication in conference rooms. Clear sound and high-definition video ensure effective meetings and presentations.

Training Rooms for Corporate Settings

Training rooms are essential for employee development. Equipped with interactive displays and meeting room AV systems, they facilitate engaging training sessions, workshops, and seminars.

Room Booking Systems for Corporate Environments

Efficient meeting space management is crucial. Room booking systems streamline reservations, reduce conflicts, and maximise space utilisation.

Versatile Device and Software Compatibility - Microsoft Teams Solutions

Microsoft Teams offers device and software compatibility for seamless collaboration. It enables effective file sharing, virtual meetings, and real-time communication from anywhere.

DA Media Meeting Rooms Services
DA Media Meeting Rooms Solutions

Why Choose D&A Media for Your Meeting Room Solution in Corporate Settings?

With 30 years of experience working with technology, we can adapt to our client’s individual needs, including room sizes, shape, and acoustics within the space to ensure that remote participants feel as though they are in the room with you.

Technology is continually changing, and we are always looking ahead; our in-house engineers have worked on complex projects for many years, and our job is to simplify for all users. We know the right questions to ask, giving you confidence in choosing the right solution that will grow with you.

With access to remote support and a dedicated support email, phone number or video, our technical team will get to know you and be on hand ready to assist you and your users.


How do you manage meeting rooms in an office?

Managing meeting rooms in an office involves implementing efficient room booking systems that allow employees to schedule and reserve meeting spaces easily. These systems typically include online calendars or booking software accessible to all employees, which display room availability in real-time and allow users to book rooms based on their requirements. Additionally, physical signage outside meeting rooms can indicate reservation status and meeting details, helping to prevent double bookings and confusion. Regular maintenance and upkeep of meeting rooms are also essential to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary amenities and technology for successful meetings.

What kind of microphone for the conference room?

Choosing the right microphone for a conference room depends on room size, acoustics, and the number of participants. For small to medium-sized rooms, boundary microphones or tabletop microphones placed strategically around the room can effectively capture audio from all participants without needing individual microphones. In larger conference rooms or rooms with challenging acoustics, ceiling-mounted or directional microphones may be more suitable to ensure clear and consistent audio quality. Wireless microphones offer flexibility and mobility for presenters and participants, allowing them to move around freely during meetings.

What AV equipment do I need for a hybrid meeting?

For hybrid meetings, where some participants are present in the meeting room while others join remotely, specific AV equipment is essential to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration. Key components include high-quality cameras and microphones to capture and transmit audio and video from the meeting room to remote participants. Large displays or projection screens enable remote participants to see and interact with content shared during the meeting. Video conferencing software and hardware, such as webcams and speakerphones, ensure that remote participants can actively participate in discussions and presentations. Reliable internet connectivity and AV control systems are critical to ensure smooth operation and connectivity between in-person and remote participants.