Are you and your Business 2020 ready?

Today is the final day of CES 2020 and we have seen some of the latest and greatest technology revealed during this week at CES 2020 with an amazing over 175K+ people attending, this is one of the largest technology events on the planet!  Showcasing their newest technology innovations and upcoming concept technologies that is set to improve our work, life and leisure in a way that we can barely imagine.

Some of the newest tech that has currently been announced include, Awesome New OLED Innovations from LG, including the 88″ Signature OLED 8K screen, Samsung’s augmented reality glasses, Lenovo’s first 5G PC and Sony’s Vision-S, their entry into the Automotive Industry, to name a few.

These new products that are released at @CES 2020 are very focused on the consumer, however we will soon see these futuristic products evolve and transform your work environment and your workforce. This technology will not only generate countless new jobs, experiences and environments, but it will also stretch and expand the knowledge and skills of employees within your organisation.   

Here are a few of the highlights from the show…

LG’s brand new Signature OLED 8K Screen is currently the most advanced and the most coveteted television on the market. This brand new screen is 88″ diagonal, composed of 33 million self-emmitting pixels, this TV will deliver the highest quality screen resolution to date and will make for the most immersive viewing experiences, all with an exceptionally thin OLED panel, that will certainly impress.

As 8K content progresses throughout this year, we can definitely see this product make it’s way into commercial spaces. This will deliver immerse potential to customers , providing engaging content for their audience and teams.  LG also revealed some more innovative OLED products, including a Roll-Down OLED and mini-LED’s!

LG 8K Screen

President of Sony – Kenichiro Yoshida delivered a keynote in which he unveiled a prototype electric car, the Vision S, which he says “embodies our contribution to the future of mobility”. This vehicle is the first prototype designed by Sony to show off the brand new and innovative in-car technologies. This vehicle has sensing technology that has the ability to detect occupants of the vehicle and also has 33 sensors included in the prototype that will be used to analyse the road ahead.

Sony included a interface that spans across the whole dashboard of the vehicle which completely changes and enhances the user experience for not only the driver but also the passenger.  Sony did not say when or if it will actually be released, but this certainly demonstrated their capabilities within the automotive industry!

Sony electric car

Samsung are really disrupting the marketing as they unveil new prototype spectacles that are set to launch as augmented reality (AR) glasses. This type of technology is really going to enhance the way in which we complete daily tasks. One way in which they demonstrated this is by the user completing a virtual workout. The user put these spectacles on which included a digital trainer to help guide them through the workout. 

It will be interesting to see what Apple will produce when they reveal their AR Glasses rumoured to be launched later this year.


The world of 5G and greater connectivity is continuing to advance and will see huge changes this year. Lenovo have just unveiled the World’s first Yoga 5G Laptop. This is an ultra-portable 2-in-1 device, with a screen that is able to be folded into a tablet device. This brand new product is the first Laptop that will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Box platform. This platform includes built-in support for 5G connections, allowing the user to connect to a service provider and then have access to a super-fast mobile internet.

This technology will improve your ability to work from anywhere and will ensure you stay connected to your team in all adhoc locations. 

Lenovo laptop

We are excited to see all of the innovative technology that has been released and we will be delighted to bring you all of the latest solutions from CES to you back in the UK.   It’s certainly going to be an exciting year!

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