BuzziSpace Acoustic Treatment

We are always looking for new and innovative audio visual solutions for our customers.

We work with some amazing, industry-leading manufacturers in the world of audio (SONOSSony and Bose to name a few), but there is always room to add great innovation to our designs.

That’s why we were excited to see some of the audio solutions BuzziSpace have to offer, and why we couldn’t wait to share these exciting products with our customers.

Curvy, stylish, audio solutions 

BuzziSpace combines great design and noise reduction thanks to the sound-absorbing eco-material they incorporate.

The acoustic furniture and solutions not only look great, but are also practical as a result of the curved edges preventing sound waves from bouncing back and forth.

With so many fantastic products to choose from, we struggled to decide on our favourites but here are a few of our top picks!

Huddle spaces, the new Buzzi word 

BuzziHive is an acoustic cocoon offering a private, three-person meeting space but without losing contact with your surroundings.

This can be a stand-alone huddle space or it can be linked to other BuzziHives to create a beehive effect. Simple, stylish and practical for any size business.

BuzziSpace Acoustic Treatment

A little piece of art, that packs a BIG punch 

BuzziSkin Cuts enable you to create a little piece of art on any wall or surface using different shapes, and striking colours, they are made from sound-absorbing material that is self-adhesive. Easy to install and pack a BIG punch of design in any space

BuzziSpace Acoustic Treatment
See the light, without hearing a sound
BuzziClipse offers the best of both worlds: a subtle back lit experience and amazing acoustic performance.
The front panel of BuzziClipse is designed to tackle acoustic issues in a room whilst offering a stylish square or rectangular design. Playing with different LED frames, combined with the front panels upholstered in different fabrics, results in a fantastic wall feature providing lighting and a high-performance sound dampening solution.
BuzziSpace Acoustic Treatment
BuzziMe, an ideal space to get away from it all
BuzziMe is a perfect chair for your office, lobby or home.
It offers the ideal space to get away from it all for your very own ‘quiet cocoon’ or you can put two BuzziMe lounge chairs together for a private meeting, minimising the possibility of conversations being overheard.
It combines functionality and contemporary design as well as the acoustic absorption reducing any local noise.
BuzziSpace Acoustic Treatment

Get in touch, get an acoustic audit 

Want to know more about how BuzziSpace audio solutions can work in your business? Get in touch and our expert team can talk through your requirements and arrange an acoustic audit!