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To share your message, increase engagement or generate revenue, choosing the optimal audio visual solution will enable you to deliver your message loud and clear.

Your audio visual solutions will ensure your space is well utilised, look flawless and engage your audience – creating the right impression.

Partnering with leading brands including Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, LG, Philips & many more, you can be assured of quality sound and vision.

Our AV offerings at a glance:

  • Commercial displays for communal areas
  • Auditorium/lecture theatres audio and lighting solutions
  • Restaurant and hospitality
  • Meeting rooms/huddle rooms & town hall spaces
  • Projectors & projection screens
  • LED, Oled and dual sided displays
  • Room sound-proofing/acoustic treatment
  • Interactive, touch and gesture control displays

With a variety of room solution packages, made bespoke to your needs, our installation engineers and service team will work collaboratively with you to ensure you complete your audio visual project within budget and on time.



Stay connected to your remote and office-based teams and clients.


Display your key messages, keep your team informed and safe.



Optimise your meeting spaces with a complete AV package. 

Professional Audio Visual (AV) Systems Installation & Integrator Company

Based on the results of a recently conducted survey of UK businesses, it was found that throughout the UK over 70% of them have some form of audio visual equipment installed within their offices. This includes sound and lighting systems, video conferencing technology, interactive whiteboards and digital signage.

This demonstrates the importance many businesses place on this technology to improve productivity and customer engagement. With audio visual technology becoming increasingly sophisticated and accessible, it is clear that more businesses are looking to make the most of these solutions in order to stay competitive and remain connected with their customers.

AV equipment installation and integrator companies provide comprehensive audio visual solutions to businesses, ranging from the initial set-up of audio visual equipment to maintenance and troubleshooting. They are experienced in designing audio visual systems that meet specific requirements and budgets.

For many businesses, audio visual technology is an essential tool for communication, collaboration and online engagement. Installing audio visual systems is a complex process and requires specialist knowledge to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and functions optimally. Professional audio-visual installation companies are well equipped to provide this top level of service, ensuring that businesses can make the most of their audio visual technology investments from the moment they are installed.


What are Audio Visual Solutions?

Audio visual solutions are the integration of technologies such as video, sound and lighting equipment to create a system that is used for various purposes. Audio visual systems can be used in a range of settings including corporate events, conferences, public hospitality venues, retail shops and educational institutions.

They can also be used to create an engaging customer experience in retail stores and restaurants. When installed in these areas, audio visual solutions help to create an atmosphere that is conducive to increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Audio visual solutions allow businesses to streamline their operations, improve collaboration and communication between staff members, engage with customers more effectively and drive sales.

An audio visual integrator company will ensure that the system they design and supply meets the specific needs of the business while also providing top quality integration services to ensure the system is running smoothly. The integration process will also include training staff on how to use the professional AV system and providing ongoing support in case any issues arise.

AV integrators will also provide regular maintenance, ensuring that the system is kept up-to-date and running at peak performance.

By investing in AV design and installation services from a professional AV integrator, businesses can be sure that their AV systems are meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. This ensures that audio visual solutions deliver on their promise of improved productivity and customer engagement.

Аudio visual equipment and products (E.g. sound systems, room booking, projectors, video conferencing systems, etc.)

Audio visual installation and integrator companies provide a wide range of audio visual equipment for businesses, including audio and video systems, digital projectors and screens, interactive whiteboards and digital signage.

These solutions are designed to improve productivity and customer engagement in a variety of settings, such as meeting rooms, classrooms and conference centres.

The most common audio visual technologies include:

  • Projectors: These devices allow audio and visual content to be projected onto a large screen or surface.
  • Speakers / sound systems: Devices that enable audio content to be heard clearly.
  • Lighting systems: Systems that enable audio-visual content to be seen clearly in any environment.
  • Platform agnostic (BYOD – bring your own device through the connection of a single cable) video conferencing technology: Enabling people from remote locations to interact with each other with security in mind. 
  • Interactive whiteboards: Devices that allow audio-visual content to be created and shared interactively.
  • Digital signage screens (tv): Solutions that enable audio-visual content to be displayed digitally for customers and employees alike (E.g. welcome screens, news updates, advertisements, etc.)
  • Wireless presentation systems: Solutions that enable audio-visual content to be shared securely.
  • Room booking systems: Solutions that enable audio-visual resources to be booked and used efficiently.

These audio visual solutions enable businesses to present information more effectively, promote their services or products more efficiently, and collaborate with other teams or customers simply.


Quality AV installations


AV integrator companies offer installation services for audio visual solutions to ensure that the systems are properly installed and configured. This is important to ensure that your AV system is running optimally.

The installation process may include connecting equipment, testing and calibrating equipment, installing software and setting up control systems. During the installation process, AV integrators will also expect to discuss any future requirements and provide advice on whether or not any additional components should be installed.

AV integrators may also provide industry-specific installation services. For example, they can provide stage design and lighting solutions for theatres, auditoriums and performance venues or accessory installation services for museums and galleries.

By working with an AV integrator that has industry experience, businesses can be sure that their audio visual systems are installed in accordance with industry standards and are tailored to meet the specific needs of their industry.

Once the installation process is complete, AV integrators will provide training for employees to ensure that they understand how to operate and maintain the system. They will also provide ongoing support in case any issues arise. This ensures that audio visual solutions deliver on their promise of improved productivity and customer engagement.

By investing in professional AV installation services, businesses can ensure that their audio visual systems are future-proofed and have the potential for future growth.

Why choose D&A Media as your AV integrator for your next project

With 30 years of experience working with technology, we can adapt to our client’s individual needs, including room sizes, shape, and acoustics within the space to ensure that remote participants feel as though they are in the room with you.

Technology is continually changing, and we are always looking ahead; our in-house engineers have worked on complex projects in the UK and across Europe for many years, and our job is to simplify for all users. We know the right questions to ask, giving you confidence in choosing the right solution that will grow with you.

With access to high quality remote support and a dedicated support email, phone number or video, our technical team will get to know you and be on hand ready to assist you and your users.


What are examples of AV solutions?

There are a variety of brands and solutions available, depending on your type of project. Common AV solutions include interactive whiteboards, digital signage, wireless presentation systems, room booking systems and more.

The price for these AV solutions will vary depending on the number of components you need and the complexity of your project.

You should consult with your AV partner to discuss your specific needs in order to get an accurate quote for your project and to take into consideration any future requirements you may have.

What are audio visual skills?

By definition, audio visual skills refer to any combination of knowledge and skill required for the installation and maintenance of audio visual systems and equipment.

Audio visual skills include knowledge of AV hardware and software, the ability to troubleshoot problems, an understanding of industry standards, experience in system integration and calibration, as well as basic electrical engineering skills.

AV integrators who possess these skills are able to provide professional installation services for businesses that need to integrate audio visual systems into their operations.

Working with an award-winning professional AV integrator ensures that the audio visual system is installed correctly and operates efficiently. This helps businesses achieve improved productivity and customer engagement, as well as cost savings in the long run.

Why audio visual aids are important in presentation?

Audio visual aids are essential for presentations as they help to engage and inform audiences. Audio visual elements can help to break up long slides of text, explain complex topics in a more concise way, or draw viewers’ attention to important points.

Using audio visual aids also helps to keep your audience engaged by providing interactive elements such as videos, polls, and quizzes. This helps to keep viewers interested and allows them to take away more from the presentation than just words on a slide.

AV integrators can provide interactive presentation solutions that allow users to control their visuals remotely, as well as offer dynamic feedback tools such as audience polling or surveys that can be used during the presentation.

"I really can't fault D&A Media. They are always extremely helpful and bend over backwards to provide support when we need it. The whole team are amazing but I would like to give a special mention to Jack, Alan, Chris and Ellis who are always on hand to answer any questions we may have. The whole process of idea to installation is stress-free, seamless and collaborative with our IT company. Thank you D&A Media!"
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"D&A provided us with a stress free, seamless service from the initial sales meeting to the installation. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained in plain English rather than tech talk. Chambers are delighted with the products and service. A special mention needs to be given to Jack Clark who made the whole process so easy."
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"D&A Media responded with super efficiency when a projector and conference equipment were required at very short notice. We've worked with this company before and they are always professional and offer a great service. - Seckford Hall Hotel, Suffolk."
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"D&A Media have looked after my companies needs for a number of years and are always a pleasure to work with. They give good honest advice, great service and great value. They are a great bunch of people who do what they say and are experts in their field. If you are looking for media systems, D&A are your guys."
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