Airport Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Airports handle a large number of travellers daily. They have strict security protocols focused on passenger safety and staff management. Our visitor management system (VMS) manages access control even during peak times. It never compromises security and helps run the airport more efficiently.

D&A Media offers a complete solution for all airport needs, from registering passengers to collecting feedback. It is easy to install, simple to manage, and always ready to serve passengers.

Visitor Management Solution for Airports

Airport security procedures are burdensome and time-consuming, and most passengers rush to either board a flight or exit the airport. Our VMS for airports registers each passenger at the entrance gate by collecting personal information, automating legal document signing, and printing unique identity badges.

It also sends host notifications via alerts on personal devices to help with passenger interactions. Airports can use it to maintain tight security, observe passenger trends, and gather meaningful insights. In emergencies, visitor data can be easily accessed and verified from a centralised dashboard.

Essential Components of Airport Visitor Management Systems (VMS)

Here are the key parts needed for an effective airport visitor authentication and management system:

Airport Access Control

A visitor authentication and management system works with Access Control to ensure visitors access the correct areas. These systems generate temporary access credentials to manage access to restricted areas.

Visitor ID Badges with Photo Verification

Visitor identification is crucial for repeat visitors and controlling access to certain areas. Biometric methods like face, fingerprint, or iris scans verify visitor identity and prevent spoofing or impersonation.

Emergency Evacuation List

During an emergency, having an updated list of all visitors inside the airport is crucial. Our system generates a real-time evacuation list, ensuring everyone is accounted for quickly and efficiently. 

This helps rescue teams perform better and ensures the safety of passengers and staff. The evacuation list is always available on the centralised dashboard.

Visitor Management System
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Pre Register System

Our Pre-Register System speeds up the security process. Passengers fill in their details online before arriving at the airport, and the system syncs with the airport’s database. 

On arrival, passengers check in quickly without long wait times, improving the overall travel experience. The Pre-Register System collects and verifies all necessary information in advance.

Host notification

In manual visitor management, the front desk must call an employee when their guest arrives. This process is slow, inefficient, and wastes time. Visitor check-in kiosks streamline the process. The guest enters the employee’s name, and the system notifies the employee. 

With a VMS, employees can choose how to receive notifications using tools like Slack, email, and SMS. Custom notifications save time by reaching employees through their preferred method. The system can also take a picture of the visitor so the host knows whom to greet.

Directory of Locations

The Directory of Locations helps visitors navigate the airport efficiently. It provides maps and directions to terminals, gates, lounges, and restrooms. Visitors can use kiosks or mobile devices to access the directory. 

The system ensures passengers find their way easily. It also lists amenities such as restaurants, shops, and transportation services. The directory updates in real time to show any changes or temporary closures. This ensures passengers always have the latest information.

Check-in Systems

Visitors start check-in by showing a valid ID at the kiosk. If they are not on the list, access will be denied.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks make visitor management easier at airports. They let passengers check-in without waiting in long lines. Passengers can quickly enter their details, show their IDs, and get their access badges. 

These kiosks also help passengers find gates, terminals, and amenities. The user-friendly interface is easy for everyone to use. Interactive kiosks keep operations smooth and improve the passenger experience.

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Benefits of Airport Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management
  • Enhanced visitor experience

Airport Visitor Management Systems (VMS) enhance the visitor experience in many ways. Automated kiosks reduce waiting times at check-in. Passengers can quickly print their badges for a smooth entry. The Pre Register System lets passengers fill in details in advance, speeding up security checks. 

Host notifications reduce delays, allowing staff to greet guests promptly. Directories and interactive kiosks help passengers navigate the airport easily. Emergency evacuation lists ensure safety by accounting for all visitors. This system makes the airport journey simple and organised.

  • Improved workplace safety

A robust visitor management system that verifies visitor data keeps misinformation and unrestricted access from becoming a safety risk for employees or the workplace.  

The system keeps unwanted visitors out by verifying personal information, requiring a picture to confirm that the visitor is the right person, and notifying the employee(s) that the visitor has arrived. 

Guest confirmation lets you know if someone has lied about their identity as early as possible. You can also integrate custom or existing watch lists to deny parties access. Watchlist management allows for rapid, automated screening for threats of all types.

  • Comprehensive visitor logs

If you record visitors traditionally, you need to be on-site to see a log. Compiling visitor data is difficult for businesses with multiple locations.

A new visitor management system offers a cloud-based solution. It collects visitor data from all sites and displays it in reports and dashboards. Dashboards help you draw insights for your company and ensure compliance with regulations. The online software allows you to manage multiple sites and entrances remotely with an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Seamless access control integration

Seamless access control integration connects your visitor management system with existing frameworks. This allows for real-time updates and removes the need for manual interventions. Access credentials are assigned immediately upon check-in, ensuring visitors have the right level of access. 

The integration supports RFID badges and biometric scans. It simplifies restricting or granting access, making security protocols easier to manage. The centralised system shows who is inside the airport at any moment. This improves the efficiency and reliability of access management.

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  • Compliance with regulations

Airport VMS logs all visitor data for accountability and traceability. VMS automates visitor screening against watch lists to prevent unauthorised access. Detailed records support audits and inspections. VMS ensures consistent adherence to security protocols. This helps airports meet legal and safety standards efficiently.

  • Cost considerations

Investing in an Airport VMS has upfront and ongoing costs. Initial expenses include software, hardware, installation, and training. Regular maintenance and updates keep the system running smoothly. Budgeting for these costs is crucial to avoid surprises. Some providers offer subscription models to spread costs.

Evaluating the total cost of ownership helps make informed decisions. Savings from improved efficiency and reduced manual tasks can offset initial costs. Careful budgeting ensures a smooth implementation.

  • Enhanced efficiency

If an employee handles visitor check-ins, wait times can be long. Giving each visitor documents to sign or notifying staff adds to the delay. Multiple visitors arriving at once can lead to missed or cancelled appointments.

Automating check-ins improves queue management and reduces human error. It ensures visitors follow the correct process and don’t skip steps. Online pre-registration allows checks to be completed before visitors arrive. This creates a more efficient workplace.

  • Flexible integration options

This feature allows businesses to integrate digital visitor management software with other technologies and software solutions, such as vehicle automation access control or facilities management systems.

  • Professional image

A VMS can help your organisation impress guests right from the start. Send visitors an invitation for pre-registration and site induction. Ditch pen and paper for a sleek, digital sign-in process that showcases your brand.

Use our customisable avatar to represent your brand and wow your visitors. Choose from multiple language options to welcome guests in their preferred language. Add your logo and branding to the kiosk stand for a more personalised experience that strengthens your connection with visitors.

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Applications of Airport Visitor Management Systems

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Visitor Management Systems efficiently handle large numbers of passengers. Automated check-ins cut down waiting times and improve flow. The system checks identities and controls access. Touchscreen kiosks and digital signs guide passengers. 

Security improves with real-time data and alerts. Visitors have a smooth and secure experience. Operators monitor activities from a central dashboard. This ensures better management and efficiency.


VMS are essential for gate management. Automated check-ins speed up passenger flow. These systems confirm identities and restrict access to authorised individuals. Digital signage guides passengers through the gate area. 

Real-time notifications inform staff of issues, improving security and efficiency. This process reduces delays and improves the passenger experience. Centralised dashboards allow operators to monitor and manage gate activities effectively.

Restricted Zones

Restricted zones require strict control to ensure only authorised individuals access these areas. Visitor Management Systems help maintain this control. Automated check-ins quickly verify identities. RFID badges and biometric scans add extra security. 

Alerts notify staff of unauthorised access attempts. Real-time monitoring tracks who is in the restricted zones. These features maintain security and operational efficiency in high-security areas.

Implementation of Visitor Management Software for Airports

Implementing visitor management software in airports requires specific steps. First, assess the airport’s needs and select the right software. Ensure the system supports automated check-ins and integrates with existing security measures. Train staff on using the new system. Install necessary hardware like kiosks and RFID readers. 

Set up a central dashboard to monitor visitor activities. Test the system thoroughly before going live. Regularly update the software to maintain security and functionality. This approach ensures a smooth transition to a digital visitor management system.

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Considerations for Choosing an Airport VMS

Ease of use is crucial. Choose a user-friendly and intuitive VMS. Ensure it integrates well with current systems. It must be compatible with RFID and biometrics. Look for real-time monitoring features. Data protection should be strong. Reliable maintenance and support are important. Cost efficiency matters.

Consider subscription models for flexible payments. Training should be included. Select a provider with a proven security track record. Prioritise systems that streamline operations. A good VMS improves efficiency and saves time. Positive feedback from users is a good indicator. Verify the provider’s reputation.

Why Choose D&A Media?

D&A Media excels in airport visitor management. We provide reliable and user-friendly solutions. Clients value our focus on security. Our systems integrate seamlessly with existing setups. We offer top-notch customer support. Choose D&A Media for a hassle-free experience.

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How much does a visitor management system cost?

The cost of a visitor management system depends on its features. Basic systems are affordable. Advanced systems are more expensive. Costs also vary with the size of the airport. Monthly subscriptions are an option. Initial setup fees may apply. Contact the provider for a detailed quote. Long-term contracts may offer discounts.

What is a visitor management system in security?

A visitor management system controls and monitors visitors. It ensures only authorised people enter the premises. Automated check-ins and badges verify identities. The system records visitor information. Real-time alerts notify staff of issues. This improves the facility’s security.

Who needs a visitor management system?

Any facility with significant foot traffic or security needs can benefit from a visitor management system. Hospitals use these systems to monitor patient visitors and ensure safety and corporate offices use them to control access to secure areas. 

Schools track visitors to protect students. Government buildings require the strict security measures provided by a visitor management system. Events and conferences use these systems for smooth check-ins and attendee management.